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God Level Demon – Chapter 16: Disaster Level Novel Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 16- Disaster Level Novel

Two days later in morning at the Tianshui City 95th Middle School, during the class recess.

“Finally Finished.”

Sitting on his sit Xia Ping stretches himself, after three days of unceasing struggle and hardship, he was finally able to complete the novel with five hundred thousand characters.

Moreover during these three days, he was not only writing the novel but was also spiking the network and provoking in all the direction making the name of his novel appear in countless netizens eyes.

Finally it was very successful, almost every large forum was discussing about his novel. Even his novel’s name has become a key word due to popular search and has brought a large number of readers to him.


At this time Xia Ping’s phone rang requesting a video call and looking at its screen it was from his editor Meng Fei, he immediately accepted the connection.

Immediately after that a middle aged silhouette appeared in front of his retina. The present virtual technology is very advance as it can project the image outside in the open or in the retina of eye so that no one else can hear or see the conversation.

“Master wolf”

Meng fei that was projected in his retina looked very excited, almost to the point of not being able to contain himself, he said with a shout,” did you know, your novel is hot, hotter than fire”.

He was simply unable to believe the occurrence of these three days, although he favoured Xia Ping’s novel, But no one can determine what will happen until it has passed through the recommendation.

But who would have thought that the Penguin Novel Net has not even started promoting the novel, but mysteriously in these three days, entire network was talking about “Bai Rong Sensei” novel. It was not just a small hype but was like a boiling water pressure and the pressure was still increasing.”

Click rate of the novel has increased exponentially and the reader’s comment had risen to the heaven. Even if the entire Penguin Novel Net’s most popular novel was considered it didn’t had so much popularity.

When he saw the stats earlier he also thought that the website had some problem, but after being investigated by the technical department there were no issues found and everything was normal.

Although he was not clear what was going on, but he can absolutely confirm that the novel was hot and was the hottest novel yet.


Xia Ping said lightly, he certainly knew the hype brought by the novel because the mastermind behind all of this was he himself. So he certainly will not be surprised by his own work.

“Master Wolf”

Seeing the tranquil expression of Xia Ping, Meng Fei was a little unsatisfied so he immediately added,” Have you seen your author account? Your novel in these three days had already created an explosion that even broke the record of many popular novels on Penguin Novel Net; this certainly is a disaster level novel.”

Since this novel is a 18+, so only 12 years above could read, therefore it started selling from chapter one and didn’t even have a public chapter.

That’s why; it’s a top work from the start.

“Author account!?”

Xia Ping blinked innocently, because he was very busy for these three days with writing novel, hyping here and there, and then uploading the chapter to be edited by Editor Meng Fei. So he was not able to open his author account.

“Quickly have a look.” Ming Fei urged him.

Listening to his advice, Xia Ping opened his author account and was immediately greeted by countless short messages.

“Congratulation author wolf for accumulating thousand subscriptions, million views and ten thousand download.”

“Congratulation Author wolf for accumulating ten thousand subscription, ten million views and a hundred thousand download.”

“Congratulation Author Wolf for accumulating, thirty thousand subscription, thirty million views and three hundred thousand download.”


Finally Xia Ping saw that his novel has obtained 223,565 subscription and has achieved more than two million downloads, and more than hundred million views.

“Master Wolf did you had a look, in three days, merely in three days and without any or recommendation, subscription has reached as high as two hundred thousand, this is really a abnormally unexpected.” Meng Fei said excitedly,”I have been in this business for ten years and has never seen such data, this data is really fearful.”

The more than two hundred thousand subscriptions mean that they had already purchased the complete chapter. Simply speaking had purchased the whole novel.

Looking at it from the point of whole book world it means that in three days they had sold more than two hundred thousand books.

The fixed price of a novel of thousand character is 5% of a single federation coin(i.e. 0.05 federation coin for a thousand words) according to network, and this book contain altogether five hundred thousand words, so its value in federation coin is twenty-five federation coins.

In other words in three days, sales figure has achieved more than 5 million federation coins. Then according to terms of the sale of the website, Xia Ping and site will split the profit 50-50. That means in this three days he has achieved more than two million federation coins.

Moreover this merely is sale of three days perhaps if they advertise on the site and give recommendation, with time sale will increase and readers will also increase to an astronomical number.

“Ohh god!” Xia Ping finally understood why Editor Ming was so excited.

In three days, they had gain more than five million federation coins and of which he was able to gain more than two million federation coins. Anyone seeing this figure will be excited.

It must be known that his father is a government worker, with a monthly salary of six thousand federation coins and there family is considered a middle class family.

So if he wants to gain more than two million he must work hard for at least twenty to thirty years. But it was gained by Xia Ping in three days. Seeing his income of three days and comparing it to the hard work of his father’s thirty years income, he became a little terrified.

Even if Xia Ping knew that writing novel could earn money. But he has not thought that it could earn this much. It has really exceeded his imagination.

“Master Wolf.”Ming Fei said excitedly, “This is merely a start, if this novel is promoted at the website. Gaining more subscription for the novel won’t be an issue and it will certainly become the most popular 18+ novel of this years.

If the subscription of this novel has achieved ten million, then even on earth it would be considered the top of the best seller.

Naturally On Planet Yang Huang, which has a population of thirty billion and where there was no sign of piracy, the books that has broken the sale of a billion also exists, so this sale of this novel can mostly be considered popular.

However this novel is categorised as an 18+ novel, so this sale can be considered as a disaster level sale, as even master Jai Zhiwei who is considered a saint, a grand master of 18+ novel, when his total sold copies were added it also added to a hundred million only.

“Will the sale of this novel break all the previous record of novel sale?” imaging such scene Xia Ping can’t help but clench his fist in excitement.

If the sale volume reached ten million, then according to the rate it will gain a whooping of two fifty million federation coins and he can obtain a total of one twenty five million federation coin. That means he will become a multimillionaire all of a sudden.

“ Can I really become a Multi millionaire? Knowledge really is the world’s highest wealth.” Xia Ping says with emotion.


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