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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1554: Army of Monsters Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you serious? The monsters are using… Wedge Formation.”

Leonardo was shocked to the core. Even in ancient times, it was hard to utilize the Wedge Formation. Not only did you need good coordination, but the tip should be strong enough to hold on, or the formation would break.

However, Leonardo was shocked that the monsters could coordinate this well. And the one leading the charge was the rhinoceros that was releasing a black Magic Power, symbolizing his status as a King Class Monster. In other words, the monsters had solved the two problems for the wedge formation.

“Are the monsters more coordinated than humans?” Leonardo commented while glancing at his grandson, who was the culprit of this great scheme.

The wedge formation was good for disrupting and piercing through the enemy’s line. And with their overwhelming power, they could even create a hole through the rank, making them unstoppable.

And the Steel King did his job wonderfully. By covering his body with steel and bringing monsters who were good at defensive power, the Steel King crushed the mutated monsters one by one. Even if they couldn’t kill the monsters, they would throw them away and move on.



The Steel King and his General Class Monsters roared, showing their overwhelming power.

Even the humans were shocked when they saw the Steel King crushing numerous monsters just by using this single charge.


“He is unstoppable. The monsters are so strong!”

Hearing their praises, the Steel King laughed proudly while glancing at the Dark King as if showing off his power.

“Kh!” The Dark King gritted his teeth. “Theo!”

Theo smiled and pointed at the dragon. “I know. Go for it!”

The dragon was surprised by the Steel King and wanted to stop him. Seeing this action put a smile on the Dark King’s face because it meant that he was going to have a showdown against the strongest among them.

“Let’s go!” The Dark King immediately rushed while gathering his Magic Power into his blade. The dark energy shot to the sky as he slashed his blade down.

Suddenly, the dark flame-like energy ran through the ground and struck the dragon’s body.

*Roar!* The dragon let out a roar as if it was angry by this attack. It stopped and gathered its energy again in its mouth, preparing for another breath.

However, the Dark King had reached him and his horse leaped into the air and stepped onto the dragon’s head, kicking it to the ground.

“What?!” The people were shocked that the monsters could actually knock the dragon to the ground. Meanwhile, the Dark King leaped right next to the dragon, trying to slice the dragon’s head. By killing the dragon in a single blow, he would be able to shine far brighter than the others.

“Shit. Why did he give you that role!” The Steel King gritted his teeth, never expecting that the Dark King would take the pleasure of defeating the zombie dragon.

However, the moment his blade touched the dragon’s body, the sword melted because of the radiation.

“Hahaha. You failed, Dark King!” The Steel King was obviously happy with the situation. “Follow—”

He wanted to change his direction to fight the dragon as well, but the numerous mutated monsters from both sides actually attacked his people, causing him to be locked inside.

“This is…” The Steel King was bewildered by the current situation.

But this was when the Hidden King and his people appeared, helping the Steel King. They tried to create a line so that the Steel King could get out of his position and continue.

“It seems that you need my help. You are truly a burdensome fellow.” The Hidden King smirked, teasing him.

“You—!” The Steel King wanted to refute him, but he sensed Magic Power fluctuations on top of him before glaring at his back. “Shaman Bastard!”

The troll smirked while waving his wand, saying, “Great Spirit God. Please grant us your blessing!”

Suddenly, a huge circle appeared on top of the Steel King and its people. After that, numerous attacks from the monsters fell on top of the circles and the latter transformed them into arrows of light that rained the mutated monsters down, killing them one by one to create some space, so the Steel King could move.

But the attack didn’t stop there. The birds had arrived at them while flapping their wings.

“Not you too!” The Steel King gritted his teeth.

However, it was too late. The birds flapped their wings in unison, creating a strong wind that blew away the monsters in front of the Steel King. This way, the Steel King was completely free.

“I open his path.” The Sky King smirked, glancing at the troll since he was his rival in this battle.

“What are you talking about? I break him free.” The troll calmly replied.

All of them had the chance to show their prowess. But looking at this condition, it made the Steel King look bad.

“You bastard!” The Steel King was obviously angry because this was supposed to be his chance to shine. By showing his extraordinary strength, he should be able to show off. Yet, he was at a disadvantage to the point he had to get help from three of them.

He gritted his teeth and turned around, starting his second charge. This time, his aim was the dragon since this was the only way to wash away the shame. “I’m going to kill you!”

The anger motivated the Steel King even more as his people responded by enduring all kinds of pains they had to go through while charging. It was simply a fight between two armies of berserk monsters.

However, problems started to occur. It began with the Hidden King, who was holding the enemies for a while to give some space for the Steel King to do anything he could.

“Won’t this be bad for me?” The Hidden King glanced at Theo in the distance.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” Theo smiled.

As he said those words, Leonardo clicked his tongue while giving his order. “That sly grandson of mine. To think he managed to force me to make a move without even telling me anything. I want Supersonic Bullets! Coordinate…”


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