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The Dark King was engulfed by the beam coming out of the sniper rifle. Theo shot it at point blank range, so there was no way the Dark King would escape unscathed.

Theo could see that his attack started turning black as the Dark King was utilizing his power to resist Theo’s attack.

“You’re truly great. To think you’ve grown to this level in only a few years.” The Dark King smiled and used the gap the black beam created to slip away.

Theo could see that the Dark King was heating up from the smoke that came out of his body. Even though he didn’t show it, he should experience some injuries from that attack.

But then again, Theo almost used half of his Order energy. If he continued this way, he wouldn’t last more than ten minutes against him. So, Theo’s goal was clear. He had to finish this battle before his energy ran out.

The Dark King also knew this, so he smirked. “Still, I’m the one who will win.”

“If you can, that is.” Theo smirked and stepped onto the ground.

Ascension Step, Tenth Step.

That was right. Despite fighting against the Dark King at this level, Theo didn’t forget to maintain his Ascension Step. He released all that energy he had gathered.

“Kh.” The Dark King felt an extraordinary pressure that pushed him to the ground. He tried to resist it, but the force cracked the ground and created a huge crater, bigger than the one Theo made earlier.

‘My movement is getting restricted?’ The Dark King realized the real purpose of this attack. Unlike the Wind Emperor, whose wind could disintegrate everything, Theo could only use this power to bind his opponent. Even so, the Ascension Step was still a Divine Technique, the power contained in it was not something that could easily be handled.

Theo used this opportunity to attack the Dark King again with his Alter Ego, forcing the Dark King to show his trump card.

A small ball appeared on his palm and flew to Theo like that of a bullet.

“!!!” Theo was startled and hurriedly threw himself to the side. He canceled his Alter Ego since the black ball stopped his momentum.

‘The speed is fast, but it’s not something I can’t handle. Alright. Let’s use the Alter Ego again to reach him and cut him down.’ Theo’s expression turned serious as he went straight to the Dark King, planning to ignore everything. As long as those small balls didn’t hit important organs, he would be fine.

Yet, the Dark King actually smiled.

“!!!” Theo could see his death in his Reality Eyes that had been reinforced by the Future Vision. He glanced to the ground and saw a thin shadow.

‘A shadow… No, Darkness…’

The Dark King smirked and raised the darkness created by a small thread attached to the small ball earlier.

“Dark Curtain.”

Theo hurriedly ducked down and saw a black blade that came out of the thread’s shadow. Due to the position of the sun, the shadow was projected diagonally, so if he didn’t manage to react fast enough, his head would have been flying.

‘This is…’ Theo sucked a cold breath, realizing the potential of this power. He realized that the Dark King’s power could actually become an ultimate weapon to kill an enemy in a dense forest. By using the trees as cover, he simply had to raise the curtain again, cutting all the enemies on the ground.

But more importantly, he could hear numerous trees falling down behind him. Theo glanced to the back and saw all trees in the five hundred feet range were cut. If he used it against a small hill, he would have cut the hill into two.

“Seriously…” Theo took a step back, regaining some distance.

“This is the ability I have prepared to defeat you, my friend. I call it the Dark Door.” The Dark King smirked and summoned three more black balls on his palm.

“Heh.” Theo smirked. That ability was truly dangerous because he had to be careful against the shadow now. Although the Dark King didn’t control the shadow, he was actually in charge of the dark color of that shadow itself. In other words, his power was far superior to his wife.

The Dark King tossed the three balls toward Theo, spreading them a bit.

Theo hurriedly turned his body around as the Dark King summoned the Dark Curtain again, almost chopping him into four.

‘This is annoying. That power is different from what I originally thought…’ Theo took a deep breath and looked at the Dark King again.

Skill: Dark Door (S)

Effect: Summon black balls as a transmitter of dark power.

Skill: Dark Curtain (S)

Effect: Release a dark blade through the dark color of the shadow produced by the transmitter.

The two new abilities themselves weren’t that powerful. But they were completing with each other, making the abilities extremely dangerous.

Theo tried to understand the ability a bit more while using his Blink to go to another location, away from those abilities.

After receiving the Reality Eyes, he could see the Original Technique and Divine Technique as well, not just the skills. It seemed that the world registered the newly created techniques as well, albeit it needed a little time for it to get processed.

In other words, the Reality Eyes allowed him to access the world’s database to analyze an ability.

And he was quite shocked to see the Dark King had used five S Rank Skills this whole time. In other words, the Dark King actually had five Divine Techniques. It was a huge achievement, considering his only Divine Technique was the Ascension Step. His Thunderclap Fist, Irregular Guardian, and invisible Vortex were still considered A Rank Skills.

However, Attribute Removal, Alter Ego, and Twisted Reality were considered S Rank Skills.

Still, those abilities wouldn’t be able to allow him to win against the Dark King.

Both of them had five S Rank each, so Theo needed one more S Rank Skill to be superior to the Dark King.

“Dark King. Since you’re showing your power without holding back, I should also show my power a bit.” Theo smirked and took out the Skill Cards he had been gathering for a whole year. After a long time, he finally gathered enough.

He never used it because he was confused as to which one to upgrade, but he found the perfect one to tip the balance.

The Skill Cards suddenly glowed before they gradually disappeared as Theo sacrificed all those Skill Cards to upgrade his skill.

[Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (A) has been upgraded.]

Theo smirked. “Come out.”


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