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112 – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

To tell the truth, after fatty Wang Dachui was repressed, he shot several movies that flopped, which led to some investors losing their money. Now many investors hate him to the bone.

It can be said that his reputation is in the gutter. He basically can’t get any investment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so wretched. After all, he did made several popular movies.

“You want me to invest?”

Xia Ping clenched his fists as the urge to hit someone surged inside him. The fatty cooked up a good plan. If Xia Ping invests, he might not even need to pay the adaptation fee.

“Of course.”

Fatty Wang Dachui said seriously, “I’m not trying to deceive you. If you invest, you can have full copyright of the TV show and have 100% of the income.”

“If it’s popular, you’ll be able to earn more from it than what you earn from the novel.”

Xia Ping’s eyes twinkled. As Wang Dachui said, if he has full copyright of the TV show, his earnings will be tremendous. Besides, he has faith in the TV show adaptation of his novel.

He mused out loud, “If we make the TV show, where are we going to broadcast it?”

An ordinary TV station probably won’t be able to broadcast an adult TV show.

Movie theaters won’t do either.

“Online, of course.”

Fatty Wang Dashui, who has already considered this issue, said excitedly, “The income of online videos is no less than that of TV stations. Besides, the higher the click-through rate, the more will be earned from advertising.”

“You may not know this, but a click on an online video’s advert is worth 0.33 federal credits. If the video gets more than 100 million clicks, you can earn 33 million federal credits.”

“However, the production cost for a video like this is 500,000 federal credits. That’s about a 60-fold return. Even if it’s speculation on the stock market, it won’t earn you so much money.”

As if a salesman, he tried to coax Xia Ping.

However, is it that easy for a video to get 100 million clicks? Most videos put on online only get a few clicks.

There is not a small number of people who lost all the capital they invested on such endeavours.

“I’m a little intrigued.”

Xia Ping seriously considered the feasibility of this endeavour. It has low cost and high return. If it can become popular, it’s indeed better to film it yourself. There’s no reason to give the copyright to others.

Upon hearing this, fatty Wang Dachui struck while the iron is hot: “Big brother, I have it all thought through. We’ll use the new adult star Lin Meikong as the female lead. She looks pure and has a hot body and can be rated as innocent-looking and big-breasted. She will certainly attract the attention of most men.”

“We just have to find a few men. Anyway, many men would be willing to do it without pay.”

After several years of failure, he learned to plan meticulously and save as much as possible.

“Because the protagonist is a teacher, then it’s best to dress her as following.”

Xia Ping gave his opinion: “It can’t be an old-fashioned uniform. It should be a black blazer and rock with a white shirt and be paired with high heels, stockings, black-rimmed glasses, and a ponytail.”

“Big brother.”

When he heard this, Wang Dachui was thoroughly convinced. He looked at Xia Ping with admiration: “No wonder you were able to write this masterpiece and lead a trend. You actually know so much about men’s psyche. Amazing.”

“Such a woman is every man’s dream”

“If I had such a teacher, I would have gone to a first-rate university.”

He salivated just by imagining the appearance.

Editor Meng Fei was also impressed. No matter how you look at it, the other party is a master that can write that kind of novel. This suggestion alone is a testament to superior skill. Just by imagining that sort of scene, they’re at their limit.

“Cough cough, it’s nothing.” Xia Ping said modestly, “I don’t have much skill. If you have to pinpoint why I am this amazing, then it’s because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.”

If Newton heard him use this famous metaphor, he would probably turn in his grave.

“Let’s shoot it, let’s shoot it at once.”

Fatty Wang Dachui feels impatient: “Even if it’s not 100 episodes, we can shoot 10 episodes first to test the waters. It won’t cost much. Just 5 million federal credits.”

His creative juices are flowing. He must shoot this masterpiece. He thinks this work is likely to be a turning point for him.

“Okay, then let’s sign a contract.”

After contemplating for a moment, Xia Ping made a decision. Anyway, 5 million federal credits isn’t much to him.

It’s great if it succeeds. Conversely, even if it fails, he won’t suffer serious damage. After all, he received 50 million federal credits in royalties in one month. This bit of money is simply a drop in the bucket.

Soon, editor Meng Fei formulated a contract. He specializes in this field. The three parties signed the contract at once, settling things for now.

After signing the contract, Xia Ping transferred 5 million federal credits into fatty Wang Dachui’s account.

“Big brother, don’t worry. I won’t ruin this work. I will display this work’s charm on the screen.” Fat Wang Dachui has a solemn look on his face.

Xia Ping coughed, “Okay. I’ll wait and see.” With that, he ended the video call with Wang Dachui and Meng Fei.

“Alright, let’s continue to practice cultivation. The high school martial arts competition is in two weeks. I can’t waste time on this kind of thing.” Xia Ping clenched his fists. The money he made from his work is just a means to an end.

And the end is martial arts cultivation. He has his priorities straight.


At this time, editor Meng Fei and fatty Wang Dachui are having a video call with one another.

“Big brother Meng, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I might not have gotten the chance to turn things around for the rest of my life and would be forced to quit the industry.” Wang Dashui is really grateful.

Meng Fei waved his hand: “It was nothing. You have to grasp the chance yourself. Don’t screw up again, or else even a god won’t be able to save you.”

“Of course. I have faith in this work.”

Wang Dachui is full of confidence: “Judging by the content and popularity of this work, it fundamentally can’t fail. Furthermore, if the author’s identity is revealed when the videos are released, it will serve as excellent publicity.

He has thought of a series of publicity stunts. Xia Ping didn’t expect that the damn fatty plans to put him in a predicament.

“How long will it take to finish filming the 10 episodes?” Meng Fei asked.

Wang Dachui responded after a moment, “It will take three days to shoot one episode. However, if it’s urgent, one day will be enough. I am known as Sharpshooter Director Wang in the industry. There’s nothing I can’t take care of.”

“Coupled with the post-production, two weeks should be enough.”

Meng Fei is aware that three days is enough to shoot an episode. Unlike an ordinary TV show, it doesn’t take as long.


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