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God Level Demon – Chapter 99 Bahasa Indonesia

99 – 8th Layer Martial Apprentice!

“System, how much hate points do I have now?”

Xia Ping asked thusly. Although he spent a lot of hate points before. But at the same time, he gained a lot after he coming to Savage Beast Island. All in all, his hate points should have increased significantly.

“The host currently has a total of 12,350 hate points.” The system replied.

Xia Ping stroked his chin. Unexpectedly, his hate points exceeded 10,000. But most of the hate points should have come from the gangsters. This level of hatred is generally really difficult to generate.

“That was really great. Surprisingly, I got so many hate points.” Xia Ping smiled. However, although there’s a lot of hate points now, but they will disappear in the blink of an eye.

“Forget it, let’s go back to the cave first. With the Bloodfruits, it’ll be easy for me to break through to the 8th layer Martial Apprentice realm. I’ll settle accounts with the gangster at that time.”

With a whoosh, Xia Ping moved forward quickly. He used some tricks along the way to prevent the gangsters from tracking him. After going around in circles several times, he finally returned to the cave.

By this time, the sky was already dark.

“Xia Ping!”

When they heard noise outside the cave, Jiang Yaru and company were alarmed. But they soon found that the person who came to the cave was Xia Ping and were immediately pleasantly surprised.

“Xia Ping, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“How about the gangsters? Did they hurt you?”

“You were gone for so long that we thought something happened to you. Fortunately, you came back.”

The girls chirped and looked at Xia Ping with great worry.

“I’m fine. I just went to investigate, I didn’t fight the gangsters.”

Xia Ping waved his hand and expressed that he is fine: “However, the trip was quite fruitful. I found that there were about 23 gangsters and all of them are at least at the 8th layer.”

“Moreover, they have a large number of excellent weapons, such as rocket launchers, mortars, grenades, laser guns, and so on. Their firepower is fierce. If an ordinary martial artist approaches them, they will be wiped out.”

The girls were shocked. They knew that the gangsters weren’t simple, but when they heard Xia Ping’s words, they realized how truly formidable the gangsters are.

While equipped with so many weapons, probably even Martial Practitioner realm powerhouses won’t dare to fight them.

“What about the jammer? Did you find out the jammer’s whereabouts?” Jiang Yaru asked.

Xia Ping thought for a moment and said in reply, “It’s on their boss. The gangsters appear to be quite cautious. With the boss carrying it around at all times, it’s impossible to do anything about it.”

“Moreover, the boss’s cultivation base is really formidable. It’s at the pinnacle of the 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm. Furthermore, he is experienced and has beast-like intuition. It’s not so easy to deal with him.”

Although it was just a glance, but he noticed that the aura of the boss of the Band of the Cheetah wasn’t simple. At the same time, he discovered a jammer hanging from the other party’s waist.

The girls’ eyes flickered. If the jammer is with the other party’s boss, that makes thinks even harder. After all, in order to kill the other party’s boss, you have to fight all the gangsters.

“What about other students? Did you find the captured students there?” Chu Rong is concerned about this point.

Xia Ping nodded: “I did see some students. They looked like they were tortured. However, the situation was so dangerous that I paid them no attention. I could only come return.”

Chu Rong and the others were silent. Their hearts sank. Sure enough, there are captured students. But who knows how long they can persist, who knows if they can last until the teachers return to Savage Beast Island.

However, it is not realistic for them to rescue the captured students. The gangsters are too powerful. If they try to save them, they will not only fail, but will throw their lives away, as well. It’s not worth it.

Xia Ping ignored their thoughts and said directly, “Because of today’s ordeal, I benefited a lot and had a sudden flash of insight. I may have a breakthrough today.”

“So I’m going to cultivate in seclusion for the night.”

With that, he turned and walked towards the depths of the cave. The cave is very deep and is linked to many smaller caves, which can be used as a quiet place to cultivate in seclusion for the time being.

“What? You’re going to have a breakthrough?!”

Jiang Yaru was stunned when she heard this. This scoundrel promoted to a 7th layer Martial Apprentice before, yet now he’s going to have a breakthrough? Is he going to break through to the 8th layer Martial Apprentice realm?

God knows how much effort she spent in order to promote to the 7th layer. But for this guy, breakthrough comes as easily as eating and drinking.

“He had a sudden flash of insight, so he’s going to have a breakthrough?” The corner’s of Chu Rong’s mouth twitched involuntarily. Although she isn’t as familiar with Xia Ping as Jiang Yaru, but she was restrained a a breakthrough of Xia Ping.

When she fought him, he was on the verge of breaking through to a 7th layer Martial Apprentice. But shortly after that, he’s going to break through to an 8th layer Martial Apprentice and surpass her?!

She could never have imagined such a thing.

“Awesome. As expected of Xia Ping.”

“To break through thanks to a flash of insight, if that doesn’t make you a genius, than what does?”

“Han Shan and them can’t hold a candle to him.”

“You can’t say that. Han Shan is also a genius. However, Xia Ping is an outrageous prodigy. He’s in a league of his own.”

“He’s just a 7th layer Martial Apprentice, yet he’s this formidable.He swept the floor with the outlaws. If he promotes to an 8th layer Martial Apprentice, it’ll be off the hook. The outlaws won’t stand a chance.”

The girls argued excitedly. Unlike Jiang Yaru and Chu Rong, they thoughts weren’t as complicated. For them, the stronger Xia Ping is, the better. The gangsters won’t dare to run amuck anymore.


At this time, Xia Ping went deep into the cave, found a secret space, sat cross-legged, and took out the three Bloodfruits.

The three heaven and earth fruits, even in this dark space, still radiate red light and emit a queer fragrance, which leaves one’s mind shaken.

Xia Ping consumed the three Bloodfruits without delay. When the Bloodfruits entered the mouth, they immediately turned into a mass of liquid that poured into the stomach and, from there, extended to the rest of the body.


Suddenly, the magnificent energy contained within the three Bloodfruits exploded inside him and, like a warm current, surged along his meridians. The true qi in his body increased wildly. Each cell in his body greedily absorbed the energy.

At the same time, his body turned red and emitted steam from all over, as if he were inside lava. Even the temperature of the surroundings surged and became hot.

“It’s time. Break through.” Xia Ping’s eyes shone brightly. He operated the Pure Yang Everlife Incantation, rapidly refined the magnificent energy, and attacked the eighth meridian.

With a bang, true qi surged like seawater and, like a hot knife through butter, broke through the eighth meridian.

8th layer Martial Apprentice!


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