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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1529: Return Bahasa Indonesia

A few days later.

Theo had finally returned to his home, only to be shocked by the current appearance. Because this was their new place, he obviously had arranged the same thing as their previous land.

And since they had practiced using the Reality Realm to create something because of Coline, they actually transformed this piece of land to their liking.

The land was a quarter mile in radius, so it was quite big for everyone to live.

However, they seemed to have decided to bring their house close together in the center of the region. Theo could see a few houses grouping up there.

To their right, there was farmland made by Jeff. With the help of Magic Power, they could easily take care of the farmland, especially since Jeff was the master of illusion. He could simply use his illusion to create farming tools and use his Magic Power to farm. Since he had used more than two months on this trip, the wheat had grown so much. Sooner or later, this place would become a place that could self-sustain for a long time.

Next to the farmland, Theo could see multiple trees as well. He assumed that those trees were fruit trees, which would be good as a source of vitamins in the future.

In the opposite direction, an industrial tower with a few huge antennas on top of it. He believed it was the tower that Akbar created for their communication network.

Still, there was one thing missing from this place. It was the wall that kept everyone away since they didn’t want others to disturb them.

So, Theo had to take care of this job personally. With that thought in mind, Theo finally returned to his home.

As expected of the Mythical Rank Experts, they instantly recognized a strong presence like Theo.

Felix and Walker were the first to react as they immediately stood in front of him to stop him from trespassing. However, they instantly dropped their weapons when they realized who had just come back.


Theo smiled and waved his hand. “I’m back.”

In that instant, Walker took out a walkie-talkie and said, “Our leader is back.”

His voice suddenly echoed from a big speaker placed on top of the tower, informing everyone.

“!!!” The man they had been waiting for had finally come back. Rea dropped her Skylink and leaped out of the window.

Coline’s eyes flashed as she hurriedly grabbed a chicken that had turned into a beast by the Magic Power for the celebration.

The entire area became lively as everyone was dying to see Theo since this would be the most important time since Theo would bring something good for them.

Theo couldn’t help but chuckle, seeing their enthusiasm.

“Theo. You’re back!”

“You’re back!”

“Hey, he’s back!”

Theo waved his hand, dropped the structure he brought back, and said, “I’m glad that everyone is safe.”

“Come on. Don’t stop him. He must be tired, so let’s go back first and relax before we talk about anything.” Rea was the first one to control the crowd.

The rest realized what they had done and felt embarrassed. Theo only chuckled and said, “Haha, sure. By the way, where is my house?”

“There.” Rea pointed at a small building in the center of their housing area.

“Aren’t you bullying my house too much?” Theo chuckled because his house looked like an ant surrounded by multiple humans.

They laughed since they had tried to make themselves comfortable while leaving Theo’s house untouched.

Theo started walking and said, “In that case, we should have a meeting hall that is separated from the living area.”

“Oh? That’s a good idea. Where are you going to place it?” Rea asked.

Theo glanced at her with a smile but didn’t answer that question. He simply walked forward, confusing everyone.

However, a stair suddenly appeared in front of Theo. The moment he stepped on that stair, another stair appeared.

The process continued, allowing Theo to climb up infinitely.

The people widened their eyes because this was the first time Theo had done it so smoothly like this. In fact, it felt like Theo was adjusting his illusion to match his step.

This was what Theo had learned in the fight against the Frost Saint. The World Re-Creation was creating an illusion depending on the target’s action, so he could now produce an illusion like this more smoothly.

But in everyone’s eyes, it looked magical as this might be the first flying building they would have.

There were a total of 150 white stairs, making its height to be the same as a five-story building.

Before Theo reached the top, a huge platform appeared as a hall was created. The hall was made of wood to make it more comfortable, but the exterior was made of concrete so that it looked more modern.

The railings began to be created, and five big chains appeared at the bottom of the platform, connecting the platform and the ground as if it was trying to stop the platform from flying away.

In front of the hall was a grand wooden gate coupled with a white concrete wall. However, there was something different with this gate.

On top of the gate, there was a blue fire, a lightning bolt, and a light ball. If this was a normal element, they wouldn’t be as surprised. But the blue fire gave an extreme chill to their skin, the lightning bolt gave a warm heat which was in contrast to the blue fire. Last but not least, the light ball actually spread black light.

The people were in shock because this was the first time they had experienced such a thing.

“A fire that behaves like ice?”

“A lightning bolt that acts like a campfire?”

“And a light bulb that darkens the area?”

They were shocked because what they felt was completely different than what they were supposed to see. However, their senses kept telling them that these three elements were real instead of an illusion.

All of them had the same thought in their mind.

“How much stronger has he become?”


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