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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1184: Technique Bahasa Indonesia

Isaac and Millie sucked a cold breath while Theo furrowed his eyebrows.

This topic reminded him that this world and the other side were separated by a gap between two realms called Spatial Rift.

The only thing they needed to do was to remove the Spatial Rift to combine the two realms into one. They might probably gain some EXP and Skill Cards when killing a human.

However, there was a bigger result when the Spatial Rift was removed.

Theo once thought about it. What would happen if the two realms combined into one? The monsters and humans might get overlapped and kill each other. Then, there would be ultimate chaos everywhere. A huge clash between the humans and monsters.

According to his research, this was one of the biggest reasons why the monsters were trying to protect Orders. The change in the Order might weaken the Spatial Rift like how humans created so much pollution that it damaged the ozone.

So, the monsters would spare no effort in destroying anything that could cause harm to the Orders.

That was why when Rea brought up this topic, Theo’s expression became cold as he asked with a firm tone. “Have you said those words to your father?”

Rea’s body trembled when she felt Theo’s cold gaze. Of course, her father had heard something similar from her in the past.

But at that time, her father, who rarely got angry, was thoroughly angered, banning her from saying a single word about it. Although he didn’t stop the humans from researching, he would stop anyone from discussing it in front of him.

That was why when Theo gave the same gaze as her father’s, her body was shaken.

“That’s…” Rea looked down apologetically.

On the one hand, she realized Theo and his father might see the world differently from normal people. On the other hand, this was the first time she felt fear in her heart.

Even though there was no killing intent in his eyes, she could feel chills down her spine. It was as if she would be killed if she played around with this.

“I apologize.” Rea ended up lowering her head, not wanting to continue this topic anymore.

Theo took a deep breath and said, shifting the topic. “Never mind. Let’s continue talking about Technique. What should you do to learn Weapon Mastery? Original Technique? Or even Divine Technique?”

Rea also calmed her heart down and started explaining, albeit a bit awkward because of earlier. “Ehm. Weapon Mastery is simply your unique Martial Arts. If you use a sword, have you tried swinging a thousand times? Or a hundred thousand times?

“I’m sure that if you do it, your 1000th swing will be different from your 1st swing because your muscles, body, and other parts know how to swing the sword perfectly. The same applies to the 100000th time.

“My father asked both of us to do a thousand swings every single day. We complained at first because one thousand swings took us more than a whole day to complete, with our arms feeling like it was going to fall.

“However, after a few weeks, months, and years, a thousand swings didn’t satisfy us anymore.

“My brother did something different, which was the sword draw. He did one thousand sword draws together with one thousand swings. Your body, technique, and everything related to that particular movement will be enhanced as time passes.

“Of course, advice from a good teacher is necessary too, since you don’t want to blindly swing without thinking about any improvement.

“After having the mastery of that particular movement, you can start putting some Magic Power and other stuff like Aspects into that movement, allowing you to create something that only you can use. After all, you’re the only one doing that movement for thousands, if not tens of thousands of times. That’s the Original Technique.

“Though, there are different cases like you, who are not aware of what you’re doing. By using outside force, you’re creating the Original Technique forcefully.

“So, there’s a need for a huge improvement before doing it efficiently. First of all, how about using that technique a thousand times every single day? You might find something is lacking sooner or later.

“There are different cases, but there are four major points that you need to improve. First is the speed. Whether it’s the creating speed or attack speed, if you don’t have the necessary speed to summon or even attack your enemy, it will be a useless technique that can be easily dodged. So, you usually try shifting the Magic Power and see which one gives the best speed.

“Second point is related to the first one. It’s power. Even with a full speed, it will be useless if it doesn’t have any power. The enemy can just receive it with their own body without any consequences.

“Thirdly, Magic Power Efficiency. You need to know how much Magic Power you’re willing to spare. And how much Magic Power that the ability needs to reach its optimum capability. You usually need machines to measure it.

“Last but not least, its versatility. The more versatile it is, the more unpredictable the technique can become, like yours. Your Technique has incredible versatility. If you can put a perfect amount of Magic Power, you don’t need to spend more Magic Power than necessary while still getting the optimum capability. At the same time, its hardness, power, and speed will be good enough to match people’s abilities.

“Divine Technique is similar, but just on another level. To be honest, this is the basics of Technique. I can explain more about each, but I think you get the idea.” Rea finished her long explanation.

“I see.” Theo looked down, recalling the name of his ability. “How about naming the ability?”

“It’s related to speed.”

Theo nodded in agreement and tried to find something about Technique that he wanted to know.

“Unlike the others, it seems Technique is the easiest to master, but perfecting that ability will require a huge amount of time.” Theo shared his opinion.

“That’s right. The greatest genius in Technique created a Divine Ability when he was only a Hero Rank Expert three hundred years ago.”

“I see. I got it.” Theo nodded.

While they were talking about Technique, there was a visitor in front of his mansion. She was none other than Maya.

“Alright. Let’s meet him.” Maya nodded with a firm expression.


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