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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1018: 3rd and 7th Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1018 3rd and 7th

The next day.

Theo stood in front of the mansion while distributing everyone’s tasks. He would go for a long time, so he needed to properly take care of this matter.

“Isaac. Your job is to prepare any materials regarding Atlantis. I have sent you the location where we will meet in three months.”

“Yep. I’ll take care of it. You want me to tell Mark and Maya too, right?”

“Yeah. I have promised to go with them, so I’m gonna fulfill it.” Theo shrugged.

“Don’t worry. I will take care of everything. Now that there are no more threats going on, I can focus on this matter.” Isaac nodded with a smile, puffing his chest. His tired face had disappeared.

Although the trauma was still in his heart, he already acted like normal.

“Okay.” Theo then turned to Millie. “As for you, keep getting stronger for now. Also, I want you to prepare a few names to investigate. What I want is a shield user, a magician, and an enchanter. Search for these three, okay?”

“Yes. I will do my best. Although my skill can only get their general information, I can provide a few names that suit your description.” Millie nodded furiously. “I’ll be useful to repay my savior.”

“Haha.” Theo chuckled before finally turning his head to Felix. “There is something I want you to do.”

“What is that?”

“Write me a book about the uniqueness of Australia. I want to learn more about them.”

“Is that all?” Felix tilted his head in confusion. He thought the matter would be serious. Although he wasn’t good at writing a book, making a note here and there should be easy for him.

“Yeah. That’s all I want to say.” Theo waved his hand to them before leaving the mansion. “Alright. See you guys in three months.”

His personal driver immediately started the car and headed straight to the portal.

Although the special request could be considered a mission, Theo decided to get another mission from the Star Group as well as signing up for the Star Group’s hotel.

After all, this would be a long journey that was going to be quite exhausting.

The moment he arrived at the other side, Theo immediately left the city and headed northeast. His mission from the Star Group involved a lot of killing, so he was quite excited to increase his strength even more.

He only had two years left before he needed to go back to Italy, fulfilling the promise he had with Agata.

So, he needed to get the remaining 200 levels in two years, which was quite hard. And his clone couldn’t help him for the time being, making it even harder.

Hence, the mission Theo picked this time was the extermination of a General Class Monster that was said to be terrorizing the hotel.

Mission: Troll Extermination

Description: The General Class Troll has been expanding his domain. It will reach the hotel’s area within a year, so participants are required to kill it.

Reward: 250,000,000 Zils and 1,250,000,000 Star Points.

The troll itself had yet to reach the Mythical Rank Expert, so this should be the perfect enemy for the current him.

Little did he know, Bernard faced another problem on the other side.

He was currently sitting in his office like the usual day, but everything changed when he received a call.

The ringing sound echoed in his ears, and Bernard picked the Skylink nonchalantly, only to furrow his eyebrows when he saw the name.

He immediately picked up the call and asked, “Hello. It’s my honor to receive a call from you, Mr. President. May I know how I can help you?”

“Oh, boy… You don’t know how happy I was when I rode a Mythical Rank Monster. No one knew my happiness.”

“…” Bernard fell silent for a moment. These two were their codes to talk about the World Class Monster. And the last sentence basically told him that the line was secure. “Joker has gone to the other side.”

“I’m sorry, Bernard. There’s something you need to know regarding this matter. It seems we have underestimated them…”

“What do you mean?”

“I have just received news about the two top 10 experts that would participate in this hunt.”

“And who are they?”

“Ranked 3rd, Death Reaper, and ranked 7th, Fist Saint.”

“The psychopath and the martial brain… I should have known they’re the ones participating.” Bernard gritted his teeth. “I know that old hag is crazy, but not to this extent. If their plan succeeds, the old hag can harvest the death of the frost giant. If they fail, the old hag can harvest the souls of millions of people.”

“Yes. That’s what I think too… I’m tracking her position right now. At the very least, she still remains in North Britain. But Anwar has left Egypt.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“This is the reason why I call you.”

“Anwar Hadad. He rose through ranks with his metal affinity and became the strongest man on Earth at the age of 100… His Endurance is so powerful that no one can penetrate his defense. And he always seeks strong opponents…

“Twenty years ago, he challenged the former 7th rank and defeated him without a single injury,” Bernard recalled the information about him while sighing. “Where is he now?”

“I’m not sure. He might have arrived in this country, but who knows… My men are searching for him right now.”

“Do you know what it means to arrive in this country?”

“Of course. Their plan might have finished because Anwar has a short temper. We need to speed up things.”

“Impossible. I don’t have any means to call Joker.”

“We need to make a sacrifice.”

Bernard fell silent for a moment while gritting his teeth. “Are you asking me to send more of my people to their death?”

“There’s no other way. I will also send a few people from my side to assist you. I want you to delay their plan as long as possible.”

Bernard was gnashing his teeth. He had sacrificed so much for this problem.

“Time God has agreed to help me kill at least one of them. As long as we win, we can eliminate them.”

“What? Ranked 1st… Time God…” Bernard widened his eyes in shock, never expecting the president to be able to get his help.

“The power balance is going to shift soon. If you help me, I promise I will pay you back in the future. Please don’t let a blood river flow on American soil.”


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