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God Level Demon – Chapter 89 Bahasa Indonesia

89 – Nail-headed Seven Arrow Art

Deep in the jungle, in a cave.

Bang! bang!

Numerous laser beams ejected and bombarded the earth, blasting open holes and crushing rocks.

In just one breath of time, this place was turned into a mess full of billowing yellow smoke.

“Curses, the firepower of those guns is no joke.”

Jiang Yaru has a gloomy expression. She hid in this cave and cannot leave. If she leaves the cave, she will likely be met with a rain of laser beams and even artillery shells.

Xia Ping, Zhu Erqin, Luo Lan, and the other girls from Zhengde High School are also hiding it the cave.

Originally, they wanted to launch a surprise attack against the gangsters. But to their surprise, the gangsters acted really fast. They found their whereabouts at once and unleashed suppressive fire.

The group of students had no choice but to hide in the cave.

“Those gangsters have not only laser guns and grenades, but also rocket launchers and other heavy firearms.” Zhu Erqin said gravely, “Worst of all, they also have a sniper with a nearly flawless hit rate.”

Everyone couldn’t help nodding. The sniper poses great threat. He can snipe them from four or five kilometers away. His accuracy is frighteningly high.

If it wasn’t for Xia Ping highly developed perception of danger and his ability to predict the trajectories of the bullets, two or three of the students would have been killed in an instant.

But even so, they can only hide in the cave. If they go out, the sniper will aim at them and blast their brains out.

“However, hiding in the cave isn’t a solution, either.”

Luo Lan uttered in a deep voice, “The other party has fierce firepower and can slowly approach the cave. When they reach the cave, they can just send someone to throw a powerful grenade into the cave.”

“By then, we will be killed in an instant.”

Jiang Yaru and the others have a dignified expression, They are aware that the reason why the gangsters have unleashed suppressive fire is because they are far away. But once they get close, the students may lose their lives.

However, it is nearly impossible for them to fight back, since the other party is engaging in long-range combat. After all, the students are empty-handed and can’t do anything to the other party.

“Xia Ping, any ideas?” Jiang Yaru turned and looked at Xia Ping.

The other girls also looked at Xia Ping. It can be said that he is their backbone.

“Any ideas?”

Xia Ping stroked his chin. The other party’s sniper rifles, laser guns, grenades, and other weapons indeed pose a great threat. Most importantly, he has no way to engage in long-range combat.

Thinking till here, he willed, “System, do you have any good hidden weapon skills? Ones that can be used to attack the enemy from afar?”


The system’s voice sounded in his head: “There is a cultivation method called Nail-headed Seven Arrow Art. It is a supreme hidden weapon method. When cultivated to the limit, it’s not inferior to Beiming Body Protection Art in terms of power.”

“It uses a unique wrist skill to throw hidden weapons. It is formidable and hard to detect. Even if you just started cultivating it, you’ll be able to kill an enemy from several kilometers away. If you reach the grand completion realm, you’ll be able to slay enemies from across a world and extinguish their souls!”

The corners of Xia Ping’s mouth twitched. This cultivation method sounds really impressive, but can he afford it?

“Indeed, the host can’t afford it for the time being.”

The system is clear about Xia Ping’s financial situation: “But you can purchase the first tome, which costs 2,000 hate points. It is worth the points.”

“Okay, I’ll buy it.” Xia Ping made a quick decision.

This cultivation method is what he needs right now. After learning this hidden weapon method, he will be able to kill enemies even from several kilometers away. As such, he won’t have to fear the guns in the hands of those gangsters.


At this moment, a warm current poured into Xia Ping’s head and countless chants flowed into his mind. His hands moved like butterflies dancing through flowers, and countless afterimages appeared in the air.

In just a few breaths of time, he learned the first tome of Nail-headed Seven Arrow Art.

“Awesome!” Xia Ping could feel that after he learned this cultivation method, the strength in his hands seemed to have doubled. His wrist strength increased even more than that.

With just a flick of a finger, he can catapult a stone several kilometers away. Additionally, if he operates the unique hidden weapon method, the destructive power will be terrifying.

“Xia Ping, what’s the matter with you?” Jiang Yaru asked subconsciously, feeling that Xia Ping’s expression is a little strange.

Xia Ping replied, “It’s nothing. I just want to tell you guys one thing — don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry?!”

The girls blinked their eyes, unable to understand why Xia Ping would say such a thing.

Jiang Yaru asked curiously, “Do you have a way to deal with the gangsters?”

“It’s simple. I’ll go out and kill them all.” Xia Ping answered flatly.

What nonsense!

Jiang Yaru’s nose scrunched up from anger. What kind of bullshit way is this? If the gangsters could be killed that easily, they wouldn’t have to hide in the cave like this.

Furthermore, he wants to kill all the gangsters. He will most likely have his brains blow out by the sniper the moment he leaves the cave.

She looked at Xia Ping angrily.

“You hide here while I’ll go out for a while.”

Xia Ping didn’t explain. With a bang, he smashed a nearby rock with his hand. He grabbed a handful of rock fragments, put them in his pocket, and strode out of the cave just like that.

“Xia Ping, are you crazy?”

Shocked, Jiang Yaru and the other girls wanted to stop him, but it was already too late. Xia Ping quickly left the cave.


Meanwhile, the gangsters were bombarding the cave with laser beams in order to scare Xia Ping and them. They have relaxed expressions on their faces.

The leader of this team is the man with a knife scar. After receiving the boss’s order, the team immediately went to look for the students, and then suddenly met Xia Ping’s group.

“He-he, those students are really wretched. They ran into elites from the Band of the Cheetah.”

“They have high school girls there. You guys have to be gentle.”

“If it were just guys, I would have killed them with a rocket launcher just now. There’s no way I’d wait until now.”

“If we can capture the high school girls alive, we’ll have a great time tonight.”

“The high school girls are of high quality. Those nightwalkers can’t compare to them.”

“How could they compare? After all, flowers whose nectar has been tasted by hundreds of bees and flowers that just bloomed taste differently.”

As the gangsters talked merrily, sinister glints appeared in their eyes.

“Shut up!”

The man with a knife scar snorted coldly, “Don’t forget that baldy and them died at the hands of these students. If we’re careless, we’ll also be done for.”


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