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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1257: Agreement Bahasa Indonesia

While Theo continued moving around to find more and more assassins, Clone Theo finally met face to face with the Frost Saint.

“So, do you know anything?” The Frost Saint asked while sitting down on the ground. His expression showed his annoyance and frustration. It was clear that he had been roaming around to find another clue about this incident.

“Yes.” Theo nodded with a serious expression. He also didn’t wish to prolong this matter.

“As expected, this is the problem?” The Frost Saint narrowed his eyes, looking at the broken structure.

“Exactly,” Theo confirmed without hesitation. “I know you can’t feel anything right now, but it’ll be vastly different if you can enter the protective barrier. You’ll feel an immense amount of Order coming from the structure.”

“So, the protective barrier is preventing the energy from leaking out?”

Theo nodded. “That’s why this is a very important structure.”

“I still don’t understand the significance of this structure. Unlike you, I don’t have any information and can’t even feel anything from it.”

“Let me explain it.” Theo thought for a moment, making sure that everything he told him was something that could be told. “To put it simply, the structure is the one maintaining the balance between the two worlds. If they’re destroyed, the two worlds will fuse.”

“!!!” The Frost Saint widened his eyes in shock as he immediately asked, “So, how do I fix this? Is it even fixable? We can’t even enter this place, only you humans.”

“No. There is another race that can help us fix this problem. Though, I want you to hear me out a bit.” Theo raised three fingers. “We have three problems. First of all, I can’t help you with anything when negotiating with this person. It’s up to you. Basically, I also have an agreement with him… Our situation is similar to me and the Dark King.”

“That’s understandable. Who is he anyway?”

“A dwarf.”

“I see.” The Frost Saint pondered for a moment and said, “Since I broke a part of that pillar and allowed the whole situation to fully manifest, I’ll personally handle this problem. I’m going there to discuss it.”

“I think that’s for the best.” Theo nodded in agreement. “Then, let’s move to the second problem. Even though we can fix it, what happened can’t be restored completely.”

“That’s understandable. Broken stuff can never become the same again, even if it’s fixed. If I’m right, the tree and the building that have become one will either become a part of this side or the other side. And we need to see what will happen to the other side. Will they become a void that messes up with the world’s Order or not…”

“Yes. I’m also planning to observe it, but I’d like if we can exchange our thoughts about the aftermath.”

“I can agree with this condition. It’ll also benefit me to understand the other side’s situation. I need to make sure that such a thing won’t happen again.”

“Then, the last problem.” Theo paused for a moment as he also didn’t have any ways to handle this. “It’s to hide it. I’m sure you understand the risk of letting this structure get exposed, right?”

The Frost Saint’s expression turned grim. “Yeah. The humans can try to steal it. Or even worse, this structure will be destroyed.”

“Yeah. That’s why I want to ask you whether you have a solution or not… I want to hide it so that it won’t be found anymore.”

“Fair enough. This structure is that dangerous. But there are so many things that need to be considered if we want to hide this structure. I’m sure that you, a human, know more about the natural process, right?”

Theo nodded. “Earthquakes, tornados, and other natural disasters can happen and break this stuff.”

“That’s why I’ll do this.” The Frost Saint had made a huge decision. “From this point onward, I’ll reside in this place and turn it into my personal territory. This way, I can protect the structure with my life and delegate someone to protect it when my life is over.”

“But this can’t last forever.” Theo shook his head while pinching the bridge of his nose. “I mean, there is a chance that your successor doesn’t know anything. Even if you tell your successor about it, there is a chance that your successor won’t tell it to his successor and so on. Eventually, the reason will lose because of the passage of time, and it’ll eventually be destroyed. This is why I can’t find any solution.”

The Frost Saint understood Theo’s concern, considering this matter involved the stability of the two worlds. Even he couldn’t guarantee that it would last for a thousand years if he chose this path.

“Well, it’s hard for us to think about it, especially with such a short time. I can still provide some protection for the time being. After a few years, we might come up with a plan to solve this problem.”

“That’s true.” Theo agreed with his opinion. “So, you’ll protect this structure for the time being?”

“Yes.” The Frost Saint then looked at the Shadow King. “Sorry, it looks like I’ve seized a part of your territory.”

“Don’t worry.” The Shadow King politely bowed to him. “At least that idiot husband of mine still has his own territory. I can simply live there.”

“I’m truly sorry.” The Frost Saint lowered his head. It seemed that he felt guilty that he was the cause of this problem.

“No, it’s truly fine. This way, I also have enough reason to reign that guy in. I can’t allow him to kidnap our son again.”

The Frost Saint smiled for the first time. “Though, I also need to trouble you a bit because I’ll need to go on a trip.”

“I shall protect it with my life.”

“Ask at least five other Kings to protect this area.”

“Will do.”

“Then, can you tell me where this guy is?” The Frost Saint turned to Theo, finally asking the core question to solve the problem.

Theo smiled and revealed the man’s whereabouts, but he actually revealed his superior since he was the one equal to the Frost Saint. “In the Lightning Saint’s territory.”


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