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God Level Demon – Chapter 114 Bahasa Indonesia

114 – Qualifiers

“Not bad.”

Xia Ping stroked his chin and said with emotion: “You promoted to an 8th layer Martial Apprentice before the competition. It seems that our school has one more opportunity to reach the finals.”


Xiong Batian and them glared at Xia Ping, and their noses scrunched up from anger. What does he mean? What does he mean by one more opportunity to reach the finals? They feel like the bastard doesn’t regard them as the main fighting strength, but as cannon fodder.

Although it’s not wrong. After all, Skywater City is really big and has countless talents. Besides, 95th High School is just an ordinary high school with no outstanding talents.

However, if you say that out loud, isn’t that a clear slap to the face?!

“Xia Ping, what are you saying? Don’t you know how to talk?” Jiang Yaru glared at the bastard. No matter when, this guy’s mouth is always so repulsive. It’s infuriating.

As if he snapped out of it, Xia Ping showed an apologetic expression: “I’m sorry, I told the truth accidentally. I’ll pay attention next time.”

Pay attention my ass!

Veins bulge in the foreheads of Xiong Batian and the others. These words were even more hateful. By saying told the truth, doesn’t that mean that this is what the scoundrel is thinking?!

“Okay, okay, enough with the chatting. Hurry up and get on the bus. We have to go to Skywater City Stadium.” Teacher Qiu Xue coughed and interrupted Xia Ping.

Otherwise, if things continue like this, a fight might break out.

Upon hearing what teacher Qiu Xue said, Xiong Batian and them didn’t delay. Ever since Qiu Xue saved them on Savage Beast Island and they witnessed her terrifying strength, they were in awe of her.

They don’t dare to go against her orders.


The people got on the bus, and then the bus rumbled and drove towards Skywater City Stadium.

Qiu Xue is the one in charge. She is responsible for taking the students to the stadium to participate in Skywater City’s high school martial arts competition. Conversely, the principal and vice-principal have already left for the stadium to hold the opening ceremony on behalf of the school.

“Attention, everyone.”

Seeing that the students are sitting properly on the bus, Qiu Xue began to explain the rules of the competition: “The high school martial arts competition is divided into two parts, that is, the qualifiers and the finals.”

“As you know, a lot of people are going to participate in the competition, so the outcome of the qualifiers will be decided at once. Only 16 people can qualify for the finals. The rest will be eliminated.”

Xia Ping and them nodded. There are a lot of participants each time the high school martial arts competition is held. Since there are more than 300 schools in Skywater City and each school has 10 slots, there are more than 3,000 participants.

With more than 3,000 participants, if they fight each other one by one, who knows how long that will take. Therefore, qualifiers are held to eliminate the vast majority of participants and select 16 people.

“Teacher, how will the qualifiers be carried out?”

Xia Ping is curious, wondering how the more than 3,000 people will be eliminated at one time.

“That’s a good question.”

Qiu Xue smiled: “The high school martial arts competition’s qualifiers are different each time. Last time was running; the time before that was mountain climbing, where the participants had to climb a mountain tens of thousands of meters tall.”

“This time, however, is special. It’s survival.”


Xia Ping and company looked at Qiu Xue.

“This time’s qualifiers are quite extravagant.”

Qiu Xue smiled: “Skywater City’s local government spent a lot of money to transform Skywater City Stadium into a small city. Much like a real city, it has supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, residential areas, an administrative center, and so on.”

“However, the city is really dangerous. The army released powerful monstrous beasts inside. You need to survive in the city for three days.”

She held up three fingers.


Jiang Yaru and the others were astonished. Extravagant, it’s indeed extravagant. Although technology has developed greatly, to the point that a 100 story building can be built in one night using 3D printing technology. The building won’t be of a worse quality than a building made from reinforced concrete and it will be able to withstand magnitude 8 earthquakes.

But it still costs money! It costs an astronomical amount of money!

They dare not imagine the stadium being transformed into a small city within a few days just for the three-day-long high school martial arts competition.

“Don’t be so surprised. There’s a reason why it’s so extravagant this time.”

Qiu Xue uttered, “This year is the 500th anniversary of Skywater City. As such, local government decided to hold a large celebration. This it’s why it’s so grand this year.”

“The competition will be broadcast throughout the city, and even throughout Yangzhou Region.”

“The broadcasting rights alone are worth quite a bit. So there’s no need to worry about the local government losing money.”

Jiang Yaru and them have a myriad of thoughts swirling in their heads. So many people will be paying attention. If they make a fool of themselves, it will be horrible. Who knows how many people will laugh at them.

Xia Ping, however, is excited. With many people paying attention, isn’t that a great opportunity to get a lot of hate points? This is a once in a blue moon opportunity.

“In order to pass the qualifiers, we just have to survive in the simulated city for three days?” Xia Ping asked impatiently. He wants to know the rules of the competition.

“It’s not that simple.”

Qiu Xue shook her head: “If you want to pass the qualifiers and advance to the top 16, in addition to surviving in the city for three days, you also need to get a token. There are sixteen tokens hidden in the city.”

“The tokens are hidden next to the most powerful monstrous beasts in the simulated city. These monstrous beasts possess Martial Practitioner realm strength. If you aren’t careful, you will die.”

She has a solemn expression on her face.

Xiong Batian and the others held their breath. Monstrous beasts with Martial Practitioner realm strength?! On Savage Beast Island, just ordinary savage beasts could tear them apart.

If they have to face a monstrous beast with Martial Practitioner realm strength, they will be torn apart even if they attack it together. Can that even be considered a fight? Isn’t that just suicidal?!

“You find it difficult? That’s normal.”

Qiu Xue nodded: “Because this is a most important high school competition of Skywater City, only those who can do this much can be called geniuses and can become the strongest 16 high school students in Skywater City.”

“The degree of difficulty needs to be this high in order to eliminate more than 3,000 people!”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were all eliminated. After all, there are so many geniuses in the world.”


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