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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1498: Crisis Bahasa Indonesia

Czech Republic.

Yermolayev looked through the window of his room. There were many soldiers roaming around the area as the situation hadn’t been controlled completely. The extermination had been progressing smoothly, but the speed was still lacking compared to Theo’s prediction.

He never thought that Theo would be in this situation as soon as he reached this place.

He clenched his fists and thought, ‘Theo has been framed as a criminal. Though, I am also suspecting it a little bit because Theo seemed to know about the upcoming apocalypse. At the same time, I don’t think Theo is someone who will do something like this.

‘It’s true that Theo is weird and crazy at a time, but he’s not someone who will cause the apocalypse. I have been investigating this matter in this place, but no one seems to know whether the cause is real or not. No, they don’t even bother to question themselves and just believe that Theo is the culprit.

‘Is this one of his tricks? He always turns around the situation whenever he’s in a bad position. But I believe the bad position is when he’s forced to leave the base instead of causing the apocalypse. So, is it from a different Theo?’

Yermolayev furrowed his eyebrows, contemplating. He suddenly noticed someone familiar on the field.

“Mhm?” It piqued Yermolayev’s interest as there were a guy and a woman meeting each other. The guy had short spiky black hair. He wore a shirt and jeans. However, he had a few bodyguards, proving his importance.

“Anastasia. This is a great chance for you to become mine. If your ruined Empress Palace joins hands with my Lexon Group, not only can we revive your Empress Palace, but the Lexon Group will also become stronger. My father is the same as your mother after all.” The guy smirked.

Ana, the Empress’s daughter, looked at him in disgust. “There’s no need to consider it. I disagree. I have told you multiple times to leave me alone.”

“If you don’t want to marry me, then there’s also another solution. Give me that Alea Eilric!”

Ana’s expression became cold as she asked with killing intent emitting from her eyes. “Is that a challenge, I presume? Even if our Empress Palace is not based here, we don’t really mind fighting against your Lexon Group.”

“You should learn to see the bigger picture. If you think that your Empress Palace can withstand the anger of the Griffith Family, feel free to do so.” The guy smirked.

“Ricky Nixon.” Ana gritted her teeth as her body excluded all her Magic Power, representing her anger.

The bodyguards immediately stepped forward, trying to protect Lexon.

“Remember this, Ana. You only have two weeks. If you don’t comply… hehe…” He ended his sentence with a vulgar chuckle.

Ana clenched her fists. She had learned about the theories that Isaac and Theo had come up with. So, many had been courting people with talent because no one would be able to level up anymore. Even she didn’t feel any different after fighting so many monsters. Even if she leveled up, it would be useless if she couldn’t allocate her attribute points.

She gritted her teeth because she wasn’t in a position where she could reject it completely, considering the Griffith Family had taken root in this place.

Ana took a deep breath and shook her eyes helplessly, brushing the thought off. She then walked away disappointedly, trying to do something to forget this mess.

Yermolayev narrowed his eyes, watching the entire scene. He pinched the bridge of his eyebrows and muttered, “If Levina is with us, I’m afraid that they’re going to do the same. Even now, they’re trying to take advantage of us because we’re related to Theo. Even in this situation, the humans are still fighting each other and they can’t control their greed, lust, or wrath…

“Well, that fake Theo in the Skynet should probably create a bigger apocalypse and wipe the entire humanity. Still, I have to do something for our livelihood. At the very least, I should go to the War God Family, where Theo comes from. I believe that our strength can bolster their power, so a union can happen. The problem is, how can I go there without being noticed by the Griffith Family? Even the War Saint has been monitored. If not for the fact they still need his expertise, he would have been removed from the union.”

Yermolayev closed his eyes, not knowing what to do. He laid down on his bed while racking his mind to come up with a solution. It would be hard, but it shouldn’t be impossible.

Meanwhile, Ricky Nixon walked to a building not far from that place to meet someone inside a room.

He had short red hair and wore a suit as if he had just finished an important talk.

“I have conveyed your intention to them, Young Master.” Ricky smirked, politely bowing his head. “With your status, why do you have to wait for two weeks? You can simply bring her with you and no one can complain.”

“Because it’s not interesting. The more they struggle, the more foolish they’ll become. And that faker will surely appear to help them.”

“As expected of the Young Master.” Ricky smiled while asking politely, “Then… can I get…”

“I don’t need that useless woman. All I want is Alea Eilric. I don’t need someone else. You can get that Anastasia.” The guy snorted.

“Thank you for your kindness, Young Master. I have to convey your words to my father too and I believe that my father will fully support you.” Ricky smiled and took a step back as if he had prepared to leave.

“Then go away. Keep reminding them every day!”

“Certainly, I will harass… I mean, remind them every day. You don’t have to worry about this matter, Young Master Theodore Grif—Oops, I mean, Young Master Harry Hetson, the son of the eighth strongest person in the world, Haiskal Hetson.” Ricky playfully smirked and left the room.


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