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God Level Demon – Chapter 10: Bai Rong Sensei Bahasa Indonesia

GOD LEVEL DEMON Volume – 1, Chapter 10 – Bai Rong sensei

Chapter 10 – Bai Rong sensei

Bedroom, Xia Ping sat in pranayama position and start practicing the great yang tactics to refine out the war-hog meat and a warm current of reiki started to flow throughout the meridians.

Half hour passed, Xia ping opened his eyes and could not help but clenched his fist: “The great yang tactic is really terrifying ah!” he could feel in his body that there was a slight increase in his strength.

Ordinary martial arts tactics would take weeks to refine out the inferno war-hog meat and there would be no such substantial increase in the strength. The high tenacity of meat fibers and impurities which are present in meat would cause lost of most of the energy which is present in the war-hog meat during refining process. Thus, there is not so much increase in strength, but with the great yang tactics there is no such problem as it is based on the sun essence and there is no such thing which cannot be refined out by sun essence.

“If I can have this inferno war-hog meat every day, I believe in just 10 days I can reach level 5. No wonder those rich family young master or mistresses are so talented ah!” Xia Ping sighed as the amount of meat was too little but he also knows that his family cannot afford such expensive resources so he could not help but sigh more.

Xia Ping suddenly thought of his hate points that he collected in the school so he immediately called System but when he watched the price tags on the items in system mall, he becomes more depressed, 220 hate points were too little. If he had not got system he might have promised his father to join the municipality, but due to of the system he knows his life won’t be ordinary, so Xia Ping urgently wanted to increase his strength to protect his loved ones but for that he needs lots of money.

“How to make lots of money in the shortest period of time?” Xia Ping rubbed his chin, he is just an ordinary student even if he had a strong cheats and 4th level strength he could not go the wilderness, as even the weakest monster can kill him, business – he had no sense of it, part time work also won’t do as pay grade is too low, thought of this thing made him frustrated.

Xia Ping suddenly opened his eyes: “Although Yan Huang is far ahead than of the earth in technology and other things, but the charm of literature is still great in Yan Huang.” Xia Ping becomes excited as he remembered lots of novels from his earth memory. A top class writer can earn up to billions per year in the Yan Huang and unlike earth, there is no such thing as piracy in here thus the literature industry is extremely prosperous in the Yan Huang.

When the idea of writing a novel was taken by Xia Ping, he began to search all the information regarding the writing in his earth memory.

“Which category should I choose – wuxia, xianxia, science-fiction, romantic, horror aaaa! Well it certainly cannot be wuxia and xianxia and science-fiction will also be a bad choice as Yan Huang has been already too much sci-fi. Historical and romantic novels are also out of consideration. What should I select?” Xia Ping becomes confused as what category of novel he should choose.

Xia Ping suddenly becomes excited: “Eroge! Yes ecchi novels. I will write a super ecchi novel. I will make all hands in the Yan Huang busy.”

Eroge novels were basically banned in the China because of their dirty text and many novelists were even getting arrested because of it, but in Yan Huang there was no such thing so this category of novels also get high acclimation by public and there was no fear of being arrested.

“Although it’s not Earth, but a man’s behavior never changes, all man’s are 3 legged cocks.” Xia Ping clenched fist, he could see his name shining light.

The first novels should be of such kind that it would immediately become viral on the net, so Xia Ping began to search his memory for eroge novels.

“Which ecchi novel should I write? Yes! Bai Rong sensei.” Xia ping could not help but think of those sleepless nights and paper-towels.


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