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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1426: Incoming Enemies Bahasa Indonesia


A middle-aged man entered a room where many experts were staying. “We’ve received the confirmation. It’s time to attack.”

“!!!” The people in the room had been waiting for this answer. One of them asked, “The plan?”

“The original targets are Nagasawa Rea and Akbaraly Ibraev. They’re located in this building. With only the two of them, they shouldn’t be able to withstand our attacks since we have ten Mythical Rank Experts and twenty Supreme Rank Experts.

“However, there is a possibility that the entire situation is a trap, especially with the chance of Ruth Lukita to help them. Hence, the moment you see a reinforcement from their group, we’re going to split the group into four.

“The first three groups consist of two Mythical Rank Experts and four Supreme Rank Experts. The last group will have the remaining people to hold them back. Then, the first three groups will go to the three families of our original targets.

“They might split up too, so try to take them out if you see there’s a chance to defeat them. That’s all. Any questions?” The middle-aged man asked. Since no one raised their hands, he continued, “In that case, I’ll divide you…”

While he was dividing people into four groups, Rea and Akbar had been waiting for them in an abandoned building far away from the vicinity where they planned to fight. In this place, no people would be hurt, so this was the best place to fight them.

“Akbar. What is our chance to succeed?”

“We have an 80% chance of us surviving, 40% chance of us killing all of them, and 10% chance of us having casualties. As long as we’re not provoked in any way, we can deal with the situation here. I’ve also prepared my information network as well.”

“This is the first time I have to face so many Mythical Rank Experts. It’s beyond my imagination…” Rea smirked.

“How do you plan to fight so many Mythical Rank Experts?” Akbar asked.

“Theo doesn’t want us to involve the citizens, so guerrilla warfare is not possible. Hence, I have another solution for us to handle this matter. Do you have any confidence in us killing two or three people at the get-go?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure. The probability is quite low to be honest, but I can try.”

“If we can kill at least two of them, I can guarantee you that they all will be dead.”

“I see. I’m looking forward to your strategy. For now, we’re just going to thin their number in this place?”

“Yes. Get ready for the situation that is going to be chaotic soon.” Rea nodded.

“Just one last question. Is there any reinforcement?”

“I have asked my father about this. He has sent a killing squad. The reason why Theo went to Japan is not to create an alliance with the Heavenly Sovereign but to distract him. I took that opportunity to have my father send people.” Rea smirked.

“I see. I can finally understand your plan. If that’s the case, I’ll make sure the situation is going smoothly.” Akbar nodded in understanding and jumped out of the abandoned building, standing on the ground as if he was preparing to meet the people.

“You’re going?”

“They’re within two miles, yes.”

“Good luck.” Rea nodded as her expression turned grim. She pulled out her sword and started covering it with her Magic Power. “Which divine beast should I use this time?”

Rea took a deep breath as she could see a few people marching toward them from the top of the building. It seemed that the battle was about to begin.

On the ground, Akbar was smiling while waiting for them to arrive.

“Twelve people?” Akbar smirked. “It seems that people are underestimating me. Do you think I don’t know you’re coming with thirty people?”

“…” The people from the Griffith Family remained calm. Some of them even began to examine the building with their eyes before eventually finding Rea standing on top of the building.

“If you wish to capture us, then it’s better if you show up right now. You have a 99% chance of not being able to catch us if you continue to be this stubborn.” Akbar glared at them, releasing his killing intent.

The middle-aged man was a bit surprised that Akbar managed to see through them easily, but he couldn’t see any reinforcement either. After some consideration, he ordered.

“Team A and Team B shall chase after Nagasawa Rea. Make sure you don’t kill her. Team C will go with me and capture this man. Don’t forget that he’s the best information broker out there. He’s more useful when he’s alive.”

The people nodded as they immediately split up. Some shadows also emerged from the sides, showing themselves.

With this, Rea was chased by four Mythical Rank Experts while Akbar needed to fight six of them.

Akbar took out his book again while smirking, “Since you come here, then don’t think you can escape.”

Suddenly, a huge barrier appeared, isolating this area from the rest of the vicinity.

“!!!” The people were stunned while Akbar smiled. “As expected of Nagasawa Rea. There’s a 100% chance that she will trap you here.”

Rea was standing on top of the building with her katana touching the floor. The Magic Power on her sword had been spreading to the area to create this colossal barrier. Although it wasn’t as sturdy as what Ryo used, this barrier was formed by a special divine beast.

“Animal Sword Draw, Mythical Beast Version, Genbu.” Rea smirked while looking at the incoming people that wanted to kidnap her.

“It seems that they’re underestimating me just by sending four Mythical Rank Experts to me.”

“There’s no need to worry. We are enough!” One of them snorted before ordering them. “Move out! We have to catch her alive.”

“Since you’re planning to do it, then you should die!” Rea smirked.

They didn’t understand why Rea was still confident when they were being outnumbered this much. If they were Ruth and Felix or even Theo himself, this arrogance was normal. But Rea and Akbar weren’t that powerful compared to the rest of the group, so they didn’t know why Rea would be this confident.

Rea waved her hand up without any more words.

Suddenly, a huge snake appeared from the ground, destroying all the floors of the building and finally emerged from the building, trying to swallow them.



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