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God Level Demon – Chapter 132 Bahasa Indonesia

132 – Bow with Respect

Time elapsed and the curtain of night lowered in the blink of an eye.

The news that Xia Ping together with a group of people beat up students and robbed tokens spread like wildfire, frightening countless students staying in the simulated city.

“Have you heard? There’s a bully running amok in the qualifiers. Reportedly, he gathered 100 people to deal with those who obtained a token.”

“I heard that they were beaten really badly, to the point that even their own mothers wouldn’t recognize them. They need to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery.”

“I’ll be damned. As students of different schools, aren’t they supposed to be strangers? How did that guy gather so many people? He must be oozing charisma from his pores to have a bunch of followers hanging on each word of his and bow to him with respect.”

“Respect my foot! According to some people, that bully Xia Ping must be a young master with a profound background, must be from a filthy-rich family. He probably bribed these top students of different schools.”

“Holy shit. Isn’t that cheating? If such a thing can be done, then why haven’t I been bribed, as well?!”

“Being able to summon a bunch of people, we can’t deal with a bastard like that. However, the most shameless ones are those lackeys who beat up the students with tokens. They are all of low moral character and don’t have a single drop of the dignity of a martial artist.”

“That’s right. Those lackeys are the worst. To grovel at another’s feet for a bit of money, don’t they have any self-respect?!”

“Don’t say that. Perhaps these people are sick in the head.”

“These bastards will surely have a bad ending. Sooner of later, someone will give them their just desert.”

A group of students talked, feeling anguished and aggrieved. They hate the bully Xia Ping. However, they hate the lackeys even more that the bully himself.

After all, that scoundrel Xia Ping just gave orders. The lackeys were the ones who carried them out.

“I heard from the contestants of Zhengde High School and 88th High School that Xia Ping is a famous bully in their district. Anyone would be justified to punish him.”

A student clenched his teeth: “At school, he’s a bully who oppresses and extorts boys and girls alike. I wonder how many students have suffered at his hands, how many students curse at him behind his back.”

“What’s worse, he likes to play with girls.”

“Who knows how many high school girls have been tainted by him. Reportedly, more than a dozen are pregnant. When they wanted to get an abortion, he didn’t give them the money for it.”

He regurgitated the gossip he heard from others.

“A beast.”

A student was stupefied when he heard all that: “Playing with girls is one thing. But not to pay for the abortion, how can he stoop so low? Isn’t he supposed to be rich?”

“So what is he’s rich. It’s not like there are no stingy rich people.” Another student spoke disdainfully. “It is said that he previously rewarded his lackeys with a cup of instant noodles for their hard work.”

“Are you shitting me? To take out a cup of instant noodles, can he still be regarded as a person? And it was a reward for hard work?! This is pure exploitation. Damn bloodsucking vermin, Zhou the flayer.”

“But the lackeys are strange. They were surprisingly ecstatic, as if they had a big bargain. That bastard’s way of training lackeys is brilliant. I believe he learned it from his family.”

“What a terrifying family.”

The students were stunned. Being ecstatic to receive a cup of instant noodles as reward, they can’t imagine such a scene.

“To deal with this bastard, we alone aren’t enough. We must unite with experts.” A student suggested.

Another student said promptly, “Don’t worry, someone has begun to contact 1st High School’s students. They will surely step in, make a clarion call, and gather a crowd of people around them.”

“At that time, that bully Xia Ping will have a very miserable end.”

A group of people gnash their teeth, itching to beat up Xia Ping’s gang.


At night, in the villa.

After running around in the simulated city, beating up students, and seizing tokens for an entire day, Xia Ping and his army came back and held a banquet in the villa.

In order to reward the lackeys for their hard work, Xia Ping decided to give them three cups of instant noodles, two hams, a bag of potato chips, and a soft drink each.

There is a reason behind his generosity. In today’s campaign, they not only defeated many students, but also robbed four tokens. This is a huge harvest.

“Everyone worked hard today.”

Xia Ping spoke to the crowd, “Without everyone’s help, it wouldn’t be possible to seize four tokens. The credit belongs to everyone.”

“Of course, I won’t break my promise. I only want one token. The remaining three tokens belong to you.”

He threw them a meat pie [1].

When they heard that, everyone was very excited. They worked so hard today in order to get a token. And now they finally have a chance to get one.

“Big brother.”

Before Xia Ping could tell how the tokens are going to be distributed, Han Shan, who stayed outside to monitor the surroundings, suddenly ran over and uttered with a strange look on his face, “There’s someone here to see you.”

“Someone came to see me? Who is it?” Xia Ping gazed at Han Shan.

Han Shan hesitated and said, “It’s Xiulan High School’s students.”


Everyone was surprised. Isn’t Xiulan High School that famous elite all-girls school of Skywater City?

It’s not that easy to meet such young misses. Yet now they appeared at their doorstep?!

“Xiulan High School’s students?”

Xia Ping stroked his chin: “Hmm, interesting. Let them in.”

“Yes, big brother.” Han Shan went out immediately.

After a while, 6 girls with elegant, curvaceous figures and noble temperaments came in from the outside.

If placed in a random school, they would be regarded as class beauty-level girls.

However, among them, there is a gorgeous girl with a different temperament, who can be regarded as a crane in a flock of chicken. It seems like starlight is being drawn towards her.

“Nangong Wu!”

Everyone stared at the girl in the very front, gobsmacked. Surprisingly, the girl in the front is Nangong Wu, the No. 1 expert of Xiulan High School. She is regarded as the princes of Skywater City as well as the dream girl of countless men.

They didn’t expect to meet Nangong Wu in this place.

“Humph, a bunch of smelly men.”

A girl in blue looked around disdainfully, as if aversed by the gazes of many men gathered on them, feeling very unhappy.

The other girls of Xiulan High School were the same. But they still endured it quietly, because they came to ask for a favor.

“So you are Xia Ping?!”

Nangong Wu gazed at Xia Ping with her beautiful and tranquil eyes and asked thusly in a voice as beautiful as a skylark’s singing.

[1] – this comes from the saying 天上掉餡餅 — lit. a meat pie falls from the sky; fig. to have something fall into one’s lap


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