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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1175: End of the Battle Bahasa Indonesia


When everyone thought Joker was cut, the latter actually surpassed their imagination by using his Guardian Sword. Just like his artifact that could change shape, the Guardian Sword turned into a shield that blocked that quick draw.

The sword itself was Gin’s idea and the concept came from the God Killing Spear. It wasn’t his original. Theo made this technique Original by infusing his will into the sword. In other words, for him, the perfect technique for this ability was the shapeshifting ability that could match his own strength.

‘It seems that I need to change its name…’ Theo smiled. Since the name came up on a fly, he hadn’t put deep thought into its name. So, he was grateful to Sojuro for making him realize the ability he wanted.

With his Perfect Control, he manipulated the form. From its shield form, it changed again to a spear.

‘Everything has its own purpose. A sword can cut and stab, but as expected, the one that is used to be thrown was a javelin. Still, he wasn’t that adept at using a javelin, so he shaped it into a spear, a thin spear.

Sojuro was startled when he saw that transformation and immediately leaped back. However, the spear followed him and struck him.

He managed to block it with his blade, but the spear suddenly became elastic, turning into a chain. The chain looped around Sojuro, trying to capture him.

Sojuro spun his body again, trying to cut it down. However, the chain turned its shape again.

“What is this ability? It doesn’t have a form? No, it’s like a slime that can be shaped into all kinds of stuff. There’s such a versatile technique like this?” Rea muttered in shock. She realized why her father told her that this ability had the potential to become a Divine Technique.

An ability to control the Magic Power to become as solid as metal and as elastic as rubber. The moment Theo perfected this technique, it might truly become a Divine Technique.

“That naming stuff is within my expectation, but this is beyond my imagination. Truly… marvelous.” The Sword Saint muttered in a low voice, observing Theo’s skill. “Even your brother might be defeated… and it won’t be too long either.”

Ryoichi had been listening to their conversation the whole time. He looked at Theo while remembering the words Theo said to him.

‘He is truly amazing. With enough time, he might become stronger than me. And such a person is recruiting me… Investing in me, huh… I think it’s the other way around. He’s actually investing in his own future.’ Ryoichi lowered his head, staring at his palm. His vision glitched as a bloodied hand replaced his clean hand.

It truly reminded him of the event in the past.

‘Can I even do it? I thought I’d given up in this life…’ He bit his lips. The only reason he hadn’t committed suicide to meet his family again was simply because of the promise. ‘I have promised them to keep living on and never harm anyone anymore… Are you trying to give me another purpose to live, Joker?’

Ryoichi had a dilemma when he watched this battle.

On the contrary, Theo started overwhelming Sojuro with this newfound technique. He had a fun time changing its shape according to their own purpose. He blocked with a shield, slashed with a sword and tied one up with a chain.



Sojuro started getting tired as his mind couldn’t keep up with all this transformation. Each of them excelled in one thing, and Theo utilized their full potential, making it hard for him to counterattack. In fact, Theo hadn’t taken another step from his position again.

‘So, this is Joker.’ Sojuro tried to regain some distance but to no avail. If only the arena was a bit bigger, he should be able to get some time to think of another way. However, they couldn’t choose the battlefield, so he needed to overcome his weakness.

However, Theo’s ability was simply too versatile. In fact, Theo’s versatility might be his biggest strength this whole time.

‘I don’t even have time to sheathe my sword, and he is predicting my movement. No way, Perfect Control and Prediction Eyes… If the Prediction Eyes becomes the Future Eyes, he might be able to completely read my moves. How old is he?’ Sojuro gritted his teeth.

Suddenly, the sword turned into a huge bell. Its size was so big that it could trap a few adults inside.

And Theo used it to trap Sojuro inside.

Of course, even Theo would have a hard time concentrating his power like this, making the bell brittle. Sojuro took this opportunity to cut the bell into two, making it return to its original state, the Magic Power.

However, Theo’s real intention was to use this bell to cover Sojuro’s eyes for a second. He used that one second to come closer to Sojuro.

Sojuro could feel the fluctuation, so the moment he cut down the bell, he waved his sword toward the fluctuation since he knew Theo was there.


Their swords clashed again before Sojuro noticed something off.

‘Wait a minute… Since when is his sword filled with that Magic Power?’ Sojuro saw that Theo’s sword was actually forged from Magic Power. Of course, he could see it because Theo didn’t dare to use his Order to create a perfect replica to fool him.

Still, there was one question in his mind. ‘If that’s not the real sword, then where is…’

He lowered his vision and saw a sword planted on the ground.

Without hesitation, Theo pulled that sword and struck Sojuro’s neck.

‘I’ve lost…’ Sojuro understood Theo’s plan and closed his eyes, admitting his defeat inwardly.

“Alright. That’s enough.” The Sword Saint appeared between them and grabbed Theo’s real sword with his bare hand. Just like Sojuro’s, his hand felt like a sword that was impossible to cut.

Theo glared at the Sword Saint without saying anything. Still, the Sword Saint could hear the words he wanted to say.

‘Are you going to be shameless and take back your promise?’

“Joker won this battle.” The Sword Saint smiled. “Congratulations. You must be happy that now you have my daughter.”

‘Who the fuck wants your daughter?’ Theo’s eyebrows twitched, albeit he couldn’t say it aloud.


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