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God Level Demon – Chapter 111 Bahasa Indonesia

111 – Director Wang Dachui

When they learned that Xia Ping earned more than 50 million federal credits in a month and may earn even more in the future, Xia Chuanliu and his wife became excited. They plan to use some of the money to travel around the world.

When they got married, they were so poor that they didn’t even have a chance to go on a honeymoon. They are going to take advantage of this opportunity to make up for it.

Xia Ping naturally won’t refuse them. Anyway, money is to be spent. So he gave his parents 10 million federal credits to spend however they want.

This is a token of his regard as a son.

As Xia Chuanliu and his wife discussed excitedly about where to travel, Xia Ping went to his bedroom to rest. Since he returned from a hectic trip to Savage Beast Island, he feels tired.

Soon, the night passed.

Because the next day was weekend and there was no school, Xia Ping slept until 10 o’clock in the morning. After he woke up, he brushed his teeth, washed his face, and had breakfast.

At this time, he returned to his bedroom and received a video call from editor Meng Fei.


Xia Ping accepted the video call request. Soon, Meng Fei’s virtual projection appeared in front of him and said, “Mr. Blackhearted Wolf, are you free now? I’ll introduce you a director. “

“All right.”

Xia Ping nodded. He recalled what editor Meng Fei told him yesterday. It seems that a director wants to adapt his novel into a TV show and shoot 100 episode or something.

Another video call request came, and he pressed accept.

Then another virtual projection appeared in the room. The virtual projection is of a fatty in a black suit. The fatty is 1.67 meters tall, weighs 200 catties, and wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses. His face looks vulgar.

“This, this is Blackhearted Wolf, the author of ‘Teacher Bai Rong’?” When he saw Xia Ping, the fatty was stunned. He can’t believe that this young man is the author of the popular novel.

After all, the novel’s writing style is old-fashioned. It doesn’t look like something that a young person can write.

“Yes, this is Mr. Blackhearted Wolf.” Editor Meng Fei confirmed, dispelling the fatty’s doubts.

The fatty sighed immediately: “To know someone by reputation is not as good as meeting face to face indeed. If the fans learn that the author of the renowned ‘Teacher Bai Rong’ is an 18-year-old, they will be shocked.”

“This is?” Xia Ping asked.

The fatty snapped out of it and said promptly, “My name is Wang Dachui. I’m a famous director. I made famous works such as ‘Time Stands Still’, ‘The Invisible Man’, among others.”

He blew his own trumpet.

“Oh, so it’s a cock [1].” Xia Ping suddenly realized.

Fatty Wang Dachui became mad in an instant: “What are you talking about? You are a cock. Your whole family are all cocks.”

“Okay, I got you. I’m someone who treats everyone equally. Just because someone is a cock, I won’t discriminate against them.”

Xia Ping waved his hand dismissively.

Upon hearing this, fatty Wang Dachui became more frustrated and protested, “I’m not a cock.”

“Okay okay, let’s talk about business.” Editor Meng Fei quickly brought the conversation back on track.

When fatty Wang Dachui heard this, he coughed a couple of times and said, “You’re right. Mr. Blackhearted Wolf, I want to adapt your novel into an adult TV show and shoot 100 episodes.”

“This is an unprecedented feat that has never been done before. If it succeeds, it will become popular all over the world and blaze a new trail. We will become celebrities and stand on a pedestal in the adult industry.”

He declared his lofty dream, impassioned. After all, this genre has only reached the realm of films. There has never been a TV show of this genre. As such, when he claimed that this would be a pioneering work, it was not an exaggeration.

However, even after the other party talked for a long time, Xia Ping showed no reaction.

Fatty Wang Dachui uttered, frustrated, “Big brother, why aren’t you excited at all? After all, we’re making history. We’re at the forefront of this era.”

“I only care about how much money you can give me.” Xia Ping spoke straightforwardly.

Upon hearing this, fatty Wang Dachui shouted immediately: “In poor taste, that’s really in poor taste. As cultured people, how can we talk about money? Talks about money will hurt our relationship.”

Xia Ping turned and looked at editor Meng Fei: “That is to say, this fatty is not only a cock, but also a pauper?”

“Although I am reluctant to admit it, but he is indeed a pauper.” Editor Meng Fei admitted.

Fatty Wang Dachui uttered, dissatisfied: “Who is a pauper? I just so happen to not have any money, that’s all.”

“Such people are generally called paupers.” Xia Ping assessed the other party calmly.

When he head this, Wang Dachui was deflated at once. He suffered a critical hit.


Xia Ping turned and looked at Meng Fei: “Did you bring this fatty here just to amuse me? I have to say, I am successfully amused. But enough for today.”

Judging by the fatty’s manner, he is someone who tries to capture the white wolf empty handed [2]. He probably wants to get the adaptation right for the TV show without spending a dime. But this is simply a pipe dream.

If the editor hadn’t brought him, Xia Ping wouldn’t even talk to him.

“No no no, wait, wait. I’m really a director. I’m really a big director.” Fatty Wang Dachui cried and tried to hold Xia Ping’s thigh. “If you give me the adaptation right, I’m sure we can get investment, shoot a popular TV show, and make you a lot of money.”

The corner’s of Xia Ping’s mouth twitched. The fatty is something else. He not only has no money, but also wants to use his novel adaptation right to attract investment. His “capture the white wolf empty handed” game is on another level.

“Mr. Blackhearted Wolf, don’t worry, I’m not trying to fool you.”

Seeing the fatty’s manner, editor Meng Fei felt humiliated. But he still said seriously: “Wang Dachui is indeed a capable director who made many outstanding adult movies.”

“But this lecherous guy actually tried to solicit sexual favors from an actress. However, he failed. What’s more, the actress had a powerful backer.”

“As a result, he was kicked out of the industry. No one dares to work with him anymore.”

Xia Ping was speechless. The fatty is really unlucky. If he failed to solicit sexual favors from this kind of actresses, is there anything he can succeed in.

“In other words, you still have some skill?” Thinking of this, he felt that he can have a talk with the fatty. After all, he also wants to adapt the novel into a TV show to expand the influence of the novel.

Upon hearing this, Wang Dachui stood up and said excitedly, “Don’t worry. Anyway, I have the experience. Attracting investment is nothing.”

“Of course, it would be even better if you invested some money yourself.”

He looked at Xia Ping eagerly.

[1] – 锤子 is a term that can be used to describe the male member and it shares a character with Wang Dachui (王大锤) ‘s name

[2] – capture the white wolf empty handed – is a Chinese idiom that means to gain something without putting in any investment


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