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God Level Demon – Chapter 133 Bahasa Indonesia

133 – Nangong Wu Arrives

“That’s right, I am Xia Ping. What brings here?”

Xia Ping looked Nangong Wu up and down. As expected of the girl praised as the princess of Skywater City, she has an enchanting figure, a hot body, a stunning appearance, and particularly slander legs. She gives off a distinct sense of beauty.

Moreover, she has a noble air about her, like a white swan, and gives people a distinct sense of subdual. If an ordinary boy sees her, he will likely feel like she’s unapproachable and out of reach.

“I heard you plundered all the food in the nearby areas.” Nangong Wu looked at Xia Ping indifferently, “Our purpose for coming here is very simple, that is, we want you to share some food with us.”

She was very direct. She didn’t intend to hide their purpose for coming here, which is food.


At this time, the stomachs of several girls of Xiulan High School rumbled. The girls blushed at once, wishing they could dig a hole and hide inside.

As young misses, they ordinarily behave gracefully. No one has ever heard their stomachs rumble.

But there’s nothing they can do about it. After all, the scoundrel Xia Ping has plundered all the food in the nearby areas. When the students in other areas heard this news, fearing that someone would do the same in their area, they plundered all the food nearby and hid it.

Under these circumstances, these girls practically couldn’t find any food. They have been hungry for two days now. If it weren’t for their formidable cultivation base, they would be unable to bear it much sooner.

As a last resort, these girls of Xiulan High School had no choice but to go to Xia Ping and hope that he would give them some food, or else they will be eliminated.

“You want me to give you food?”

Xia Ping smiled: “Why should I give you food I worked hard to obtain?” He gazed at Nangong Wu and company with a cold look in his eyes.

“What do you mean by food you worked hard to obtain? It’s obviously that you harbor evil designs, or else you wouldn’t do such a thing as plundering all the food in the nearby supermarkets.” A girl in blue said angrily.

A girl in red gritted her teeth: “You’ve got so much food! If you give us a little, it’s not like you’re going to suffer any losses!”

“That’s it. If you give us food, you’ll get our friendship in return. That will certainly be of great benefit to you.”

“Only a fool wouldn’t grasp such an opportunity.”

“If you miss this opportunity, you won’t get a second chance.”

The girls of Xiulan High School glared at Xia Ping haughtily. Even though they are half-starved, they won’t easily shed the airs of young misses.

For them, to ask for food is the same as to give great honor to the other party. It is a reward in and of itself.

“Whether I harbored evil designs, or easily obtained the food, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the food belongs to me. You want me to hand it over just like that?.”

Xia Ping continued with disdain, “You are used to being treated as young misses, to live a life where you have only to open your mouth to be fed and hold out your hands to be clothed! You think that if you say a few words, others will come to you to deliver food to you?!”

“You’re really arrogant! Your parents may spoil you, but I won’t!”

He intends to teach these young misses some common sense.


When they heard this, the girls of Xiulan High School scrunched up their noses from anger. They have never met a boy who would treat them so rudely.

Whenever they go out, they have boys follow them around and flatter them. The boys usually walk on eggshells around them for fear of slighting or upsetting them.

But here they are. They personally went to his doorstep and asked for food, yet this scoundrel not only didn’t give them any face, but he still said that he won’t spoil them. This shameless guy really thinks he is hot shit.

“Okay, enough.”

Nangong Wu stopped the other girls from speaking. She looked at Xia Ping and asked, “You’re right, there is no such thing as a free lunch. In order to get something, you have to pay the corresponding price.”

“So what do we have to do to get some food?!”

Although her beautiful eyes are tranquil, but her words are forceful. She didn’t assume a humble attitude due to her asking for food. It seems like no matter what happens, her emotions won’t be stirred.

Upon seeing this, Han Shan and company felt endless admiration for her. As expected of the princess of Skywater City. She has a noble demeanor at all time. Even though she’s asking for help, her emotions won’t be stirred.

“Since your name is Nangong Wu [1], then you should know how to dance?” Xia Ping stroked his chin and stated his requirement, “If you dance for me and entertain me, then I’ll give you some food?”


His words have just fallen, when a girl in red got mad and glared at Xia Ping angrily. She looks like she would love to bite at the scoundrel’s neck. The other girls were also driven mad, as if cats whose tails were stepped on.

As the heiress of the Nangong family, the princess of Skywater City, and the jewel of Xiulan High School, Nangong Wu can be regarded as a proud paragon.

If her suitors are lined up, they will be able link the east and west edges of the city. Such a proud paragon is nothing less of a saintess who should not be profaned.

However, this bastard dared to ask Nangong Wu to dance for him! That’s preposterous!

If this gets out, it will inevitably give rise to startling billows and shock the whole Skywater City.

No, no, it got out already. After all, except for bedrooms, bathrooms, and some other rooms that require personal privacy, there are HD cameras installed all over the simulated city.

In other words, the scene from just now has been broadcasted. The whole Skywater City has learned of this already.

“Heavens, this guy is crazy.”

“That girl is Nangong Wu, the princess of Skywater City, the heiress of the Nangong family. She is a proud paragon.”

“To ask Nangong Wu to dance for him, that’s really brazen. He must have a death wish.”

“This isn’t ordinary brazenness, but the brazenness of a sex fiend! This bastard must be tired of living! To offend Nangong Wu, to offed the Nangong family, he’s toast!”

“However, this isn’t as simple as just offending Nangong Wu. I reckon her suitors must be mad.”

“To profane the goddess, the lad is courting death.”

“The guy’s done for. He actually asked Nangong Wu to dance for him. Once he gets out, I reckon people will give him a good beating. At that time, I’m sure no one will call the police to help him. Skywater City won’t put up with him.”

When they saw this scene, many viewers blew their top. To say that they were shocked by Xia Ping’s words is an understatement. Even if they used all their imagination, they could never have imagined that the lad would say such a thing.

[1] – the character 舞 (Wu) in Nangong Wu’s name means to dance


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