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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1355: Loki’s True Strength Bahasa Indonesia

“There is one question that hasn’t been answered in my mind.” Theo frowned, contemplating. No matter how hard he worked, he still couldn’t find the answer. Ultimately, he asked, “How do you know what kind of power I have? I mean, it’s true that you have been watching over me this whole time, but I’m pretty sure that you can also use this power against someone else. This power can only work if you know them inside out.”

A smile appeared when Loki heard that question.

“I have been waiting for that question.” He walked to Theo and said, “What are the three rules I asked you to follow in the past?”

Theo nodded with a solemn face. “First, I need to know my and the other party’s purposes. Second, I need to be known by many. Third, don’t lie.”

“What do you think is the hardest?” The God of Mischief asked.

“The first one,” Theo answered without hesitation. “No one knows what you’re thinking. You can only direct their thoughts in a certain direction, but that’s all.”

“Certainly. Then, how about telling me the reason why I give you those reasons?”

“Well, I’ll answer from the third one since that’s the first thing I can do. I don’t need to lie because I am basically projecting reality. No, I might need to change my sentence a bit… It’s not that I can’t lie, it’s that everything I say will come to reality, so it means I don’t lie.”

“As expected from someone recognized by the Reality Order.” The God of Mischief was satisfied with this answer.

“Then, to be known by many. If they know me with that set of personalities, I can simply fool them enough, depending on how I want to act. Like what you have shown me earlier… by using that personality and identity of yours, you made me believe that the world intervened. Whether it was the truth or not, you and the world were the only ones to know.”

The God of Mischief smirked. “The world interfered earlier.”

“I can’t believe you.” Theo shrugged.

“You can’t believe me? Not don’t believe me?” The God of Mischief chuckled and asked, “Then, what about the first one?”

Theo fell silent for a moment. He previously had an answer, but it felt that the answer wasn’t enough. So, he changed his answer into a question.

“The purpose itself is not solely related to their intention, right?!” Theo smirked. “Their purpose is related to everything! At first, I thought that their purpose meant what they wanted, but I realized it wasn’t all the answers.

“Just by raising their hand, you need to know about their purpose in raising their hand. They can release a skill, channel their Magic Power or something else. Even when they’re breathing, you need to know that the purpose of breathing is to keep them alive. And if it’s a set of breathing techniques, you know that they’re trying to recover some of their Magic Power. In other words, purposes meant the intention of everything, whether their goal or the intention of their actions!” Theo explained. “This is the best answer I can give you.”

The God of Mischief smiled and said, “To be honest, you have surpassed my imagination. It seems that I won’t be bored for a while. Alright, you’ve passed! I’ll tell you how to know their purposes!”

Loki closed his eyes as he raised two fingers and placed them in front of his eyelids. Suddenly, two white lights shone on the tip of his fingers as Loki said, “Close your eyes.”

Theo followed the instruction and closed his eyes.

“The conversation with the world earlier is the truth. The reason why I know about many things is because I have seen them from the world itself. But have you thought about this, Theo? What’s the second thing I give to you?”

“The second thing?” Theo furrowed his eyebrows, trying to recall that moment. “Assuming that the first one is a new life with that clone… That means the second one is… the eyes that can see the skill’s upgrade requirement, which I later know to be the Reality Eyes. Wait a sec!”

“Correct.” The God of Mischief smiled as he gently placed his fingers on Theo’s eyelids and said, “I snatched that Reality Eyes, the completed one… have you forgotten about the words that I said back then?”

Theo remembered that particular scene when Theo learned about the higher dimension for the first time. Loki said back then that when his body and soul were ready, he would give him another opportunity to upgrade those eyes.

At first, he thought that the world upgraded his eyes as that kind of opportunity, but the God of Mischief truly wanted to give that opportunity himself, not the world.

After all, what he snatched were the complete Reality Eyes. The world could upgrade it, but the other half was still in Loki. And the reason why Loki could see through him this whole time was due to these eyes.

While realizing the entire situation, Theo felt the warmth coming into his eyes as if they were nourishing his current eyes.

“Your body and soul are ready now. It’s the time for you to wield the complete Reality Eyes.”

The God of Mischief gently moved away so that Theo could open his eyes.

Theo gradually raised his eyelids as he showed his complete Reality Eyes for the first time.

Before, the Reality Eyes had a small circle in the middle and from that circle emerged four lines, creating a “+” symbol on his eyes. Now that the God of Mischief had handed the last part of the Reality Eyes, a cross symbol was added to the pattern.

The God of Mischief offered him the best smile. “Congratulations for coming this far. But this is the time we part ways. As the last reward, I’ll allow you to look at me.”

Theo was confused for a moment, but he soon found the real ability of the Reality Eyes. The power system itself was created by the Reality Order in the center, so this time, he could finally see Loki’s real status for the first time.

Name: Loki Laufeyson

Status: Singularity

Level: 1023

EXP: 101,222,977/ ???

Blessing: Laufey

Skill: Clone (S), Hallucination Solidification (A), Illusion Reflection (S), Mind Image (A), Metamorphosis (S), Omni-Phantasm (S), Soul Mirage (S), World Re-creation (???)

Attributes: Strength 2233, Endurance 700, Agility 1700, Vitality 1283, Magic Power 5210

Free Attribute Points: 0

There were many questions in Theo’s mind, but one thing shocked him the most. It was his status.

“You…” Theo opened his mouth, but the God of Mischief waved his hand at him as Theo’s vision gradually became blank, and his consciousness was expelled from that place.


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