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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1499: Impostor? Bahasa Indonesia

After returning to his family, Ricky had a chat with his father.

“That’s the situation, Father.” Ricky smiled.

“Good enough for me. Alea is easy to sacrifice. As long as we can gain the Empress, we’ll be able to gain a bigger portion of the union. Remember this, don’t mess it up!” The middle-aged man in front of Ricky warned him with a stern voice.

“Of course. I’ll do my best, Father.”

“Good. I don’t care how many women you want to play with as long as you can accomplish this. We have driven away that fake Theodore Griffith, so the union is controlled by Flora Wegener and the Griffith Family. If we can get the Empress to our side, we can defeat all other competitors and become the third strongest influence in the union. Make sure you remember that!”

“I understand.” Ricky nodded with a serious expression.

“Good. You may go.”

Ricky nodded again before leaving the room.

“Hahaha, I am going to etch my name in history as one of the strongest members of the union. Only in this situation can I etch my name deeply into the world’s history. I should thank that fake Theo for providing me this opportunity.” The middle-aged man laughed crazily as he could imagine himself reaching that position.

He didn’t know that later that night, his son, Ricky, actually walked back to the refugee camp where they gathered the refugees from Russia. As soon as he reached their place, Ricky looked around as if he was trying to find someone.

When he found the person he was looking for, an evil smile appeared on his face. He suddenly walked to that person, who was none other than the Empress.

“I greet the Empress.” Ricky politely greeted her.

The Empress’ expression became extremely cold, knowing what happened with Ana and Alea. She ignored him because she was disgusted by his behavior.

However, Ricky said, “May I say something about your situation, Empress?”

“Do you think you’re worthy of talking to me?”

“I am simply wondering if I can get some insight from you regarding the real person and the fake.” Ricky smirked.

“…” The Empress’ expression changed as if she heard it wrong. She fell silent for a moment and said, “Follow me.”

“Yes.” Ricky politely nodded and started walking together with her. Without glancing, Ricky could feel the two auras that fluctuated from afar. They were coming from Ana and Alea, who were releasing their power to agitate him. But they were shocked when the Empress brought him somewhere as if she had taken a liking to him.

They were worried that the Empress would actually agree to this situation, but there was nothing they could do.

Meanwhile, Ricky and the Empress reached a quiet place.

“No one is around. Tell me the reason you asked that question.”

“I simply wish to gain some insight from you, who seems to have known both people. My father wishes to ascend in the union by borrowing your power. I don’t really care much about it because I have some worries…”

“About them?” The Empress narrowed her eyes.

“Yes. On the one hand, the real person has the backing of the Griffith Family and Flora Wegener. On the other hand, the fake has learned from Sir War Saint. So, I’m curious about your opinion regarding them. And depending on your answer, I might help you a bit.” Ricky smirked.

“Help me? You can’t help me.”

“Oh, I have two weeks, Madam. There are many things I can do. I simply don’t want to make the wrong choice.” Ricky playfully incited the Empress’ interest in him.

The Empress glared at him for a while, examining his expression. Ricky didn’t seem to be like the rumors.

‘Useless playboy? Is he actually hiding his real fierceness with that facade?’ The Empress muttered inwardly, doubting what she had seen. ‘Let me test him then.’

“I don’t have any opinion. But if I were to choose, I would prefer the one from the War God Family, considering he has morals and stuff like that. Though, I also hate him for breaking the heart of my disciple.” Her eyes started emitting killing intent and her answer was vague because she chose him but hated him at the same time.

Ricky thought for a moment and said, “If that’s the case, then please give me some chance to prove my worth. I’ll bring flowers for your daughter.”

“Flower?” The Empress stopped for a moment, confused. It took her two minutes to realize what he was planning to do.

Since Ricky was trying to court or threaten Ana, flowers were perfect for hiding a secret letter. Even the Griffith Family wouldn’t see this as a weird idea because Ricky was known to be lecherous. It was normal for him to use some flowers to court people. They wouldn’t suspect the flowers. This might also be the reason why Ricky put on a fake facade.

“Then, let me see your worth for the next two weeks.” The Empress snorted.

“I won’t disappoint you.” Ricky smiled playfully as he walked away happily. When he was about to leave the place, he caught a glimpse of Ana and winked his right eye, trying to flirt with her.

Ana’s eyebrows twitched as she wanted to beat him right this instant. But the only thing she got was a glare from the Empress as if ordering her not to do anything.

She could only swallow her anger and look away.

Meanwhile, Ricky nonchalantly left the building while retiring to his room. He opened a cupboard to change his clothes, but there was a pungent smell coming from the bottom as he could find another Ricky, tied up. His body was covered in wounds and he didn’t have enough strength left to even do anything.

Ricky smirked and said coldly, “Oh boy. You haven’t died yet? Maybe you should kill yourself instead of torturing yourself like this. Do you want me to help you?”

Seeing Ricky’s smile, the tied-up Ricky panicked and fainted.


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