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God Level Demon – Chapter 90 Bahasa Indonesia

90 – Killing One after One

“Brother scar, I don’t think you need to worry.”

A gangster shouted, “Those students are unarmed, while we are fully armed. No matter how powerful they are, they will probably be killed before they can reach us. There’s nothing to fear.”

“Yes, the reason why baldy and them died must be because they approached them carelessly.”

“As long as we attack them from long-range, no matter how impressive their martial accomplishments are, they wont be able to do anything to us.”

“Indeed. Furthermore, we still have a sniper. We can kill the enemy from five kilometers away. Where’s the danger? We can blow their brains out from a safe distance.”

The gangsters shouted. They fundamentally don’t take this seriously.

In fact, although the man with a knife scar said to be cautious, but he isn’t concerned about those students, either. After all, they are gangsters and possess 8th layer and even 9th layer strength. They can kill those students barehanded.

Not to mention that they have grenades, laser guns, and other weapons. If they can’t kill those students, they might as well hit tofu with their head and die, so as to avoid wasting food.

However, he still had to keep appearances. He said in a deep voice: “In short, the boss warned us not to be careless. We must make sure that the students have no strength to resistance before we can approach them.”

“If one of you happens to die, don’t blame me.”

His tone was stern.

“Brother scar, don’t worry. I’ll blow their limbs off. In this way, even if they are immortals, they won’t pose a threat us.” A gangster said ferociously.

“There is a guy in that group of students. He appears to be pretty strong. He is in the 7th layer Martial Apprentice realm.”

“He’s trash. Furthermore, we have no use for him. Let’s just kill him and be done with it.”

“You’re right. We only want the girls.”

Several gangsters discussed spiritedly and revealed fierce murderous aura. They want to get close to the cave.

“Attention, someone came out of the cave. It seems they want to put their life on the line.” Five kilometers away, a sniper watching the cave from an optical scope at all times noticed the change at once.

Thereupon, he relayed the information to the other gangsters through a walkie-talkie.

“It’s that guy.” Some gangster noticed the figure that rushed out of the cave like a cheetah and said with a look of disdain on his face: “Is this a last-ditch struggle? Sniper, kill him.”


As soon as the voice fell, a bullet ejected from five kilometers away. It is really fast, nearly reaching the sound barrier. This bullet has the power to easily tear an armored vehicle to pieces.

If a human is hit by this bullet, they will be blasted into pieces in an instant.

“Huh? You’re here?”

Xia Ping’s eyes showed a cold gleam. With his spirit force spread out in all directions, he detected the air flow in the distance at once. His figure flashed, and he instantly dodged the bullet.

With a bang, the bullet hit the ground and blasted open a hole two or three meters in diameter. Soil splashed everywhere, a shock wave erupted, and a nearby rock cracked.

From this, it can be imagined how powerful the sniper bullet was.

“Damn it, he dodged!” The sniper couldn’t believe his eyes. He has absolute confidence in his skill, since he can blow the brains of 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm powerhouses out at will.

But now, this student easily dodged his bullet and made it miss?

“Shit, that guy discovered our location and is running towards us.” A gangster shouted.

A gangster with a crooked nose said with scorn, “He’s running towards us? Is that fool trying to throw away his life? Let’s open fire and turn him into a beehive in an instant. There’s nothing to fear…”

At this moment, a stone streaked across the air. It was so fast that it produced sparks due to friction with air. It instantly arrived beside the gangster with a crooked nose.


In a flash, the stone pierced the head of the gangster with a crooked nose, and the head exploded like a watermelon. His body fell slowly to the ground. He couldn’t even release a scream.

When he died, he kept the posture of pulling the trigger.

“No, old fifteen is dead! He was killed by that scoundrel! Damn beast!” A gangster nearby shouted, furious that his companion was killed.

But before he could take any action, another stone came flying and tore the air. The stone was more terrifying than a sniper bullet. With a bang, it pierced the bandit’s throat.

“Er~ Er~”The bandit clasped his bloody throat, and his eyes revealed the shade of unwilling and fear. It seem like he can’t believe that he was killed just like this.

He wanted to say something, but with his throat pierced, only bloody bubbles came out. His body fell down on the ground, and his blood dyed the yellow soil red.

“Curses, that damn beast.”

“Kill him. Shoot him, sniper.”

“He killed two people! That scoundrel, I must kill him! Kill him!”

The rest of the gangsters were mad. Previously, they were so arrogant, thinking that they held the fate of Xia Ping and them in their hands. They also intended to enjoy the high school girls. The plan was formulated.

But unexpectedly, before they could start the plan, they had two of their own killed.


Three more stones flew out. As if black bolts of lightning, or accurate guided missiles, the stones found the location of three gangsters and, along with a few sounds, easily pierced their hearts.

The three gangsters could only issue some indistinct sounds before falling to the ground and dying.

“Sniper, what the hell are you doing? Didn’t you eat today? Why don’t you kill him? Shoot!” The eyes of the man with a scar shot with blood. Five elites died at once. Even if it’s the Band of the Cheetah, it cannot bear such a loss.

“Brother scar! I can’t lock on his position at all. It’s like he has eyes all over his body.” The sniper is anxious. This is the first time he can’t lock on the position of an opponent.

To be more precise, he thought he had locked on the other party, but when he fired the shot, the other party escaped, as if he is able to predict the future. This is the bane of snipers.


Another three stones flew out. They wound in the air, crossed trees, and burst the heads of thee gangsters as if they were watermelons.

Even if they hide behind trees or rocks, or crawl on the ground, they will die all the same!

They can’t hide their position from Xia Ping’s spirit force perception.


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