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God Level Demon – Chapter 11: The age of miracles never passes away. Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 11 – The age of miracles never passes away.

Midnight, a potbelly middle aged man was sitting on a comfy chair. He was surrounded by lots of virtual images, with the small gestures of hands projections were changing and closing on VPC.

Virtual image projecting computer (VPC) – This is Yan Huang X- series computer where one with small gestures of hand can operate its computer. The fiction of the earth about virtual operation of data was a reality in the Yan Huang, however the saga of virtual world where one’s consciousness can enter and live as well was still yet to invent, however there were fledgling rumors that it had already been made.

“Fools, rubbish, all works are downright sh*#. This world truly don’t lack of idiots. When did it become so easy to write a good eroge novel? These authors really don’t understand the sensuousness of eroge novel ah!” Potbelly middle age man sneered when he saw the current eroge novels on the directory. The potbelly middle age man name was Meng Fei and his job was to find good potential novels and authors. At the young age, Meng Fei fell in love with the eroge novels, so he left his work and joined the literature industry and after 10 years of hard work he made it to the chief editor position in the Penguin Company. He was now one of the most popular editors on the Penguin literature board.

Meng Fei was really frustrated as it had been weeks and he still didn’t find any good novels for Penguin shelves. Meng Fei becomes sad and could not help but remember those past glory days of eroge novels and sleepless nights.

Eroge novels were not banned in Yan Huang, which led this category of novels to be one of the most successful ones. But as the ancestors had said good wine finishes very quickly, the same plot which used to entice all became old and boring.

“Jia Zhiyi master and other masters are getting old now and with growing age, they are losing their vigor of writing eroge as well. Ah! It had been years and I’m still unable to find a worthy successor, is this really the end of eroge?” Meng Fei sighed, remembering those past souls shaking works, whose allurement made his night restless and the sensuousness which captured his soul. He could not help when he remembers those past old days where his grades and health began to fall due to excessive reading.

“Is it me or there is really not a single good eroge novelist out there?” Meng Fei could not help but starting to doubt his own. Two years ago Meng Fei had a big accident where an out of control four wheel vehicle almost crushed him to the death, his injuries were very serious and even after proper treatment, he had erectile dysfunction because of great damage he suffered in his lower abdomen region. Meng Fei did not tell anyone in the company about his injuries, but since then he had no longer that previous pleasure feeling when reading those eroge novels.

Meng Fei eyes become firmed: “No, I cannot accept defeat, I will never stop my search for good eroge novels. If I lose my faith here, who will guide the next generation? There are still millions of people who are waiting for their heavenly enlightenment. My journey to find good eroge novels will never finish or how I would face my predecessors in heaven then.”

“Well, let’s see today’s last novel.” Meng Fei opened the new novel category, where rookie novelist works are submitted. His brows wrinkled when he saw a novel’s name “Bai Rong sensei” – Author-“Wolf”, it was a very good cover name, Meng Fei praised the author for it and also wished it would have good novel plot as it’s the storylines which made the novels on the shelves of Penguin not good cover names.

With a slight gesture of hand Meng Fei opened the Bai Rong sensei novel page: “Oh! It’s something new, the main character of the novel is actually a female.”

The story was about a young, beautiful teacher. She had an angel like face and embodied a great curvaceous body but…….. She was married. “Hateful, how could this great beauty be actually married?” Meng Fei grumbled and become depressed thinking why all his teachers were middle age aunts when he was in the school.

Meng Fei read further and then suddenly shouts out to the top of lungs: “Beast! This old shameless bastard principal was actually aiming for teacher Bai Rong and now is using his fu*#ing authority to make her succumbed, shameless crossbreed she is a married women.”

The principal is real brute ah! Using his fuc*king official position for such dirty demands humph! Did he really believe that the teacher Bai Rong would succumb to him? Meng Fei could not help but laughed at the bastard principal plan, but exclaimed again: “Fu*k, how is this possible? How could she agree! Bai Rong sensei what are you doing? God dammit, you’re married women have some shame, there is no fu*king resistance.”

Meng Fei brain was fried: “Motherfu**ker what is happening now in the schools these days? How could one such beautiful teacher appear in the school? And there is no fu*king resistance and now this shameless principal is making her do all kinds of things in the sacred place such as school aaaaa! My eyes, I don’t want to read further!

He was completely immersed in the Bai Rong sensei novel world. Meng Fei founded that now the immoral acts of the principal were not only limited to the school area but to teacher Bai Rong home. “Aaaaa! Teacher Bai Rong what are you doing.” Meng Fei enjoyed the7 emotions of life in a very short period of time. He read further “…… and one day teacher Bai Rong husband came up home early.” Meng Fei brain went blank: “Fu*k where is the rest of novel.”

This author “Wolf” really didn’t want people to have good night ah! Meng Fei became depressed, but suddenly he looked down on his pants: “How can this be possible.” Tears started to flow out from his eyes, Meng Fei could not help but remember his old man’s words – “The age of miracles never passes away.”


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