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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 59: Huge Gains Bahasa Indonesia

[You’ve slain an elf mage. Gold +50!]

[You’ve slain an elf mage. Gold +50!]

[You’ve slain a high elf mage. Gold +800!]


[You’ve slain an ogre Hero. Level 2 Hero’s Soul +1!]

[You’ve slain a minotaur Hero. Level 1 Hero’s Soul +1!]

[You’ve slain a wolf-kin Hero. Level 1 Hero’s Soul +1!]


[You’ve slain a tiger-kin Hero. Level 2 Hero’s Soul +1!]

Zhang Nu wasn’t on scene, but the furious barrage of messages in his player menu gave him enough information to understand just how the battle was going.

The powers on the two sides were quite different, thus making it a one-sided battle.

Zhang Nu was quite satisfied with the draconian priest’s performance.

The draconian priest’s role is different from that of the draconian general.

The draconian general is a direct combat unit, whereas the draconian priest is focused far more on support.

Even so, the draconian priest’s might is not to be underestimated. In fact, it’s not that much inferior compared to that of the draconian general and its powerful magic field effects make it even better suited for large scale battles.

Although a draconian priest’s direct combat powers in draconian form isn’t all that strong, as an abyssal draconian, a draconian priest is also capable of transforming into a dragon form.

In sky drake form, the draconian priest is unable to use certain field spells, but its offensive might will not lose to any other level 2 Lord monsters.

In summary, the draconian priest has powerful combat support capabilities and has high intelligence. It’s a very excellent unit.

After about 30 minutes, the draconian priest led its army back home.

The draconian priest’s “Teleportation Field” is a rare spatial skill.

That said, this skill does have some rather troublesome setup requirements that need to be met before it can be used.

The draconian priest has to first leave a temporary teleportation field over in the Darkness Vally and have the soldiers to be teleported to wait within that field ahead of time.

Then, he has to physically head over to the Myriad Flowers Valley to activate the teleportation.

Only then will he be able to teleport the targets from the Darkness Valley over to where he is.

The temporary field also only lasts for 24 hours at most.

It is rather troublesome, but it can’t be denied that the ability to quickly move one’s army like that is worth a lot in terms of strategic value.

After they returned, Li Si casted a Healing Field and left the injured soldiers there to heal.

Zhang Nu did some calculations through the information he got from his player menu. All in all, the casualties from this battle cost him around 3-4 thousand gold total. This wasn’t really a big deal for him at all.

“Reporting, my lord!”

“The threat to the Flower Fey Demon King has been resolved!”

“We have defeated the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, destroyed over 90% of their army, and killed every single one of the Heroes that led it!”

In this battle, they had no chance to set up an ambush ahead of time, nor did they have suitable terrain, so it was unrealistic to wipe out every single one of their enemies here.

There’s always going to be someone who ran away ahead of time who slipped the net.

That said, killing over 90% of their enemies is already a very glorious result.

Zhang Nu nodded, “You’ve done well.”

After this battle, Zhang Nu is sure to become the biggest enemy of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild and Giantree City is also sure to pay far more attention to him, perhaps even fear him.

That mattered little though.

A conflict with Giantree City is unavoidable anyways, so rather than trying to shrink away, he’s better off instead taking the initiative and attacking first.

At this moment, a private message popped up.

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo: “Boss, boss, thank you so much! I never thought that I would manage to live through this!”

“And those Heroes got the snot beaten out of them too.”

“That was way too satisfying!”


That girl sent a deluge of messages all at once.

Zhang Nu only replied with a single message: “Quiet down.”

Flower Fey Cheng Guoguo: “You’ve helped me so much, but I didn’t have anything to thank you back with. All I can do is give you a few batches of seeds to show my gratitude.”

Zhang Nu: “Don’t worry about it. It was nothing. I’ll pay a fair price for the seeds though. You need as much gold as you can get to upgrade your territory right now.”

“If you really do want to return the favor, then just properly develop your territory and raise up more and better seeds for me!”

Chen Guoguo practically cried with gratitude.

Since the boss already said that much, then she won’t hold back anymore.

She owed him way too much for this. It wasn’t something that can be paid back with just a few batches of seeds. Therefore, it’s better for her to not try to return the favor now and instead remember to hold her gratitude within her heart for now.

Chen Guoguo decided.

She needs to work a lot harder.

She needs to get the boss to not need to worry so much about her while at the same time properly work for him.

That would be better than anything else!

Chen Guoguo: “Yes! I’ll follow the boss from now on!”

The Flower Fey Demon King had completely become the boss’s fangirl.

Zhang Nu is no mere good samaritan. Him helping Chen Guoguo was for the sake of helping himself.

Even if Chen Guoguo wasn’t the one that the Heroes were going after, there’s no way that Zhang Nu would simply let go of the chance of taking down such a huge mobilization of Heroes.

The reason for that is simple.

The gains were just too much.

The gains this time is as follows:

Talent points: 163.

Gold: 31865.

This is an even bigger haul than taking over a large sized level 2 Elite zone!

As he thought, a Demon King needs to kill and conquer, especially if the other side is Heroes. Nothing is better than slaughtering Heroes!

Zhang Nu originally had 11 talent points left. With the addition of his gains from this excursion, he now has 174 talent points.

That’s huge!

If he could have killed another level 2 Hero or two, then he’ll have been able to activate all his remaining Talents and directly ascend to a level 3 Demon King.

It’s a bit of a shame not having been able to reach that in one go though.

Zhan Nu decided to activate Medium Anti-Magic.

Medium Anti-Magic is not much different from Beginner Anti-Magic. The only difference is that the nullification went up from D Rank to C Rank.

This means that even a top grade level 2 Lord like the draconian priest would have a very difficult time dealing any direct damage to Zhang Nu.

With the Adamantine Dragon Body and Medium Anti-Magic, along with a large AoE control skill like Dragon Fear, this will make it so that Zhang Nu can be confident of taking on an entire army without any fear of being harmed.

One could say that, at that point, pure numbers will no longer have any worth against him.

As for how he’s going to spend his new gold though? Zhang Nu decided to promote a group of high ranking soldiers. Then… He’ll summon another draconian general!


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