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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1427: Big Brother’s Duty Bahasa Indonesia

“!!!” They widened their eyes upon the snake’s appearance that was trying to swallow them. One of the Mythical Rank Experts immediately created a huge fire that blasted the snake from its mouth.


The explosion was huge, considering the one who did it was none other than a Mythical Rank Expert from the Griffith Family. After that, the rest of the people nodded and split up, climbing the building in their own way.

They had one goal: Capture Nagasawa Rea. Two of the Mythical Rank Experts headed straight to Rea. Meanwhile, the other two Mythical Rank Experts along with eight Supreme Rank Experts planned to climb the building from the inside, allowing them to approach her in an unpredictable way.

Seeing the incoming duo, Rea hurriedly controlled the snake to swallow the explosion and maintain the snake’s appearance with her Magic Power. After that, she used the snake to stop the duo from climbing the building.

This was Rea’s plan.

‘Genbu is a divine beast… It’s a large tortoise and a snake. The tortoise will be able to help my defense while the snake will be handling these people.’ Rea thought while looking at the incoming two people, who managed to dodge the snake and reach the rooftop.

“It seems that the snake is not that big of a deal.” One of them said with a smirk, looking at Rea as if they had won.

“Is that so?” Rea maintained her calm. Suddenly, the snake that had gone down to intercept them suddenly turned around and came back to the rooftop with its head floating right behind them.

Even the two Mythical Rank Experts frowned because they could feel the huge presence behind them.

“Shaaaa!” The snake let out a cry and spat out venom at them.

The duo split up. One of them planned to attack Rea while the other stopped the snake.

The one attacking the snake immediately pointed its hand forward, bursting out wind that knocked the snake’s head. Meanwhile, the one in front of Rea leaped forward and struck her with a powerful fist.

Rea tapped the ground with her sword. The clicking sound echoed as if they were inside a cave, but when he struck Rea, his punch was stopped by a transparent barrier.


“!!!” He widened his eyes in shock because there was another barrier protecting Rea. It turned out the large tortoise could let out multiple barriers. Rea used the first one to isolate them while utilizing the second barrier to protect her. This way, she could get some opportunity to kill them like this one.

As soon as the barrier stopped the punch, Rea changed her stance from a standing position to a drawing position.

“Sword Draw…” Rea took a deep breath and swung as fast as she could.

“Magic Saint Fist Style…” The Mythical Rank Expert also didn’t plan to die just like this. He pushed all his Magic Power so that he could have enough to stop Rea’s attack. After all, he was seriously taken by surprise.


Suddenly, a clicking sound reverberated in everyone’s ears as if two swords were clashing. However, what actually happened was a sword and a fist collided with each other.

“As expected of the Griffith Family’s Magic Saint Fist Style, you can turn your own fist like that of a metal. It’s truly a powerful Martial Art.” Rea smirked. “But…”

“Tsk.” The expert from the Griffith Family clicked his tongue, feeling the pain. When he looked at his palm, he noticed there were two holes in his hands. It wasn’t a sword wound, so it confused him for a moment until he saw Rea’s blade.

At the tip of the blade attached a tiger’s head. This was Rea’s original Sword Draw Art, which featured animals. That was why she could summon two creatures from the same sword.

Theo told her that she had to polish what she had right now instead of trying something new. So, Rea had been practicing this move.

After learning more about the Divine Beast version, Rea could see the hidden potential of her animal version, so she kept practicing it even though the Mythical Beast version was better.

And the training paid off.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to capture me?” Rea smirked. She didn’t seem to believe the Griffith Family could take her away today. “Come.”

“You are too arrogant.” The Mythical Rank Expert snorted while pointing his finger at her. “Capture her!”

As expected, the people from the Griffith Family immediately came out from their hiding spots. They had been waiting for this chance after climbing this building.

However, what they didn’t expect was that when they came out, multiple slashes flew in all directions, cutting the building.

“!!!” The experts from the Griffith Family widened their eyes in shock because the slash was a bit unexpected. There were only three sword users in Theo’s group: Felix, Ergene, and Rea. However, Felix was supposed to be in another country while Ergene remained in Italy.

Multiple slashes meant there were a few people that helped Rea, so it didn’t make sense.

“This is a trap. As expected, they’re waiting for us to attack them. We have to destroy the barrier first and go to plan B. Even if that barrier can withstand our attacks, it’ll drain her Magic Power.” One of them shouted, trying to rearrange their plan.

“I’m sorry to make you do this…” Rea smiled. “I will maintain the barrier for as long as possible. Do you think you can do the rest?”

“There’s no need to apologize. This is my duty. Everyone is focusing on the Sword Saint, so they give me a bit of space to escape.” A young man that looked like he was the same age as Rea walked out of the dust that kicked up after the rubbles fell down. Two other people also followed him as if they were trying to protect him.

“I mean, I’m sorry for involving you in the group’s matter when I should be the one helping you.” Rea shook her head.

“As I said, it’s the elder brother’s job to protect his sister.” The young man smirked as the people from the Griffith Family recognized him. “Nagasawa Sojuro?!”


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