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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1124: Time God Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you sure about this?” Felix furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Theo with a worried expression. “After all, you’re going to meet the strongest person in the world.”

“It’s fine.” Theo waved his hand. “He seems to have everything he needs to kill me, but the fact that he hasn’t done it means he’s only planning to talk.”

Felix was accompanying him to the White House with Bernard and his wife. Considering Stella was a Mythical Rank Expert, it seemed Bernard had asked her for protection instead of Patrick.

All four of them entered the White House through the normal procedure to meet the president.

After the guards confiscated their weapons, five Mythical Rank Experts accompanied them to make sure no one could do anything to the president. Each of them looked imposing.

Although he had confidence in Felix’s power, he thought Felix might probably have his hand full with just taking one of them. No wonder they guarded one of the most important people in this world.

“Mr. President. The guests are here.” One of the bodyguards knocked on the door.

“Let them in.”

As soon as he got the confirmation, he opened the door and revealed the office where the president worked.

However, none of the items inside the office took their attention because there was a man standing on the opposite side of the room, looking at them with a confident smile.

Half of his hair had turned white and his face was filled with wrinkles. However, his body seemed to have possessed a strong vitality that made him look younger than he actually looked.

“Welcome, welcome.” He spread his arms with a smile.

Without hesitation, the president even walked toward the door to greet them.

The guards looked at his action carefully to make sure no one did anything. Even though Bernard had a huge reputation in the US, they couldn’t lower their guard.

“Bernard. Thank you for your help. Without you, I won’t be able to clean up this mess.” The president smiled and patted Bernard’s shoulders. After that, he shook Theo’s hand up and down for so long as if he was refusing to let go. “Young man, I’m truly thankful for what you’ve done for the country.”

“I’m not doing it for the country.” Theo shook his head while glancing at the guards to see their reactions.

The guards seemed to be dissatisfied with his answer even though they still maintained their poker faces.

“Haha.” The president laughed before saying, “As much as I want to greet you properly, I can’t waste too much time. Without further ado, except Joker and Bernard, I want all of you to leave this room.”

“What? But…” The guards furrowed their eyebrows. Guarding the president had become even more complex because of this power. The enemy didn’t need to carry a hidden weapon because their raw strength alone could kill him in an instant. That was why they never wanted the president to be alone.

However, everything changed when a middle-aged man’s voice echoed in their ears.

“That’s right. You all can leave because the four of us will have a talk.” A middle-aged man suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Stella and Felix widened their eyes while the other guards took out their weapons. “Who are y—”

Before they finished their sentence, they recognized this face. The middle-aged man had brown hair and a thin beard. He was six-foot-tall, making him the tallest among them. His muscular body made him look even bigger.

“Sir Time God.”

“That’s right. With me here, do you still think anyone can hurt the president? Only me can hurt him in this room, and if I want to do it, no one can stop me. So, go back.” The middle-aged man smiled and waved his hand.

“Enough. All of you are dismissed.” The president sighed and ordered his bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Theo nodded his head to Felix, asking him to leave them alone.

It seemed Bernard also signaled his wife to leave.

“Then…” The guard closed the door after checking the situation one more time.

As soon as they closed the door, the middle-aged man opened his mouth. “Well, this is the first time we’ve met… Let’s not be tense. Right, we should chill down here.”

He nonchalantly walked toward the sofa on his left and took a seat, acting like this was his home.

The president then turned to Theo and smiled, “To think that you’re Theodore Griffith. It blew my mind when he revealed your identity.”

“Huh?” Bernard widened his eyes, never expecting that the president would mention Theo’s real name. He didn’t know about their talk yesterday, so he wasn’t aware that Theo’s identity was already exposed.

“Don’t worry. Only the people in this room know about your real identity. I guarantee you that I won’t sell you out… After all, you were the one preventing the tragedy that might befall hundreds of millions of people.” The president put on a gentle smile.

Despite this smile, Theo furrowed his eyebrows. He was wondering if that was what he truly felt or just a figure of speech.

It seemed after you played in politics, you could easily mask your real thoughts from everyone, he thought.

“Though, I never thought the Fist Saint would appear there.” Theo gave a remark, blaming the event on Bernard and the president.

“Ahaha…” The president had a wry smile. “Well, we can talk about it later. How about taking a seat first?”

Theo glanced at the sofa and found the Time God patting the spot next to him, wanting him to sit there.

“…” Theo still felt suspicious about this guy, so he ended up sitting on the corner of the sofa.

And the Time God didn’t seem to be planning to leave him alone as he immediately moved closer.

“…” Theo looked at him with a weird expression, thinking he might be gay.

However, the Time God leaned his head toward him and whispered to his ears. “Have you heard about the bootstrap paradox?”


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