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God Level Demon – Chapter 100 Bahasa Indonesia

100 – Panicked and at a Complete Loss

The next morning at dawn, Xia Ping opened his eyes and exhaled a breath, which turned substantial like white silk. With a bang, the white breath instantly pierced a large hole into the opposite wall like a sharp arrow.

Just a breath has so much power.

“Amazing. As expected of the Bloodfruits, their effect is astonishing.” After cultivating all night and digesting and absorbing the energy of the three Bloodfruits, Xia Ping felt that he gained great benefits.

Even though he broke through to an 8th layer Martial Apprentice, but the medicinal effect of the three Bloodfruits still wasn’t used up and instead settled all over his body, waiting for him to exploit it once more.

If he can fully digest this energy, even breaking through to the pinnacle 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm won’t be a problem.


At this time, Xia Ping stood up, and his joints rumbled and thundered, showing unparalleled power.

After he promoted to an 8th layer Martial Apprentice, not only did his true qi increase greatly, but even his physique was refined, increasing his strength by a large extent.

He estimates that his punch can now erupt with a force of 20,000 catties, which is far above what ordinary 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm powerhouses are capable of. He can now crush a monster with a punch.

“Huh? Not only strength, but even spirit force increased by a lot?” Xia Ping closed his eyes. He sensed that his Bahui accupoint appears to have been tempered due to the breakthrough.

His spirit force radiated out and spread in all directions. His current range exceeds his previous one by far, reaching 100 meters. Within this range, he can clearly perceive any disturbances.

Allegedly, even powerhouses who just advanced to the Martial Practitioner realm can’t compare to him in terms of spirit force.

“Let’s try my current strength out.”

Xia Ping left the quiet space and walked towards the outside. When he reached the main cave, he found the girls lying on the ground, sleeping soundly.

Besides, the sleeping positions are rather inelegant and indecent. Perhaps because there are only girls around, the girls aren’t really mindful of their appearance. Their clothes are a mess and reveal a lot of fair skin.

Especially the legs, they look really provocative. What an erotic picture.

“Didn’t expect to get such a freebie.” Xia Ping stroked his chin and enjoyed the scenery, in a good mood. He feels like his spirit force has increased by a fraction at this moment.

At this time, the girls appeared to hear footsteps and started to wake up. They looked at Xia Ping with drowsy eyes.

“Xia Ping, is your closed door cultivation over?” Jiang Yaru yawned and stretched herself languidly, revealing her beautiful figure. Her figure is enough to make countless men go crazy. Much like the other girls, she is a little dazed at this time.

“Yeah, it’s over.”

Xia Ping said with a beaming smile. His gaze wandered up and down: “Your taste in clothes is pretty good. However, lace panties would be better. The sense of transparency they give off is more enticing. Of course, I also like your patterned panties. They look really cute.”

He praised secretly. She is indeed a beauty standing above all other girls from 95th High School, a beauty that makes countless boys go crazy. With those looks and that body, school beauty is not an empty title.

“Humph, you won’t get anywhere by praising me.” When she heard Xia Ping’s first sentence, Jiang Yaru was in a good mood. She snorted a couple of times, thinking that this guy is flattering her.

But when she heard the rest of his words, her expression changed. How does the scoundrel know that the panties are patterned? She looked down subconsciously.

She immediately discovered her current circumstances. At some point in time, her pants were pulled down by the girls sleeping next to her, revealing her fair legs.


Jiang Yaru unleashed a deafening cry, blushed like a tomato, and then covered her lower body with her hands in a panic.

But no matter how she tried, she couldn’t block it completely.

“What’s wrong? Is it an enemy attack?” When she heard the scream, Chu Rong woke up, as well. She jumped up subconsciously and looked around vigilantly. But she didn’t find the enemy.

However, she soon found that Xia Ping is standing in front of her and was taken aback at once. She recalled that Xia Ping entered closed door cultivation last night and should be coming out today.

“Chu Rong, what are you doing? Get dressed. Don’t let the bastard take advantage of you.” Jiang Yaru grabbed Chu Rong at once, her face flushed. The silly girl has shed a greater part of her clothes.


Chu Rong blushed and screamed, embarrassed and at a complete loss. She hadn’t lost this much face since the match at the martial hall last time. Furthermore, it was in front of this shameless guy.

She hurriedly picked up the clothes on the ground.

“What’s with the noise? Can’t you see that it’s still early? I need my beauty sleep.”

“Yes, don’t you know that fatigue is the natural enemy of beauty?”

“Get up. There’s a guy here. He can see everything.”

“Giggle, so it’s Xia Ping. It doesn’t matter if this guy looks.”

“Exactly. If it’s Xia Ping, it’s all right. I wouldn’t mind rolling in the sheets.”

“Be a bit more reserved, you shameless girls! It’s this early in the morning, yet you’re already in heat!”

The girls turned red in the face and dressed helter-skelter. Some, however, threw Xia Ping flirtatious looks. They don’t seem to care about this at all.

But these girls were restrained by other girls, who threw them their clothes to cover themselves.

“Get out, you shameless man. Get out of here at once.” Angered half to death, faces flushed, Jiang Yaru and Chu Rong hit Xia Ping with clothes and chased the scoundrel out of the cave.

If the shameless man continues to stay here, god knows what will happen. Maybe his beastly instincts will flare up and he will attack the weak girls.

The scoundrel shouldn’t be judged by his usual proper behavior. After all, if he sheds this pretense, he may become a savage.

“What’s the big deal. After all, it’s only a matter of time before we become a couple.” Xia Ping feels that it’s not a big deal to look. Anyway, he won’t drop a piece of meat sandwiched between his chopsticks.

“A matter of time my ass! Get lost at once!” Jiang Yaru went into a rage, picked up a stone the size of a millstone, and threw it.


Xia Ping’s figure flashed, and he dodged deftly. With a bang, the stone hit the ground and split into pieces. Consequently, the ground vibrated and a cloud of dust rose and spread in all directions.

Xia Ping didn’t continue to stay in the cave. If things go on like this, the girls might really flip out.


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