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God Level Demon – Chapter 115 Bahasa Indonesia

115 – Council Member’s Son

After listening to teacher Qiu Xue’s explanation, Xiong Batian and the others remained silent. As the teacher said, even if they are all eliminated, even if none of them can enter the top 16, it won’t be strange.

In fact, 95th High School had very few student that managed to enter the top 16 over the years. It’s students basically go to this place to serve as a foil.

The school doesn’t expect much from them.

A dozen plus minutes later, the bus arrived at a large open space in front of Skywater City Stadium. Many buses have already arrived at the open space.

The top students of numerous high schools have gathered in a square. In total, 2,000 to 3,000 people have gathered together, forming a spectacular sight.

Under the leadership of teacher Qiu Xue, Xia Ping and company soon alighted their bus, came to their high school’s area, lined up, and waited for the start of the competition.

“Look, the people from Zhengde High School and Xinbo High School have come.” A student shouted.

When the crowd looked over, they saw two magnificent, two-story-tall buses at the entrance. You can tell at a glance that the two buses are luxurious. Looking like they were plated with gold, they radiate blinding light.

“Tsk. As expected of prestigious schools, they’re showy.” A student clicked his tongue and exclaimed, a look of envy in his eyes.

These two schools are both prestigious schools and are classified as sister schools. However, Xinbo High School is more famous. The children of Skywater City’s influential people generally will go to study to one of the two.

Although Zhengde High School is also famous, but it is no match for Xinbo High School.


The students that alighted the golden buses seem like they were injected with chicken blood [1]. They raised their heads high, looking like other students are not worth paying attention.

The clothes they wear are made by hand with utmost care, using expensive monstrous beast leather, polymer materials, etc. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. Furthermore, they provide a certain degree of protection.

Needless to say, it is apparent that these clothes are quite expensive. They cost thousands of federal credits per item, and some cost even tens of thousands. Ordinary people cannot afford them.

“If you compare your lot to others, you will only torture yourself. These rich kids are in another league.”

“Take a look at their vital energy. Each one of them possesses at least 7th layer cultivation base, and some even possess 8th layer.”

“We can’t compare with them. They eat monstrous beast meat, consume pills and potions, use all kinds of advanced instruments, are guided by famous teachers, and are given preferential treatment. The gap will only grow over time and get big.”

“It seems that we are just a foil. We were eliminated before the competition even started.”

Numerous students commented one after another. Upon seeing the students from the two prestigious schools, they suffered a serious blow. For ordinary students like them, if their family’s monthly income exceeded 10,000, it is considered that their family was in good financial situation.

As for the students from prestigious schools, they spend tens of thousands in meals alone. How can they compare?!

Xiong Batian and them discovered that the students of these two schools didn’t go to their allocated areas, but instead are walking towards them in a large crowd.

The person at the lead is a fatty from Xinbo High School. He is 1.95 meters tall, is really fat, and is wearing a black suit. Han Shan and the other students from Zhengde High School are following behind the people from Xinbo High School like lackeys, fawning upon them.

The group of people looked impressive as it approached.

“Xia Ping, did you provoke the people from Xinbo High School?” Upon seeing these people, who have unkind expressions, head their way, Jiang Yaru couldn’t help glaring at Xia Ping.

Xia Ping stroked his chin: “I haven’t. As you know, I keep a low profile.”

Low profile my ass!

Xiong Batian and company looked at Xia Ping with loathing. If you keep a low profile, then there is no one in the world who keeps a high profile. Who doesn’t know that you often stir up trouble, make minor things big, and make big things get out of hand. The god of plague of legend is this kind of person.

They all were taught a lesson by this bastard.

“So you are Xia Ping?!”

At this time, the fatty in a suit and his group walked up to Xia Ping and company. By relying on his of height of 1.95 meters, he looked down at Xia Ping, a proud expression on his face.

Standing behind the people from Xinbo High School,Han Shan and company revealed looks of schadenfreude.

“I heard that you, who are from an ordinary high school, are unbridled and make trouble everywhere, even provoking people from Zhengde High School. Is that true?” The fatty in a suit stared at Xia Ping and spoke in the arrogant tone of a leader questioning his subordinates.

“Fatty, do I know you?” Xia Ping cast a sidelong glance.


Upon hearing this, the people from Xinbo High School and Zhengde High School were stunned. Anyone with sense can tell that it’s taboo to call the fatty in a suit fat. No one dares to call him so to his face.

Everyone who called him that, without exception, had a miserable end.

The expression of the fatty in a suit darkened, ire brewing inside his heart. He glared at Xia Ping.

“Lad, do you know what courtesy is. Who are you calling fatty? To talk to Feng Hetang like this, do you want me to beat you up?!” A student from Xinbo High School jumped out at once and yelled at Xia Ping.

Han Shan also jumped in and shouted, “Xia Ping, you’ve gone too far. You dare to talk to brother Feng Hetang like this. You should kowtow and beg for forgiveness.”

“Otherwise, if brother Feng gets angry, you won’t be able to handle it!”

He barked like a dog loyal to its owner.

“No way. This fatty is the famous Feng Hetang from Xinbo High School?! It is said that he is already a 9th layer Martial Apprentice, that he is really powerful and talented. Didn’t expect him to be so fat?!”

A student who seems to have heard of the other party’s reputation uttered in shock.

“Shut up!”

A companion next to that student covered his mouth, a flustered look on his face: “You know that he’s Feng Hetang from Xinbo High School, yet you still call him fatty to his face. Do you want to die?”

“Someone called him fatty before. As a result, they had a dozen ribs broken. They howled in the hospital for a month, but no doctor dared to save them.”

The student was half scared to death: “Is Feng Hetang so powerful?”

“Of course,” The companion whispered, “His father is a council member of Skywater City and has great power. No one dares to provoke him.”

Council member?!

Everyone was astonished and looked at fatty Feng Hetang in shock. That’s a powerful official.

If you still don’t understand, there are only nine council members in Skywater City, and Feng Hetang’s father is one of them. From this, one can imagine the other party’s terror.


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