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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1497: Time Bomb Bahasa Indonesia

“Mutated monster…” Theo couldn’t understand anything since there were many questions about this mutated monster. Isaac wasn’t a researcher in this area either, so he couldn’t bring this corpse back.

“Well, can I safely assume that these monsters are tougher than the normal ones? And they’re going to cause a lot of damage if they can injure me? It’s truly troublesome, but if I use my clone to fight them the whole time to level up, I think I can reach level 900 sooner or later.”

Theo cut the wolves into pieces to see more. He had cooked wolves many times during his journey, so he knew what kind of organs the wolves had. Yet, this wolf had two of its organs disappear. Some organs were bigger, and some had a change of color.

“Mhm… I don’t understand anything. For now, I’m going to record what I’ve seen first and tell Isaac about it. Maybe he can give me some suggestions.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

“Well, the mutated monster is indeed different, but I can’t really find anything from them. Should I kill some more to see how they utilize their abilities?”

With that thought in mind, Theo approached Chernobyl while trying to find the power plant. He feared that the power plant that contained the radiation had been breached and the radiation was flowing out of that place continuously. It would surely cause another disaster that they had to take care of.

And to his surprise, Theo could see the monsters gradually increase in number the more he approached Chernobyl Power Plant.

Theo even had to sneak in carefully so that no monsters found him. He didn’t want to let out a single sound because the mutated monsters might react.

What he found next was one of the biggest shocks in his life.

There was actually a monster sitting on top of Chernobyl’s containment building.

‘That’s…’ Theo sucked a cold breath. The monster was a black-colored dragon with bone wings instead of real wings. A portion of its body also got charred black and another portion was rooting. Still, Theo could feel the difference between that dragon and a normal one.

The sleeping dragon on top of the building was significantly stronger than all dragons of the same level.

But what he feared the most wasn’t the dragon. It was the numerous monsters that also slept around the power plant as if they were consuming the radiation.

‘They’re absorbing the radiation? I don’t have the Geiger-Mueller detector to see how much radiation I’m getting into my body. But if my hypothesis is correct, those monsters are absorbing the radiation.

‘I don’t know all the effects on their body, but I’m sure the radiation is making them far stronger. In the near future, I’m afraid that they’ll wake up and terrorize the world. When that happens, I don’t know what kind of danger the world will face.’

Theo couldn’t help but recall when the world told him that it ‘loved’ everything. The past tense showed that the world had given up on every life that it hosted.

‘Another global catastrophe.’ Theo muttered inwardly with a grim expression. If these monsters were disturbed, the first one to be destroyed was the best in the west.

Theo didn’t dare to do anything in this place, not daring to wake up all these monsters. Even he would die if he tried to escape from all these monsters, let alone fight them.

‘No, let’s not disturb them for the time being. Even an Authority Level Figure had to sacrifice his life to seal a mutated slime who seemed to have evolved into an Order level figure. Then, what’s about that dragon over there who is staying right on top of the containment building?

‘We’re lucky that the containment building is still intact, but who knows what will happen if the radiation spreads again. More and more monsters will get this radiation.

‘Now that I think about it, how much radiation it’s going to spread? It’s been a few hundred years since the Chernobyl incident happened. I don’t know much about it. Considering the potency of the nuclear reaction, I guess Ukraine will be affected completely. Maybe the country around it will also receive the effect like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moscow, and the countries in the south.

‘I have to prepare for the war that might happen as well. So, I need to build up an army to fight against these monsters. And I don’t think humans will be the only ones to participate in this war.

‘Should I invite other Saints to resist all these monsters? But to do that, I have to become a Saint as well.’

Theo took a deep breath, imagining the trouble ahead of them. Since there was nothing he could do at the moment, he chose to leave the area.

This also gave him a deep thought. After flying for two hours straight, Theo sat down on a tree, pondering.

“Should I continue with my plan? I’m planning to mess around in the EU Base to pay back for what they have done to me. But if I cause too much trouble, the base won’t have enough strength to resist a future disaster, those mutated monsters. Although I don’t really mind if they die, I don’t think I can let this go as well.

“After all, the War God Family is still there along with Agata’s family. I don’t wish for them to die needlessly.

“Well, should I tone down my plan a bit? All I want to do is to kill that Flora Wegener and the Griffith Family, but I guess I can do something else. The Griffith Family has to die though, especially my original self. I don’t want him to ruin the Czar since I’ve promised to Sir Yaslev.”

Theo contemplated for an hour before a smile appeared on his face. “Yeah. I think we can use this plan.”

Theo turned into an eagle again and started flying to Czech first where the refugees from other places would arrive first before they were spread to other regions.

The people in the EU Base didn’t know what was coming to them.


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