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Both Theo and Avarice were launched back, crashing into the ground far away from the clash.

Theo gritted his teeth as the pain spread all over his body.

He couldn’t help but recall what happened earlier.

As soon as his sword struck Avarice’s claws, the red moonlight shone brightly, suppressing the blood in his body. Of course, he used his Attribute Removal to fight against it.

However, he realized that the consumption of his Alter Ego was simply too big. It was true that he could gain an insane amount of power, but he could barely use it. After all, it was the same as bringing another reality to this reality with the energy in his Order.

After using the Alter Ego and the Attribute Removal at the same time, he used half of his energy right away. The lack of supply soon contributed to the instability of his power, resulting in the red moonlight overpowering him at the last second.

Still, Avarice was in the same situation. The impact of his strike that contained all his strength was simply too powerful. Even a single swing almost broke her hands.

After checking his body, Theo ignored the pain and stood up, trying to check Avarice’s condition.

“How are you? That’s the first time I used that, so I couldn’t hold back.” Theo asked with a worried expression.

“That was a great trump card. If you’d mastered it, I might die in that last clash.” Avarice nodded with a serious expression. “I don’t know about your attainment in Order, but it’s clear that you’ve reached a pretty high level.”

“Well.” Theo nodded in agreement. Although he hadn’t been able to control it, he truly had a great understanding of Order since he managed to cultivate it to the fourth stage.

“Anyway, this is my last piece of advice. In and out… If you want to use your Order properly, you need to understand the inside and the outside. The inside is your body and the outside is the environment. There are many variables that you can use to amplify your Order.”

“I understand. Thank you very much… especially for agreeing to have a spar with me.” Theo lowered his head. Avarice might be one of the people that he owed the most.

“It’s fine. Although I don’t think there are heavy injuries, I’m too weak to move right now. Do you mind carrying me back?”

“Please.” Theo agreed without hesitation.

Avarice then returned to her small form and Theo carefully put her on top of her palm. After that, the two returned together.

After leaving Avarice to the shadow fox, Theo hurriedly returned to the other side.

On the way, he had some time to think about what he did earlier.

“That… Alter Ego… is a technique that I use to summon another reality to affect my own reality. This means there are two realities that exist at the same time, and maintaining them requires a huge amount of energy. At my current state, I can’t use it for more than three seconds.

“Still, this ability is too broken because I can switch my status easily. What if when I am about to die, I put all my points to Vitality? How about using all my Agility to become faster than anyone else? Although it will only last for a few seconds, it’s going to be useful for me, especially in a battle.

“There is even a possibility of using that ability to change my skills or even level? Hmm, I don’t know about it yet because I haven’t experimented with it. I mean, if I increase my level, don’t I need to arrange my status points? That will take too long.

“On the other hand, it’s better to use the skills that I’m familiar with. My skills are going to be an S Rank soon, so I don’t think I need a skill from another reality. That’s right… What if I change my blessing? I bet he’s going to be angry. Haha.”

The God of Mischief knew his thought because he had been observing him, so he replied.

[Use it to change your gender instead. With the help of metamorphosis, you might become an even more perfect woman.]

“Tsk.” Theo clicked his tongue. “Still, in and out. I can affect the Magic Power and even the reality in the environment. However, I haven’t explored the inside, which is my body. How much can my power affect me? What are the side effects of using this power? I need to experiment with everything so that I can utilize my power better.

“To be honest, there are many things I can explore. Instead of my status, can I affect others’ status? Unfortunately, I can’t really use it on others for now because it’s not the time yet to introduce Order to my people. Even when the time comes, only Isaac and Felix can see it.” Theo sighed.

“Anyway, I have managed to use the side effect of Reality Order. Since the other realities could affect me, it meant they could influence my own power. That was why a single clue from Avarice was enough to inspire me.

“I really can’t thank her enough. I need to make sure that she can reunite with Ava. This will be the way I pay her back.” Theo smiled as he firmly swore to do it.

After several hours, Theo finally returned to the other side. It was already dawn on the other side, so Theo went straight to the hotel so that Felix didn’t need to worry about him anymore.

To his surprise, Felix was meeting someone in front of the hotel. And when he took a closer look at this person, she was none other than Aisha.

It seemed she was planning to tell him the answer. So, Theo approached them without hesitation and waved his hand with a smile. “I’ve come back.”

Felix felt relieved when Theo returned while Aisha scratched the back of her head with a sad expression.

Theo felt a bad premonition from it, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”


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