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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1441: Reality King vs Dark King (3) Bahasa Indonesia

The Dark King smirked and landed on the ground. He placed his hand on the ground as his power started turning the soil black. This was what Theo had seen back then. If he touched the ground, his feet would be influenced and he might be controlled by that power, considering the Dark King could control that power.

Even though he could remove them, it would be troublesome to keep removing them in a high-speed fight.

However, Theo also landed on the ground, not far from the Dark King. He started stepping on the ground and accumulated the energy on top of his head.

“!!!” The Dark King widened his eyes and noticed the extraordinary power from those steps.

Hence, he waved his hands and summoned numerous tentacles from the ground, surrounding Theo.

Theo had never done this, but he wanted to try it in this fight. He snapped his finger, using his Twisted Reality to make the tentacles curve to the side, attacking each other.

“…” Theo furrowed his eyebrows when he realized it took quite a toll on his mind. The energy itself was less than when he released a barrier, but his mind felt a bit heavy after what he did.

He had to put so much concentration into that single attack, which made it hard even for him.

Since his attack failed, the Dark King threw away his giant sword and replaced it with a new one. After that, he leaped forth and tried to take on Theo with the same strategy.

Theo raised his left hand, preparing to turn the blade into something else. However, the Dark King suddenly released a black screen in front of the sword as if acting like a shield.

Theo widened his eyes in amusement. He realized that the black shield was used to hide Theo from changing the blade’s shape.

As he expected, the moment he twisted the black shield, the sword was right behind it, trying to hit him before Theo could change the shape.

Theo glanced at the attack and summoned his Irregular Guardian in the form of a small shield, stopping the sword. After that, the sword soon changed its shape.

“Tsk.” The Dark King clicked his tongue as he couldn’t really reach Theo unless he somehow stopped the Twisted Reality.

Theo then slashed his sword diagonally to cut the Dark King. Seeing this normal attack, the Dark King threw away his sword and created another one.

But when Theo’s sword was about to reach his sword, the latter started to bend according to Theo’s slash.

‘What? He’s bending the space?’ The Dark King widened his eyes in shock. ‘No, he’s bending my sword to follow his blade?’

The Dark King realized that if it continued this way, his sword would continue to bend until Theo’s sword could cut him. So, he immediately threw himself to the side, barely avoiding that swing.

While throwing himself to the side, he also tried to kick Theo. Due to his small stature, the Dark King let out a tentacle of his foot to reach Theo.

Theo snapped his finger and used the Attribute Removal to completely erase this power. Then, he moved forward and tried to slash the Dark King again.

Knowing his speed or power wouldn’t be that effective against the Dark King, Theo made the first move by using his Alter Ego to increase his agility. His body soon disappeared in a flash.

“What?” The Dark King widened his eyes in shock as he instinctively raised his sword to the side.

Suddenly, Theo appeared on the other side as if he had passed him. And a clicking sound produced by the collision of their swords finally echoed afterward, followed by a sonic boom.

“Kh.” The Dark King gritted his teeth. His eyes couldn’t follow Theo’s movement, but thankfully, his body could react to him. The instinct he had honed this whole time worked in his favor. In fact, all the people Theo fought also had this kind of instinct. After all, the Mythical Rank Expert had experienced hundreds if not thousands of battles.

Still, Theo smirked and said, “That’s one…”

“One?” The Dark King narrowed his eyes and suddenly felt pain on his cheek and arm. “!!!”

He lowered his vision while placing his hand on his cheek, realizing that blood had come out of those two spots. In other words, Theo managed to slip past his defense in that attack.

“Still, you must have used a quite large amount of Order Energy with that attack earlier.” The Dark King narrowed his eyes while turning around, staring at Theo.

“Really?” Theo smirked, acting as if he was fine. Just like he said, after progressing so much, using the Alter Ego was still the most taxing among his skills. A few months ago, he could use it for five seconds. But he had improved since then and he could use it for seven seconds now.

With all the Twisted Reality and Attribute Removal abilities he had been using, he could only use the Alter Ego for five more seconds. So, he had to be careful when using this power.

“Your wounds, I’m going to widen them to weaken you.” Theo smirked and leaped forth.

The Dark King resolved himself. He knew that Theo wouldn’t be recklessly using that ability since it would take a toll on his body. Hence, he smashed Theo’s sword with his power, only to find something different in Theo’s swing.

His right arm felt crushed as if Theo’s strength was something no one could ever touch. The power struck him to the ground and created a huge crater that almost destroyed his bone, especially around his hands.

‘Again?’ The Dark King realized it was Theo’s ability to change the power in his body. But it was still surprising to see how much Theo had improved.

He gritted his teeth and tried to endure the attack, but Theo took this chance to reshape his sword into a sniper rifle.

The Dark King could see the Magic Power gathering inside the barrel.

“No way!” The Dark King immediately summoned a shield before him before the light in Theo’s sniper rifle flew forth, engulfing the Dark King.


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