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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1258: Unexpected Visit Bahasa Indonesia

After finishing his discussion with the Frost Saint, Theo finally had some time to rest. He was standing on top of the abandoned building, looking at the ruined city.

His expression had a trace of sadness and loneliness.

He couldn’t help but close his eyes and mutter in a low voice. “Sorry, Ava. It’s not that I don’t want to see you, but it’s not the time yet.”

Although the Mountain King didn’t want to meet him again, he could use this as an excuse to visit both the dwarf and Ava on this occasion. He might even bring Ava back with him.

However, he chose not to cross the ocean and visit Ava even with his clone. He believed the perfect time for his reunion was the time he returned to Italy.

Because of the continuous assassination attempts, Ergene insisted on following him wherever he went to ensure his safety.

When she heard about this name, she couldn’t find out about her identity. Ava was truly a weird name since there shouldn’t be any human with that name close to Theo.

After a long sigh, Theo finally turned around as he had another job to do. He saw Ergene’s curious expression and asked with a smile. “What’s wrong? Do you have something you want to ask?”

“Yes… No.” She wanted to ask him about this ‘Ava,’ but she pulled back at the last second.

Theo chuckled and asked, “Is it Ava? I guess I haven’t introduced anything about my personal life.”

“No, no. It’s fine. Even I don’t tell you much about my personal life. It’s something that we don’t like to share.”

“Ahaha, I think it’s fine to tell you about her. After all, she’s going to be the 11th Mythical Rank Expert in our group.”

“11th Mythical Rank Expert?” Ergene widened her eyes in surprise. Theo had shared about the group’s plan, so she knew Theo only wanted ten Mythical Rank Experts and five people with support roles. This was the first time she heard anything about the additional member.

Theo waved his hand and said, “Well, that’s all you need to know. It’ll be more interesting if it’s a surprise, right?”

Ergene scratched the back of his head, not knowing what to say.

“Anyway, let’s go back.”

“Wait a minute. I need to look around the area first. Do you know that you’ve been attacked 28 times by those assassins?”

“I know. I guess that much money for just a Supreme Rank Expert is a huge temptation. It’s just they don’t know that they need at least to be a Mythical Rank Expert if they want to kill me.”

“Please don’t underestimate assassins. They can kill you in all sorts of ways, from poison, surprise attack, or even a cur—” Before Ergene finished her words, she saw a huge black light flying toward them. “What is that?”

Ergene hurriedly unsheathed her sword and leaped into the air, striking this black light.

However, the black light simply passed her body and went straight to Theo.

“Not good!” Ergene turned around and hurriedly went to Theo to protect him, but Theo maintained his poker face the whole time.

A Death Avatar emerged from his shadow as a small protective barrier appeared in front of her.

“It’s a weird attack. It passed my body! A protective barrier might not be able to sto—” Ergene dropped her jaw when the barrier somehow stopped the black ball and even dispersed it. “Wha—”

Theo shrugged. “Actually, your count is not right. This was the 33rd assassination attempt. There were four more curses that attacked me, you know.”

“…” Ergene was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect this at all.

“Ah, you don’t know that the reason why Felix followed me was because I solved Millie’s curse?” Theo smirked, teasing her.

“This is the first time I heard it.” Ergene’s eyebrows twitched, feeling embarrassed. She thought she had repelled all the assassinations attempt, from poisons to sneak attacks. But it seemed she was wrong.

“Anyway, poison, curse, and the like won’t work on me. All you need to do is to deal with the physical attack.” Theo shrugged. “Don’t worry too much about me.”

“Well…” Ergene sighed. “I wish that you could talk about this, so I don’t panic…”

“Hehe… Isn’t it considered a private secret?”

“Maybe I should take back what I said earlier.” Ergene sighed. “You’re simply too mysterious… What a troublesome man to follow.”

“Interesting, right? Well, wait until I’m strong enough to create our base. I promise that it will be a blast.” Theo smirked.

“When are you going to build it?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe after reaching Mythical Rank Expert? It truly depends on my luck. And I’m going to buy a plot of land… Don’t know where to buy it though.” Theo shrugged. “Anyway, let’s go back.”

“Yes…” Ergene sighed and followed Theo while maintaining the surveillance around the area.

Since the press conference would be held tomorrow, Theo planned to talk about it with Ergene.

However, he was surprised that two other tents miraculously appeared next to Rea’s tent.

“Huh?” Theo frowned because he thought he had told them that this spot was only for the Star Group.

So, he planned to ask Rea about the situation.

“Rea. What’s going on? Why are there two more tents here? I thought the country has given us this area to handle.”

Rea was reading the document before finally taking a glance at him. “Sorry, I was preparing for the press conference tomorrow. As for the two tents… Due to the number of the people and there are too many tents in the other areas, they’re relocating two of them here. I can’t do much about it.”

“They forced us to compromise?”

“Yeah,” Rea confirmed.

However, Theo never expected that two women would suddenly come into the tent.

The first one was a short black-haired woman. She had a gentle and soothing smile, but Theo felt familiar with her aura and gaze.

The second woman was a brown-haired Italian woman. Her beauty completely outshone every single person in the tent. Her smile could pierce every man’s heart.

And surprisingly, both of them said the same thing, “Hello. We’re your neighbor in this area.”

“I am Lily from Harky Group.”

“I am Agata from Pata Corporation.”



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