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God Level Demon – Chapter 15: Touch porcelain Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 15 – Touch porcelain

After the Eagle forum had become too hot, Xia Ping went to Jia Zhiyi, Ma Chang and other famous writer’s pages. The ‘wise’ Jia Zhiyi and the ‘scholar’ Ma Chang were the Mount Tai and North Star of the eroge novel industry. These two masters had written many brilliant works, the number of annotations on each their posts were more than 30 millions, Xia Ping drooled, so he immediately logged in and made a thread: “Discussion about Master Jia Zhiyi works.”

“The works of Master Jia Zhiyi is old and boring, I don’t think anybody now reads it.”

“I also agree. Master Jia Zhiyi had become old and lost his passion, his eroge. I can’t understand a shit word.”

“Yep, I also agree. I think only two people are able to understand, what the f**k he is writing? First Master Jia Zhiyi and second the God himself.”

“I think only Master Zhiyi diehard fans buy his copies now, his latest work is simply rubbish in front of this heavenly work- Bai Rong sensei.”

“According to the insider, Master Jia Zhiyi was not on break. He had secretly published a novel online, but it was a total tragedy, nobody liked it.”

“There were rumors that when Master Jia Zhiyi read Bai Rong sensei, he cried uncle and sworn to never write a eroge novel ah! A generation master had fallen.”

Xia Ping posted very sinister posts.

“Motherfu*ker, what rubbish are you spewing on here. Do you want to die bit*h.” A Master Jia Zhiyi fan when saw these posts could not help but abused.”

The fans of Master Jia Zhiyi immediately fried when they saw these posts.

“Bastard, who cried uncle, how can one be talking about such respectable person?”

“Shameless Pig! It’s only you who cannot understand Master Jia Zhiyi works. How dare you disrespect him ero sage? There are still hundreds of dramas ongoing now on his works and you dare to disrespect him.”

“All these newcomer writers had been stealing the novel plots from ero sage and now they’re saying ero sage has fallen, bastarddddddd!”

“Who let these son of bit*hes let loose. They should be immediately put back into their cell.”

“Gomennasai! Everyone for disturbing your night. I’m the caretaker of these bastards, today some patients had run away from the asylum. Please help locate them.”

And thus began the counterattack by Master Jia Zhiyi fans. Only in 30 minutes there were millions views and 50,000 thousand posts on the thread.

Xia Ping saw that the iron is hot now so he immediately posted again: “Bai Rong sensei novel – A novel which existed in a league of its own. It completely overwhelms Master Jia Zhiyi all works.”

“Bastard host, I will kill you.”

“Die bit*h just die aaaaaah!”

“This little wants us to abuse him, everyone wholeheartedly fulfills his wish now.”

“Son of a bit*h, learn first how to read, then talk about Master Jia Zhiyi works.”

“What fu*k heavenly work? Let me see this shit novel first.”

“Everyone lets go and poisoned this novel and author comment area. How dare they discredit Master Jia Zhiyi?”

“Yes, let’s go and cure this maggot. The bastard actually wants to replace ero sage.”

The angry netizens frantically rushed towards Xia Ping novel.

Really touch porcelain, When Xia Ping saw the comments he could not help but smile. There were many celebrities back in the earth who became famous through this technique, although it was some shameful.

Originally the pitiful views on Bai Rong sensei increased by hundreds and thousands in every single minute, in just an hour there were 3 million hits on the Xia Ping page, he could not laugh out: “hahahahahahah I made it.”


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