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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1248: Unexpected Meeting Bahasa Indonesia

“Well, we’ve arrived in the area. From now on, I want you to stay here because I need to go alone,” said Theo to Felix.

He had been accompanying him to the other side. Instead of Argelia, he used America’s teleportation circle to reach this area.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

When Felix was about to agree, he could feel a presence coming toward them at a fast speed. He immediately took out his weapon, but Theo raised his hand, stopping him.

To his surprise, the one that emerged from the woods was a small guy wearing black armor. He didn’t look like a human from the attire and power, so Felix wanted to kill the monster as Theo’s protector.

But Theo actually approached the monster himself as if he was planning to cut it down.

“Humans?” Another monster also came toward them. The monster was a huge tree that looked like a Mythical Rank Expert. And the worst part was that this monster had enough intelligence to speak. It was clear that the monster was at least a General Class Monster.

Felix hurriedly unsheathed his sword and leaped to this giant tree monster. At the same time, the monster also extended its branches to capture or even pierce Felix with its pointy tips.


Felix struck the monster’s branches, trying to buy time for Theo to handle the small humanoid monster.

But to their surprise, they heard a cheerful sound coming from the other side.



They turned their heads around and saw Theo and the little monster doing the high-five as if they were friends.

“Eh?!” Both Felix and the tree monster widened their eyes, not understanding what had just happened.

“Ada, Ada!”

“You miss me?” Theo smiled and bent his knees to match his eye level.

“Ada!” The little monster nodded furiously.

“Unfortunately, I can’t really play with you right now. It’s already surprising to see you coming out like this, but I think I need to see your parents.” Theo scratched the back of his head, apologizing to the little guy.

“You know him?” Felix stopped fighting the monster and approached Theo carefully.

“The son of my friend.” Theo chuckled.

“Son?” Felix was confused.

“Your friend?” The tree monster was even more confused than him since this was the first time he heard a monster having a human friend.

“Yes. I need to see the Dark King.” Theo smiled while showing a black mark that the Dark King gave him.

“!!!” The tree monster widened his eyes, recognizing this Friend Seal.

However, Syk shook his head and said, “Ada ada! Adada Ada!”

“I can’t meet your father right now? As expected, something has happened.”

“Ada, ada!”

“So, you want me to meet your mother instead?”

“Ada.” Syk furiously nodded.

Theo thought for a moment and agreed. “Alright. Let’s go meet your mother.”

“Ada ada?!”

“Eh? Can I reject it for now? I’ll play with you after all this is over.”

“Ada.” Syk lowered his head with a sad tone. However, he reluctantly agreed. After that, Syk walked to the tree monster and raised both hands. “Ada!”

The tree monster paused for a moment before agreeing to his request. “I understand.”

It then extended its branches to Felix and Theo while saying, “Please get on. I’m going to bring you to meet someone.”

Theo nonchalantly stepped on the branches while Felix checked Theo’s action first before following him. It was truly beyond his imagination to see a human befriending a monster.

‘I know that he has a rabbit with him, but a summoner only needs the monster’s soul instead of the living monster. Seeing him having a monster’s friend makes me realize that the rabbit that was with him wasn’t actually a soul, but a real monster.’ Felix thought while glancing at Theo.

Still, it was a fresh experience even for him to ride a monster, especially when the monster was actually a tree.

The roots were moving like tentacles as they moved without destroying the terrain. With the size of the tree, it could easily avoid any small obstacles, marching back home.

To his surprise, they felt no vibration as if they were flying in the sky. It was so smooth they didn’t realize they were on top of a tree.

A few minutes later, they reached the forest surrounded by black energy that made the forest creepier than its surroundings.

Instead of entering this forest, the tree stopped right in front of it as if he didn’t dare to enter this area.

Syk, on the other hand, leaped to the ground and waved his hand to the tree as if thanking him for bringing them here.

After putting down Theo and Felix, the tree monster then left this area.

He was worried about Syk, but he returned because he had sensed the presence of the supreme queen.

Soon, her voice echoed in everyone’s heads.

“Thank you for coming here.”

“!!!” Felix’s body trembled as he suddenly turned around and saw a black figure appearing out of nowhere. If the monster was hostile, he would have already died.

On the other hand, Theo nodded and said, “It seems that you want to talk to me.”

“Yes. I’ve been expecting your visit.”

“Don’t tell me… The Dark King was the bait to call me?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“As expected, the humans managed to capture his image.” The Shadow King confirmed his suspicion without hesitation.

“I see.” Theo then glanced at Felix. “Are you sure he can hear this?”

“He is your person?”


“Then, there is no problem. It seems that you trust him too, so I believe there’s no problem.” The Shadow King nodded. “However, I need to remind you that there are a few things that I need to discuss in private.”

“I see. That’s fine by me.”

“In exchange, he can find those people.”

“Those people?” Theo frowned.

“Yes. The people that got transported here. Well, half of them died because of the creatures living in the area, but I’ve taken half of them into custody. It’s just there’s another problem. I have no resources to take care of them. They might die sooner or later.”

“For real…”


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