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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1354: Question Bahasa Indonesia

A few moments ago.

The God of Mischief had been sitting on his throne for a while until Theo arrived. Before Theo reacted, he had already utilized his World Re-creation and maintained his silence this whole time.

Theo also remained still because his mind was already wandering into the world that he had created. Although the God of Mischief could still move, the moment he lowered his guard, Theo would be able to break free from this illusion.

So, he sat still on that throne while controlling his illusion so that Theo didn’t realize that he was inside an illusion already.

He kept controlling the illusion until he could catch Theo off guard. And that chance appeared when Theo witnessed the conversation between the God of Mischief and the world.

He walked toward Theo and grabbed his head before he slammed it to the ground. That was when he felt an extraordinary pressure that he couldn’t disobey.

While looking at Theo who was lying on the ground, he had an unexpected visitor.

At the same time, the world itself came to him and asked, “What are you planning to do by showing that interaction?”

Loki smiled and said, “He deserves to know the truth.”

“I don’t care about the truth as long as it doesn’t mess with the Order.”

“Of course, I won’t. I promise that I won’t cause too much chaos in the world since my opponent is not you anymore.” Loki smiled. “I’ll seal that ability for a bit and unlock it when he’s ready. You surely won’t mind that, right?”

“Authority. He needs to have an Authority before being able to wield that power, or else that power will break him and, in the worst case, disrupt the Order.”

“I know, I know. I’m cooperating with you this time simply because I want to see the end.” The God of Mischief shrugged.

“Will a man be called ruthless if he killed fifty people to save a million lives? Will a man be called a bad guy when he joins the enemy side to protect the people on his side? A tricky question, but the answer will come to you sooner or later.”

The God of Mischief’s eyebrows twitched as he remembered sending that message when Theo became an Elite Rank Expert and met Jormungand for the first time. “Why would you mention it?”

“I have seen everything, including how you killed people to create the current utopia.”

The God of Mischief snorted, annoyed. To think the world would remind him of what happened so long ago.

“I have already received that answer.” Loki snorted. “You better go away or I’ll be seriously pissed off.”

“I’m nothing but the world itself. It’s not my place to intervene… I shall watch how the creatures I loved will survive.”

After giving that message, the world disappeared. Loki looked to the left and muttered in a low voice, “Loved, eh?”

The God of Mischief remembered what happened in the past. Destroying the kingdom of gods to create the current utopia called Earth. And the answer to his question was that he would always be forever remembered as the bad guy who started the end of the world.

“I was and will be the ruthless guy who massacred those gods and goddesses. I was and will be the bad guy because I joined the higher being’s cause and started the end earlier so that everything didn’t go according to their way and the people wouldn’t be wiped out completely.

“I wonder what you will choose at that time, Theo. Will you save the world and go down with the infamy? Or will you save yourself and let those billions of people die? You won’t be a hero when you save them as you will walk the path of a villain, and you won’t be a bad guy if you let them die as no one can curse you.” The God of Mischief’s expression darkened as he stated with the belief in his heart. “Surpass me, my Joker. Let me see the answer that can surpass mine.”

The God of Mischief waited for a moment until it was the right time for him to release Theo from the illusion, showing that he was already restraining Theo on the ground.

“I guess I’ll be giving you a passing mark for realizing it.” The God of Mischief smiled as soon as Theo returned to the real place.

He then explained the illusion itself and asked, “What do you think about the illusion?”

“Hu…” Theo let out a long sigh, recalling everything that happened in that battle. He contemplated for a moment and said, “It’s dangerous. The moment you wonder if you are in reality or an illusion, you have already lost.”

The God of Mischief smirked. “That’s good enough for now.”

Theo took a few deep breaths to calm himself as he said, “This is surprising. To think that you can replicate all my abilities, your personality, and even that conversation.

“To be honest, if your illusion is just me suddenly entering another space, I’ll instantly recognize the illusion. If you show me my family in that place, I’ll realize something like that. But you don’t…

“Instead of showing a change of space, you are using this space and even expanding it to create your own realm… or so I say that you expand it because you want me to believe that we’re still in the same space, so the fight looks more real,” Theo explained his understanding in the previous fight.

At the same time, he gradually stood up to get a more relaxing position when talking.

“It seems that you have understood a lot. However, don’t expect me to explain how my illusion works because you will get the answer to your own illusion. That answer will be different from mine. So, keep searching for that answer.” The God of Mischief smiled.

“I know. I still remember when you told me not to follow you.” Theo nodded in understanding. However, he felt something stuck in his mind. “Still, you promise me that you will try to answer everything that I want to know, right?”

“Yes, but I’ll remain silent if I think the answer will harm you instead.”

Theo nodded with a serious expression as he raised a question. “There is one question that hasn’t been answered in my mind.”


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