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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1183: Scary Thoughts Bahasa Indonesia

While they were panicking, Theo was training in his mansion. He had experienced some stuff overseas, so he knew something that could be done differently had he learned this.

Of course, the primary reason for his situation was none other than his set of skills.

After getting to an agreement, this training session was accompanied by three people: Isaac, Millie, and Rea.

“So, you’re moving to Technique right now? Didn’t you just learn Breathing and Endurance not long ago? How’s that two going?” Isaac asked.

“Well, it’s just some basic stuff. I haven’t reached Inner Regeneration for both.” Theo shook his head helplessly.

“Why don’t you focus on those two first instead of Technique?”

“I think it’s a good time to learn Technique since I seem to have been using it this whole time without realizing it. So, I think it’s better to learn everything and see which one I should master first.” Theo shrugged.

“I see.” Isaac looked down, thinking for a moment. He opened his notebook and wrote down a few things before agreeing to him. “To be honest, I don’t have any objection. So, the one who will give you some knowledge about Technique…”

Isaac glanced at Rea, who nodded her head. Theo had agreed to allow Rea to observe his training for two weeks in exchange for all the fundamental knowledge about Technique.

“So, without further ado, let’s have her explain all that stuff.” Theo nodded in agreement, looking at Rea.

“I understand.” Rea acknowledged it and raised three fingers. “There are three important parts in Technique. I’m sure that you are already aware of that. They’re Weapon Mastery, Original Technique, and Divine Ability.

“Weapon Mastery is a level where you’re focusing on honing your Martial Art to a perfect degree that allows you to get all the necessary foundation to create an Original Technique and Divine Ability.

“Meanwhile, Original Technique is a stage where you can create two techniques tailored perfectly for you. If you’re good at speed like my brother, you can create a sword drawing technique as fast as him.

“Of course, his weapon mastery is already at its peak. Each swing is perfect, allowing him to make no waste movement when using his Original Technique. That’s why the foundation is important.

“However, there is one important fact that you need to know about Technique. This Aspect is the first requirement to combine all other Aspects. For example, if you want to combine both Awareness and Control, you need a good Technique to infuse them.

“It’s true that you can use both of them at the same time, but Technique can combine them. This is different, okay?

“Another example is for your sword. The sword that can change form. It is the combination of Control and Technique.

“According to my father, he combines Control, Breathing, and Technique for his sword strike. Of course, I’m not telling you to do it at the get-go since the more aspects you combine, the harder it will be to create.

“Anyway, that’s not important right now since we’re discussing the basics. I’ll continue the brief explanation about the Divine Technique.

“There is a qualitative leap from Original Technique to Divine Technique. To put it simply, a Divine Technique is at a different level. We can use Skill Ranks for a simple comparison. Weapon Mastery is simply some basic movements, so they are similar to F to E Rank. On the contrary, Original Technique can become as low as D Rank or as high as A Rank.

“However, there is a reason why not many people can create a Divine Technique. It’s basically the realm of an S Rank Skill… In other words, a God Rank Skill.

“Why is it called a God Rank Skill? It’s simple. A Technique of this rank simply breaks the system. For example, there is a Divine Technique that can grow… we call it Growth Divine Technique. Or there is a Divine Technique that allows you to control all flames, whether it’s from your power or someone else… Or it can be similar to that of a Skill Verse. I think you can understand what I mean by breaking the system.”

When Theo heard her explanation, he couldn’t help but recall three of his skills.

Skill: Clone (S)

Effect: A skill that allows the user to create a clone of himself and give a completely new life.

Skill: Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (S)

Effect: Personification of Death, the ruler of the Underworld. Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, and Unknown.

Skill: Supernatural Snake Body (S)

Effect: The user will receive extreme regeneration and hardness.

Of course, Clone and Death Avatar skills were still A Rank Skills. This description came from his memory when he was first introduced to such a skill.

The Clone skill was basically an overbearing skill that allowed him to have two lives that could be resurrected by his will. It was a skill that transcended the limit of a mortal.

The same applied to the Divine Avatar, considering it was the personification of Death as well as a Skill Verse. Last but not least, it was his growth skill, the skill that allowed Jormungand to expand and harden his body.

He could finally understand the realm beyond mortal, the S Rank Skill.

“So, that’s how it is…” Theo nodded in understanding while recalling the upgrade requirement for all those A Rank Skills. The requirement was simply on another level. From a few billion, he would have to spend at least a few hundred billion just to upgrade one skill to S Rank. It was so hard, but it was clear that the skill had transcended to a whole new level. So, upgrading one of them would probably be worth it.

“However, there is one thing that people want to know the most. The monsters can wield their abilities or what we call skills, right?” Rea started her explanation again with this one interesting topic, piquing everyone’s interest. “The ability to learn to wield their power… It’s extremely similar to our Technique.

“Then, why don’t humans drop Skill Cards like the monsters? It’s crazy, but people speculate that it’s because we have two different systems. The first is our status system which allows you to store your power and skills. The second system is the natural system that binds the monsters.

“In other words, if there is a way to combine both systems… It would mean you could get a Skill Card and EXP when you kill a human.” Rea explained with a dark smile.


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