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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1530: Report Bahasa Indonesia

Theo and the others sat down on the soft wood floor. For Rea, this was like the tatami mat that she was used to. However, Jeff felt this softness to be familiar. This was his plant element, which gave a comfortable feeling when sitting on it.

Theo smiled and raised one finger. “Alright. Let’s do it this way. You report to me about the progress and ask me a question to answer. Starting from Rea, I guess.”

Rea nodded and opened her mouth. “I’ll give you a brief summary. In the past few months, we have created a working system for a self-sustaining environment. The farmland can work as our food supply and the food for the livestock. The fruit trees will give us the vitamin as well. What we’re lacking right now is fish because our area is covered in desert.

“As for the rest, everything is settled down, and we can even begin a small expansion. The details will be left to those who focus on them. That’s all.”

“Good enough. We’ll talk about the next course of our plan later. For now, you can ask me anything you want.”

“I want to know the situation in Japan.” Rea didn’t hesitate to talk about this since his family was important.

“Your Father has joined hands with Feng Hao and Tirta Kurniawan. They’re changing their name from Japan to United Asia after taking all refugees from all around Asia. Although there is a problem in Fukushima, they should be able to deal with it. And my assumption is they’ll begin their expansion sooner than the rest. Also, Agata, Ergene, and Ryo have managed to reach there, and they’re safe at the moment.”

“That’s great.” Rea let out a sigh of relief.

“Then, Isaac!”

Isaac nodded. “We have made some progress in research. Due to the effect of the Magic Power influx, everyone has started to mutate, for better or worse. For example, normal animals have now become a beast evolved by Magic Power. I call them Magical Beast for now.

“The plants are also like that, but they don’t evolve into aggressive living beings. Also, if we grow crops and vegetables, they’re becoming extremely nutritious. You can say that we can eat half what we used to and still get more vitamins than our body needs. So, we have to take care of our diet later.

“Last but not least, the humans. I’m afraid that humans have evolved as well, but because the thin Magic Power has evolved humans too much previously… There’s also the power system… So, I don’t think humans can evolve during our generation. I have told you about this hypothesis, but my assumption is humans will only start to grow differently in the next generation.”

“Understandable. So, your question?”

“Can I research the structure? I have seen the structure letting out a barrier that repels anything other than human beings. I haven’t touched it because I’m afraid that I might break it.”

“Of course, you can if you don’t mind the half-broken structure. I have brought back a perfect one anyway.”

“Yes! Also, Levina has become my assistant, and I have decided to take care of her.”

“Alright. I’ll leave her to you. Also, her father and the rest of the Czar have gone to the War God Family, so they won’t be harmed in any way.”

“I’ll relay the message to her.”

Since this meeting only consisted of the core members of their group, Levina couldn’t participate. Isaac could only bring back this joyous news to her.

“Then, let’s move on to… Jeff.”

“Understood. I think Rea has told you most of them, so I’ll just fill in a few details. We have started the four-field rotations here. The irrigation system is completed by using the water from the Dez River. The river is not that far away anyway, so it’s not that hard to build. We should be able to enjoy our first harvest season in two months.”

“Alright. I’m glad I entrusted this matter to you, Jeff.”

“Thank you.” Jeff politely nodded his head. “Then, my question is simple. Do you plan to go back to live in Italy?”

“I’m not sure. Depending on the situation, I might leave Italy and head to Maya since I don’t like the union that much.” Theo shook his head. “Of course, this is not an absolute decision. I have to see the progress first.”

“I see.”

“Let’s move on to Akbar then. What do you have for me, Akbar?”

“The communication has been set up, but it’s radio instead of satellite. Unfortunately, the Electromagnetic spectrum of the radio seems to be able to be picked by monsters. So, we can’t really use them too much. As expected, we have to rely on satellites if we don’t want to mess around too much. Basically, living here is like living in the countryside. You just enjoy your slow life and watch the farmland.”

“That’s kinda a problem since I know that not everyone likes living that way. For now, I’d like to ask all of you to bear with my selfishness. In the near future, I’ll certainly give you the opportunity to choose your way of living.” Theo politely lowered his head, requesting all of them.

“Please raise your head, Theo. You are our leader, and we have agreed to follow you. So, we’re going to follow all your orders.” Rea smiled, assuring Theo. “We’re thankful enough to have a leader like you.”

Theo smiled. “Mhm.”

“Then, may I ask a question?” Akbar raised his hand since it became awkward.

“Y-yes, of course. Ask everything.”

“I just want to know… Have you paid back everything they’ve owed you?” Akbar grinned, excluding a bit of killing intent. His meaning was clear. Since Theo had gone to the union, he must have done something. He just wanted to know what Theo did there.

“Of course. I think it’s the farthest thing I can do right now because there’s another threat in the east. But I will surely pay them back in full. I’m going to send you all the news I have saved in my Skylink after this meeting.”

“Hahaha. Serve them right!” Akbar laughed crazily before realizing he was still in the meeting and immediately stopped and covered his mouth. “Oops. I’m sorry. I should be more elegant. Kuku…”


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