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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1174: Name Bahasa Indonesia

Sojuro was blown away because he couldn’t react to Theo’s Invisible Vortex. Perfect Control truly surpassed anything below it.

“Even if you have Divine Technique, you can’t utilize its full power.” Theo shook his head helplessly.

“Of course, I know that!” Sojuro gritted his teeth while holding his sword. It seemed he managed to grab his sword before Theo knocked him away.

Theo also had Divine Technique. Although he didn’t know much about Divine Technique, he still knew that an Original Technique and Divine Technique were perfectly tailored for the one that created it. Other people who could use it wouldn’t be able to use it to its fullest potential because they were not the same person.

Just like Wind Emperor’s Ascension Step, Theo couldn’t utilize its power properly. If it was the Wind Emperor, he would have used his Authority to amplify the wind power. The Thunderclap Fist was the same. He could only use the Invisible Vortex simply because that technique was tailored for Perfect Control instead of the Dark King.

Even the sword strike that could cut everything was only possible because the Sword Saint had his Authority.

And Sojuro was already aware of it from both knowledge and experience. It was impossible to use this ability because it never belonged to him.

Because of that, Theo’s words didn’t hit his sore spot as he continued focusing on Theo, planning to cut him down. This time, with his own technique.

“Fu…” He took a deep breath as his expression became colder. He looked at Theo with a serious expression.

Theo suddenly felt something was wrong with the air in Sojuro’s surroundings. The airflow actually stopped for a moment as Sojuro waved his sword. It was as if the air was allowing him to cut something without any friction with the air.

The slash released powerful crescent-shaped energy that ran through the ground like that of a bullet. It was so fast that Theo had barely any time to react.

Luckily, his Awareness had reached Prediction Eyes. If not, he wouldn’t be able to see through this attack and avoid it by jumping to the side.

“You move now.” Sojuro smirked, satisfied.

“Ah!” Rea came to a realization. She just realized that Theo might have used a kick or two, but he hadn’t moved from his position. She couldn’t help but say, “So, he beats you to a pulp without taking a step?”

There was another feeling creeping in Rea’s heart as if another wall, higher than the ones she had, rose.

It turned out there was another person in their generation whose strength was beyond their imagination.

However, she also saw the smile on her brother’s face.

‘How can you smile when you’re at this kind of disadvantage… even with this disparity between you?’ Perplexed, Rea thought before remembering what her father had said earlier. She needed to watch this match carefully. ‘Did Father know this would happen before the fight?’

No one answered it as the match continued.

Because of what Sojuro said earlier, Theo released a bit more of his power.

While covering his blade with the Thunderclap Fist, Theo leaped to Sojuro and struck his blade.

Upon contact, the blade cut through the Thunderclap Fist before it exploded. However, Theo realized that Sojuro couldn’t use the same thing in a row.

So, this was the moment the Invisible Vortex was released. Just like how the Dark King used it, Theo created the shock wave in front of Sojuro’s stomach.

“Gah!” Sojuro coughed, feeling as if a truck had hit him. He gritted his teeth while pushing his body forward, resisting the force that wanted to blow him away.

When looking at Sojuro’s face, Theo muttered inwardly. ‘A name, huh… It’s a sword inspired by the God Killing Spear. This sword will accompany me around to become my third hand that can attack and block… I guess I should name it Guardian Sword.’

As Sojuro said earlier, the moment he named it, there was a change in his mind. Just by uttering those two words in his mind, an image appeared.

‘So, that’s how it is… It seems I need to learn a bit about Technique here.’ Theo took a deep breath.

The moment Sojuro raised his head, a sword appeared above Theo’s head.

Without hesitation, Sojuro took a leap back because the sword also moved at the same time, hitting him.

He struck the blade with the same ability, but he soon realized something was different. “Huh? I can’t cut it?!”

The power inside the sword was concentrated on the tip of the sword, making it hard for Sojuro to cut it down.

“Concentrated power… No… He is pushing the Magic Power to the tip, making it regenerate the Magic Power that is cut constantly.” Sojuro gritted his teeth, knowing it was impossible to cut this sword down.

Ultimately, he leaped back to avoid this sword.

“How? That’s the effect of the name? Have you named the ability?” Sojuro asked.

“Name? Is that the effect of a name? I have never seen such an impact just from having a name.” Rea muttered in shock.

Her father heard it and smiled as he said, “That’s a given. After all, that technique… has the potential to become a Divine Technique.”

“Huh? He has Perfect Control, and his technique is already at the level of Divine Technique?” Rea gasped. “But he didn’t even know the importance of the name a moment ago?”

“I only said the potential… He needed a lot to learn and experiment to perfect that technique. And I’m now regretting sending you to him… I just want to snatch him right away. Such a talent…” The Sword Saint paused for a moment as if thinking about another thing.

Rea was shaken because she realized that Theo had a talent that far surpassed her brother.

“Don’t worry. Your brother won’t go down that easily. After all, your brother hasn’t used his specialty yet.” The Sword Saint smiled.

Just like what he said, Sojuro leaped back to regain some distance before sheathing his sword. “You’re strong. Since Pops… I mean, my father is going to stop us. I’m going with the intention to kill since I know I can’t do anything to you without doing so. Be careful, Joker. You might lose your life.”

Theo’s expression turned grim as he could feel something different when he sheathed that sword.

However, Sojuro soon disappeared as his movement became even faster. “Drawing Sword Style…”

“!!!” It was so fast that Theo reacted a bit too late. The next thing he realized, Sojuro had already appeared before him, drawing his sword.

“Untraced Blade.”

The drawing speed was so fast that even Jeff shouted, seeing the sword had been sheathed. “Joker!”



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