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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1247: Theories Bahasa Indonesia

“This is…” Isaac sucked a cold breath when he saw the land that had been ruined by the phenomenon.

Even Coline furrowed her eyebrows when she witnessed this scene. The trees emerged from the ground. Some even destroyed the buildings.

“To think this kind of phenomenon can…” Coline sucked a cold breath. “The trees destroy the structures. I can see blood everywhere. Even from this place, I can see a few corpses from both humans and monsters. Should we bring back those bodies?”

“No.” Isaac rejected the idea in an instant. “We can’t go there.”

“What do you mean?” Coline was confused.

“I can see a huge difference in Magic Power. I’m sure that you know about this already, but the Magic Power on Earth and the other side are vastly different.”

“Yes. The Magic Power on the other side is denser than the Earth…” Coline suddenly realized Isaac’s meaning and looked at him in horror. “It can’t be…”

“I can easily measure the Magic Power in the air, so I can say this one with certainty. The Magic Power in that direction is at a similar level to the other side. In other words, I believe that the other side is now affecting our world with this one place being their first anchor.”

“But there is no record of the intrusion from the other side.”

“That’s why this is unprecedented. And there is a much worse theory I can come up with now. It’s a speculation, but if we can get the military to answer some confidential questions, I’m afraid that I can confirm my own theory.”

“Then…” Coline turned back.

“Yes. Let’s go back and inform him about this discovery. I hope that he can somehow get the military record.”

After listening to Isaac, Coline immediately escorted him back to the refugee camp to inform Theo about this matter.

In the end, Theo chose to come to this place to prove their theory. Instead of Coline, Ergene was the one accompanying them.

Because of Theo’s power, Isaac chose not to bring the military to prove his theory.

Instead, he briefed him about the situation and said, “Anyway, I believe that place has become the other side. I don’t know what’s going on, but you might lose yourself there.”

“What do you mean?” Theo narrowed his eyes as he didn’t feel anything with his order. It was truly not another reality.

“Do you remember the report about teleportation circles?”

“Yeah. They exploded.”

“Exactly. Due to the difference in Magic Power, there is a kind of distortion between these two sides. The teleportation circle was the one connecting them… And now, with the loss of the teleportation circle, the distortion will teleport you to the other side.

“From my point of view, the teleportation circle is like a beacon connecting the two sides. Now that the beacon is lost, the teleportation will be completely random.

“And the effect doesn’t end here. If we’re talking about the teleportation circle, it’s a place where we can teleport together…”

Theo frowned. “So, without it, there is a chance that we won’t get teleported?”

“Yes. It’ll become random. For example, out of a hundred people storming to that place, maybe forty of them will teleport… maybe seventy people? Or maybe none at all.”

“If I bring you there, we might get teleported together, or only one of us…” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Exactly.” Isaac pinched the bridge of his nose. “On the positive side, there’s a chance that the people who got teleported when the phenomenon started are still alive.”

“I see. That’s good news for this country.”

“Still, I need to know the statistics of this city. How many people lived here? How many people were teleported? How many died or stayed?” Isaac sighed.

“Well, I don’t think the military will listen to you because they’ll think your current speculation is just conspiracy theory without any proof. After all, you don’t have any title.”

“That’s true. So, I hope that you can convince them.”

“That’s not easy even for me.” Theo shook his head. “Well, I’ll try your theory first.”


“Don’t you want to know why I didn’t bring Felix here?”

“That’s true. He’s the strongest person among your people, so you should want to bring him. Yet, the reality is different.”

“It’s for this time.” Theo smirked.

“Huh?” Isaac was confused by his statement because he couldn’t see through Theo’s plan.

“We’re going to test your theory by sending the people there!” Theo pointed forward.

“But this is going to be dangerous. When you don’t even know where you’re going to be teleported, there will be countless dangers. And in the worst case, if we bring people, only some of them will be teleported. It’s going to be too dangerous.”

“Yes. That’s why we’ll be using my clone to test it. This way, I can know what will happen to me when I go inside.”

“You’re not hiding your identity anymore?” Isaac frowned.

“With your brain, is there a need for me to tell you my real identity?”

“Nope. The hints are obvious, so I’ve speculated about your identity long ago. But I guess Ergene has known about it too.”

Ergene nodded with a calm expression.

“But we need to wait for one more day before we can do any testing.” Theo sighed.

“Why is that? We should do it as soon as possible. Or the people will die under the monsters’ onslaught.”

“I’ve told you that we’re going to send my clone in, right?” Theo sighed.

“Yeah. It’s going to be dangerous, but your clone shouldn’t have that kind of weakness.”

“But do you remember when Maya showed us a picture?”

“Yes. A picture of a monster. The monster had black armor, and it looked like an intelligent monster. Perhaps, General Class Monster.” Isaac nodded, confirming it.

“I know that monster… Well, he can be considered my friend.”

“Your friend? No, wait. The fact you know about that monster’s identity means you know where to find him…”

Theo smiled. “That’s right. I’ve already made an arrangement. To rescue those people, we’ll send people in. But because of the risk, we’ll need to have a different approach. That’s why…”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to…” Isaac gasped as he finally understood the arrangement Theo was talking about.


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