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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1123: Exposed Bahasa Indonesia

“I want to meet the Time God.” Theo stated with a firm tone. This was the request that he stated the moment he reached Bernard’s room.

Bernard closed his eyes. Even he had expected this request to come.

“That’s…” Bernard scratched the back of his head before sighing. “I’ll do my best. Only the president knows how to contact him because he often disappears, creating mess here and there.”

“That’s what you should do.” Theo slammed the table in front of him while glaring at Bernard. “Don’t forget that I almost died because of your lack of information. If the frost giant didn’t help me, I would have died. Do you think this matter is as simple as you think?”

Bernard closed his eyes, letting Theo insult him or whatever. After all, Theo had that right. No one would have expected that the Fist Saint would personally visit their target.

“I have no excuses.” Bernard let out a long sigh. “I’ll try to persuade the president to allow you to meet the Time God. Before that, I want to discuss three things with you.”

When Bernard was about to explain the reason he called Theo here, his Skylink rang, notifying him of a call.

“Speaking of the devil, the president is calling me.” He made a wry smile as he scratched the back of his head. He accepted the call and asked, “Hello, Mr. President. Do you need anything from me?”

“No. I’m calling you because Joker has returned from the expedition. It seems that the Time God wants to meet him… Do you think he has time to meet me?”

“…” Bernard opened his mouth in shock as he looked at the Skylink on his wrist in disbelief. His eyebrows were twitching as he never thought that the president would be the first one to call him.

“Actually, Joker is with me right now. He’s expressed his will to meet the Time God before you call me actually.”

“For real?” The president was certainly startled as he never expected that the two had desired to meet each other.

However, Theo couldn’t feel happy when his wish was fulfilled. The reason why he wanted to meet the Time God was to receive his help. He didn’t know how much time he had right now, considering he had shown himself to the Fist Saint.

But the Time God actually expressed his will to meet him first. It reeked of schemes.

Theo clenched his fists and squinted his eyes, falling into deep thought.

While he was pondering whether to recall his wish or not, Bernard had come to him and handed him the Skylink. “You’ve fallen into deep thought again? I’ve called you a few times… Well, that’s not important. It seems the Time God is in the white house right now, and he wants to talk with you.”

Theo furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the Skylink for a moment, hesitating. After a while, Theo finally grabbed the Skylink and put it right next to his ears.

“Hello, this is Joker.”

A deep, energetic voice resounded from the Skylink. “I can finally talk to you, Joker… No, should I call you Theodore Griffith?”

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes in disbelief as he never expected that someone could recognize his real identity.

“What?! Theodore Griffith?”

There was another voice coming from the Skylink, but it was low, showing the one who said it was actually far away from the caller.

Suddenly, that voice turned silent as the deep voice continued, “Haha. Do you want to know why I know about your identity? It’s simple. The skill you showed against Winston, I know it’s your illusion. There is only one person who is as strong as you and affiliates yourself with the Star Group… Theodore Griffith.”

Theo frowned when he said the power he showed was an illusion, but he didn’t care about correcting him. After all, as long as he didn’t admit it, there was no proof of his identity.

However, the person behind the call seemed to have another sense of humor as he said, “Well, that’s a joke. It’s not an illusion, and I know it. It’s impossible to see it through the camera, but you’ve truly exposed yourself. Even if you don’t admit you are Theodore Griffith, you can’t deny your identity as the Reality King.”

As expected, that statement was too shocking. The president couldn’t help but react. “Reality King? But that kind of title is something that the monsters would grant? And you need to have an Order to be called like that? Wait… He actually has that kind of power?”

Theo’s expression darkened. Joker’s identity could be exposed since he could counter it with another thing, but he never expected that the caller would know his identity as the Reality King.

No one in this country was supposed to know his identity as the Reality King. Yet, this person who called himself the Time God seemed to know everything about him.

Even he didn’t understand what was going on.

Without him realizing it, Theo’s eyes were emanating bloodlust as if he wanted to kill this person to stop the information spread. However, he soon let out a long sigh, knowing it was impossible to fight against the Time God with his current strength.

“What do you want?” Theo asked with a cold tone.

“You didn’t deny or ask anything… I guess you understood how I could deduct your identity. Well, your guess is correct… I’ll tell you in detail later, but I just want to say this. Come and meet me. You won’t regret it.”


“Come to the white house with that Bernard over there. The president will guide you to my place.”

“Wow. So you can even order the president?” Theo harrumphed, trying to pry more reaction from him.

However, the Time God didn’t seem to care about it as he replied, “Haha. This is not an order. He wants to do it even if I don’t ask about it. So, how is it? If you want to meet me, come to the white house in three days. I just want to talk with you privately… what do you think?”

Theo hesitated for a moment, thinking about the pros and cons. “Fine. Let’s talk.”

Despite how suspicious the Time God was, Theo had no choice other than accept his invitation.


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