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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1019: Size Does Matter Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1019 Size Does Matter

A few days later.

Theo arrived at the hotel, the place he was supposed to protect. Since it was the Star Group hotel, the entrance was basically the same.

He stood in front of the camera while presenting the Star Badge, signifying he was a person from the same side.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man came out and asked, “Do you have an appointment?”

“I have, but it’s going to be in two months. I’m here to participate in the subjugation.” Theo shook his head, explaining the real reason he came here.

“I see.” The middle-aged man then opened his Skylink and asked, “Your name and proof of you accepting the mission.”

“Joker.” Theo replied while giving him the proof.

After confirming Joker’s identity, he nodded and pointed at the west. “Six miles from here, you will enter his area. We don’t know where he is hiding, but the guess is the deepest region. I’m going to give you the detailed map.”

Theo thanked him while handing the Skylink before asking, “How many people have come here?”

“There were already 39 people before you. There should be more coming soon. Just to let you know that no Mythical Rank Experts will come out to help you.”

“I know that.” Theo nodded while receiving the map. “Okay. That’s all I want to know. Thank you.”

The middle-aged man nodded his head and returned inside, not waiting for Theo to leave.

Theo then leaped away according to the guy’s instruction while looking at the map.

The region seemed to be dominated by savanna, making it hard for him to silently kill a monster.

“Hmm… In front of me is a region filled with Supreme Rank Monsters. It’s going to be dangerous, especially since I don’t have a clone supporting me. However, with Order and these A Rank Skills, I should be able to kill the troll by myself.

“The problem is my leveling speed. I’m fully aware of how hard it is to level up now that I’m alone… One level every two days? In that case, I will only get 30 levels in two months.” Theo narrowed his eyes, wondering how he should do this.

In the end, Theo shook his head and immediately headed to the savanna, not bothering with the thought. He wanted to try his current skill first to check his leveling speed.

As soon as he reached the savanna, a few monsters entered his vision. The monsters looked like wolves but without fur. Their height was three times Theo’s height and their eyes seemed to be looking around as though they noticed his presence.

The wolf had a blue and red tail with a yellow stripe on its body, making it look unique.

From these seven wolves, he found out that all of them were Rare Class Monsters who had opened their wisdom.

It would make the situation even harsher.

‘Can I fight against seven Rare Class Monsters by myself?’ Theo squinted his eyes while looking around, making sure there was no monster hiding nearby.

Surprisingly, the wolves suddenly turned their heads and looked at the tree where Theo hid.

“Aooo!” One of them let out a howl before all seven of them charged forward.

‘What? They can find me? I don’t make a noise and… Wait a minute. Are they picking up my Awareness? Can they sense my Awareness? I did expand it, but… is that even possible?’ Theo was shocked for a moment before he leaped away.

The first wolf smashed the tree with its paw, allowing the others to find Theo.

“Screw it. Come here.” Theo clicked his tongue and summoned his Death Avatar since it was the only one that could compare to their size.

Purple flames suddenly covered their eyes as Theo utilized the Death Eyes.

A small shock wave shook the area as the killing intent struck the wolves’ minds.

They froze for a second, allowing Theo to take out his blade and send a sword wave.

But before the sword wave hit one of them, they recovered. The target smacked the sword wave, obliterating it.

‘That’s too quick.’ Theo looked to the right and left, surrounded by a pair of wolves from the two sides. This way, he only had one direction to go.

Still, Theo wasn’t scared.

He used his Blink to teleport himself to the right side. Instead of getting surrounded, Theo took this opportunity to fight two of them without any interruption. With their speed and distance, the other five wolves shouldn’t be able to help the pair on the right side.

“!!!” The wolves were taken aback but immediately chased after Theo, trying to help the pair.

Meanwhile, the latter turned around and swiped their paw, trying to smack Theo to death.


A thunderclap echoed as the shock wave from Theo’s punch blew away the paw. After that, he raised his sword and released a sword wave.

The other wolf created a barrier from the Magic Power to protect him, but Theo’s Control split the sword wave into fives and spread it to all directions, grazing the wolf in a few spots.

“Tsk. It’s bigger than I thought…” Theo muttered before using his Telekinesis to fly to the side.

The three wolves from the middle had arrived and almost killed him with their claws. However, Theo skillfully avoided them and even counterattacked.


Suddenly, Theo’s body was enveloped by a green light as it gradually expanded. The height reached 50 feet.

And because the blue artifact couldn’t keep up with the transformation, the small sword dropped to the ground. Only the Death Armor expanded itself and turned into his clothes. It was truly convenient.

After that, Theo formed a blue sword from Magic Power while looking down on the wolves since he was bigger now.

He covered the sword with Magic Augmentation and smacked the two wolves.

The two wolves were daring enough to stop his sword with their claws, but because of the difference in stature as well as the amount of Magic Power in the Magic Augmentation, the sword overwhelmed them, cutting both of their bodies.

‘Your size can indeed make you stronger…’ Theo muttered inwardly.


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