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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1239: Solving Her Worries Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s wrong?” Theo asked.

“It seems that she has some problems that prevent her from leaving the country,” Felix explained.

“Is that so?” Theo raised his eyebrows.

“Do you remember I told you something about how I have grown numb to pain because of the organization behind me?”


“That organization would track me down and even bully the orphanage that raised me. So…”

“Well, do you want me to destroy them?” Theo asked.

“No, no. I don’t want to trouble you for this. I’ll just handle this matter myself… When I become a Supreme Rank Expert, I should be able to break free from this restraint.”

“Do you want to do it alone, or do you want my help?” Theo asked again, assuring her with a smile. “Listen here. I want you. Just like you, who will help me in the future, I’ll offer my protection. If you need my help, just ask, and I’ll be there. There’s no need to feel bad about it.”

“That’s true. I can testify for it since he was risking his life just to recruit me.” Felix nodded with a serious expression, confirming Theo’s statement.

“Thank you…” Aisha looked down. “But they have Mythical Rank Experts in their rank because they’re an international organization. I’m afraid that they’re not going to swallow this matter easily.”

“I can help you protect the orphanage. To put it simply, destroying them is easy to be honest. Right, Felix?”

“I’ve defeated five Mythical Rank Experts at once, so facing them one by one will just allow me to kill more.” Felix nodded. Although it looked like bragging, Felix just wanted to assure her. “Well, we can call the others… I don’t think you know about this, but there are eight Mythical Rank Experts under him, including me.”

“What?” Aisha widened her eyes, shocked. Although Theo had revealed his identity, the current identity he used right now wasn’t Joker. There was no way Aisha knew he was Joker.

That was why she was surprised to hear this information.

“I can leave behind my clone in this country for the time being to solve your problem. Felix alone should be enough to handle the Mythical Rank Experts. If he’s not enough, I can call more experts to warn them. That’s why if you want my help, just ask. That’s my responsibility as the leader.” Theo smiled, assuring her.

Aisha closed her eyes for a moment. On the one hand, she felt terrible for asking so much even when she hadn’t done anything for him. On the other hand, she felt relieved that Theo was this good to her.

“That’s right. We usually have an agreement when recruiting someone. So, how about this? I will solve your problem as well as prepare your medical school tuition… In exchange, come with me to the US and join my group.”

Aisha smiled when she heard the offer. She furiously nodded as she felt overwhelmed by his kindness.

“Can I hug you or something?”

“Sure.” Theo smiled and opened his arms.

Aisha hugged him while saying, “Thank you… Thank you…”

Even Theo knew that she had struggled a lot in the past few years, even before she met him in school.

“I’m sure this is not a problem, right?” Theo asked Felix.

“Don’t worry. Leave everything to me. Having your clone supervise the entire operation is good enough.”

Theo thanked Felix and turned to Aisha. “By the way, who are they?”

“They’re not a big organization. There are only two Mythical Rank Experts from what I know… Their exact location is in Tajikistan. Well, their organization itself is about human trafficking.”

“Then, I don’t need to feel bad when destroying them.” Theo smiled.

“Once again, thank you.” Aisha released him and bowed to him.

“Good enough. You should stay in this country until I settle everything. I want you to see the proof that I’ve taken care of your problem so that you don’t need to worry anymore when leaving this country. Don’t worry. Other than medical school, I’ll also give you some money to send back home and some days off so that you can visit them.”

“En.” Aisha was grateful for his consideration. Little did she know that the money that he would give her was beyond her imagination. After all, she never expected Maya, one of the richest women in the world, to be his subordinate. Although he couldn’t really get all the money he wanted, money wasn’t that much of a problem anymore to him.

And he could also scam people for money.

Afterward, Theo asked her to come to his room so they could discuss the terms and conditions in detail.

She truly dropped her jaw when Theo promised one billion Zils per year for her alone. Ten billion Zils that a Mythical Rank Expert could get from the Star Group alone was beyond almost all companies in the world, so one billion Zils for a Hero Rank Expert was indeed a little too much.

Still, Theo favored the healing ability that could regenerate a limb. It was very rare in the world.

She was the one that couldn’t accept the term because it was too good for her.

After many arguments, Theo agreed to give her only one hundred million Zils, a full-tuition for the best medical school, all the equipment she wanted, and some days off to visit the orphanage.

In exchange, she would be studying under Theo for Martial Prowess and reaching the Supreme Rank within one year. This was the condition Theo set so that Aisha worked hard.

After reaching an agreement, Theo then summoned his clone so that he could control the situation and eliminate the threat.

He spent the rest of the day recuperating from exhaustion after fighting Avarice and planned his flight.

The next day, Theo bid goodbye to them as he went to the airport while Aisha led his clone and Felix to the orphanage to discuss the plan, thus concluding his visit to Thersland.


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