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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 60: The Elven City Lord Bahasa Indonesia

Giantree City.

Du Mingfeng smashed his teacup to the ground in rage.

Normally, the guildmaster is a very calm and respected figure. This is the first time that the members of the Heroes guild has ever seen him so angry, so all of them were quite fearful.

It was a demon hunt that was well prepared for and practically foolproof, and yet it ended up failing out of nowhere. The third in command in the Guild, Zhou Kun also died. This was an embarrassment!

Not only that, but of the thousand or so combat units that went out only a few dozen managed to return.

It was practically a complete wipeout!

This incident would cause heavy damage to both the Ironblooded Heroes Guild’s morale and Du Mingfeng’s reputation in Giantree City.

Du Mingfeng coldly spoke, “Speak! What happened!”

Zheng Xiao hurriedly reported, “We’ve finished investigating the reason for the failure. The cause really is due to something completely unexpected. The Demon King of Darkness Valley is a sky drake and is very capable in field type magic, with which he can single handedly shift a battlefield to his favor. The entire chain of events is as follows…”

As Zheng Xiao reached the end, he angrily swore, “That motherfucker! It’s one thing after another with him that keeps causing losses for our Heroes Guild. That guy’s just asking to make an irreconcilable enemy out of us!”

After hearing the full report, Du Mingfeng instead calmed back down.

Pointlessly venting one’s rage is the kind of thing that only a weakling would do.

Someone like him is not the type to let anger dictate his actions.

“Demon Kings and Heroes are irreconcilable enemies from the start. Although the losses from this failure does hurt quite a bit, failure itself is not something to be feared. What’s to be feared is an utterly meaningless failure. We have to learn what lessons we can from any failures!”

Du Mingfeng learned from the report that the Demon King has the ability to fight in two different forms.

In dragon form, he is highly mobile and can attack by breathing dragonfire and using elemental magic. It’s the ability to instantly disrupt formations and cause damage.

In humanoid form, his field type magic has powerful battlefield control effects. No normal army could hold out for more than two minute if they entered his fields.

No wonder Zhou Kun was no match for him!

This Demon King is indeed very difficult to deal with.

However, right now, he has to raise the morale of his men so as to avoid desertions.

Du Mingfeng spoke up, “This is indeed the strongest and most hard to deal with Demon King out of all the Demon Kings we Ironblooded Heroes have dealt with thus far, but victory is not impossible.”

“His sky drake form is highly mobile, but so long as we are prepared for it, it’s something we can very much deal with via long distance concentrated fire.”

“His humanoid form’s battlefield control ability is very strong, but in order to maintain his field magic, his own mobility will definitely be limited, he lacks close combat capabilities and his own direct damage abilities aren’t strong either. We just need to break through the defensive lines as quickly as possible and we’ll be able to interrupt his casting!”


After hearing their guildmaster’s words, the Heroes all felt it to be quite reasonable.

This Demon King is indeed very strong and even with the full power of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, it would still be no easy task to defeat him.

However, what’s there to fear with the guildmaster here?

The guildmaster is definitely strong enough to counter him!

Zheng Xiao got pumped up, “The guildmaster’s right. The failure this time is all due to lack of information, in addition to having to deal with two Demon Kings at the same time. However, they won’t be so lucky next time!”

As he said that, he directly requested permission to deploy, “How about I personally lead the army this time and directly assault the Darkness Valley! I guarantee that I can take it!”

Du Mingfeng shook his head, “There’s no need to be so hasty. Wait a bit.”

Zheng Xiao was confused, “Guildmaster, what are you still waiting for?”

At this moment, an elf came in, “Sir, the lord of the city requests your presence!”

When they heard that, everyone visibly reacted.

They had a basic idea of why the city lord would request their guildmaster.

Du Mingfeng is a guardian elf of Giantree City. His position is equivalent to a human general, and he himself has a certain amount of military authority.

Du Mingfeng did not get permission for the demon subjugation this time.

He had transferred a squad of elven mages on his own accord.

It wouldn’t have mattered much if they all ended up returning unharmed, but the problem is that this squad of elven mages were completely wiped out in the action in the Myriad Flower Valley.

The city lord and other higher ups may very well be using this opportunity to find fault in Du Mingfeng.

However, Du MingFeng just got up without any panic or hurry, “This is what we’re waiting for!”

As he said that, rather than disobeying the summons, he instead directly left with the elven messenger.

Zheng Xiao was a bit worried. With the deputy lord selection right around the corner, it would be really bad if this incident ends up affecting things.

Just then, he noticed a motion and looked up.

There, he saw a little black winging its way off.

Strange. There seems to be a bit more bats around in the city!

Du Mingfeng walked into the audience room of the Giantree City.

This is the place where the city lord holds court, with several dozen elven guards lined up neatly on either side.

Du Mingfeng gazed up at the city lord’s throne. There, a little girl who looked around 13-14 or so was sitting up on a seat that looked too big for her.

That little girl had long silver hair running down to her waist.

Her eyes were like the most brilliant rubies.

Her beauty is rare and exceptional even amongst elves.

Three years ago, the old city lord unexpectedly passed on and this young little elf was chosen by the elder council to be the new lord.

The reason why she was able to become the city lord is all due to her having the bloodline of the elf king. This is the strongest and noblest bloodline among the elven race.

A hint of contempt flashed across Du Mingfeng’s eyes.

Even so, he still properly offered his respect as dictated by elven courtesies, “Guardian Elf Jules presents himself before your ladyship!”


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