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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1020: Progress Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1020 Progress

“Size does matter.” Theo smirked and looked down on the wolves. When he was about to swing his sword, he saw the wolves disperse, surrounding him from all directions. They were aiming for his big feet since they would be easy to bite.

In that instant, Theo stopped using his Metamorphosis and turned back to his small size, making the wolves hit each other.

After that, Theo used his Telekinesis to grab the sword he had let go of earlier and waved it, releasing several sword lights.

The lights split and rained them down.

One of the wolves let out a howl while the others formed a barrier to protect him. The sound wave destroyed all the sword lights in one direction, allowing the wolves to escape from it.

However, Theo didn’t want to let this chance go. The moment they turned around to make a run, the Blink Skill teleported him to the top of the wolf.

Because the wolf was the last guy from the group, no one could help him since turning around meant the sword lights would kill them.

The target decided to stop and turn around, sweeping Theo with his paw.

Theo blocked the paw normally but ended up getting blown away.

Noticing the amount of power put in that hit, Theo controlled the remaining sword lights to move toward this wolf, executing it.

“There are only four left.” Theo raised his vision, glaring at the wolves, who got angrier as time passed. Still, he looked at his hands and muttered, “The swipe is quite powerful. If not because of my Supernatural Snake Body, my hands will be numb for a while.”

While Theo was assessing his condition, the wolves decided to charge forward, trying to pounce on him.

However, Theo summoned his Death Avatar again and grabbed two wolves.

With this, Theo only needed to deal with the other two wolves. There was no need to fear anymore.

Theo tossed his sword into the air and raised both hands, touching their paws. Before the impact was transmitted from the wolves’ paws to his hands, Theo used his Blink, carrying both of the wolves to the top of the other two wolves.

The Death Avatar also disappeared, letting go of the two wolves.

Unfortunately for them, with two wolves’ paws coming directly to them, they had no way to escape.

Theo used his Metamorphosis to become an ant, letting their paws hit their own friends.


The smack was so strong that the two wolves banged their heads to the ground, creating a small crack on the ground.

At the same time, the sword that he tossed earlier had fallen right on top of him. Theo hurriedly returned to his human form and sliced the two wolves on the ground, killing them.

As for the other two that he teleported with Blink, the Death Avatar smacked them this time, allowing Theo to kill them in a few seconds.

[Killed a Three-Colored Wolf.]


Theo glanced at the notification before letting out a sigh.

“Well, it only took four minutes to finish… It’s quite fast, considering I’m alone.” Theo sighed out of relief. “I might be able to reach level 600 before the time is up. Though, it’s going to be painful.

“First of all, the only reason I could end the fight fast was due to the Blink, Telekinesis, and Metamorphosis Skills. The Blink created an opportunity, the Telekinesis controlled the situation, and the Metamorphosis overpowered them.

“Still, the Magic Power consumption is so big. I won’t be able to maintain that giant body for more than 45 minutes. It looks like I can last for a long time, but I still need to fight against hundreds of monsters afterward to increase my level. There’s no way this is enough.

“Even though it’s powerful, I need to let go of my body armor and weapon since they can’t expand. I will just destroy them with my size… Though, my Clone should be able to ignore the weakness. It’s just my clone is working on another stuff right now.

“Anyway…” Theo fell silent while looking at the corpses around him. “It’s possible to level up fast, but I need to exhaust my Magic Power many times. I need to be more reckless and use everything to kill the enemies as soon as possible. After that, I will recover the Magic Power.

“This method will be the same as me dying over and over again. But I think this is worth the try. I should be thankful that I learned a breathing technique in the past few months. It will help me recover my Magic Power since I should be approaching the Innate Regeneration Phase soon.”

“And when I can use my clone again… I can’t imagine the possibility of leveling even faster. If only Ava and Agata were here… no one would believe my leveling speed.” Theo smirked.

After confirming his pattern of victory, Theo used his Telekinesis to gather the corpses and turn them into cards.

He then continued forward, killing as many monsters as possible. He focused on killing the monsters in the surrounding area first because he knew no one would aim at the leader anytime soon.

There was no way the troll would have no bodyguard to protect him. So, they needed to thin the number first.

Hence, Theo didn’t need to rush when making his way toward the deepest region.

His level gradually increased due to his effort, but his mental health deteriorated soon. Because of the constant exhaustion, Theo’s mind was tired.

This was different from getting tortured by his own Death Avatar. This hunt exhausted both body and mind at the same time.

His face gradually became pale, and a black bag soon appeared under his eyes. But despite his condition, he still pushed forward, knowing he could recover from this situation after resting in the Star Group’s hotel.

As long as he maintained good enough conditions for his fight against the troll, he should have no problem in this mission.

Or so he thought as he finally met the first problem after hunting in this savanna for 50 days.


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