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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 2: Draconian Form Bahasa Indonesia

Zhang Nu swept his eyes around.

He once again peeked at the hidden information.

[Transport Gate 1]: This transport gate connects to the Infinite Wastes in the southeastern area of the Infinite Continent. It’s desolate and unpopulated, unsuitable for development. Not recommended.

[Transport Gate 2]: This transport gate connects to the Tempest Mountains in the southern area of the Infinite Continent. This location is rich in resources, but it’s also within the borders of the Tempest Empire. The Tempest Empire is an extremely powerful empire with a population of hundreds of millions, making it unsuitable for developing one’s own faction. Not recommended.

[Transport Gate 3]: This transport gate connects to the Holy Plains. This location is extremely rich in resources, but is filled with powerful countries with dozens of epic class powerhouses on site. Going there is basically suicide.

Eight different entry locations. Pretty much all of them have their own issues. If they’re not poor in resources, then they’re filled with dangers. Either way, it’ll likely be hard to progress there.

Finally, Zhang Nu entered the seventh transport gate.

[Transport Gate 7]: This transport gate connects to the Darkness Valley in the southeastern area of the Infinite Continent. Darkness Valley is located in the depths of the Chaos Forrest. The forest is rich in resources, but the geography is complicated and is split up by many races. Thus, it’s difficult for any particular nation to get a foothold in. This is a lawless, barbaric, and chaotic land. Recommended.

This Chaos Forest is home to countless different races and various factions. It’s also enormous, spread out over 5 million square kilometers of land.

There are a few powerful countries surrounding it, but they’re also antagonistic to each other, making it so that no one could truly extend their influence into it.

This lawless land is unquestionably the most suited to a new enterprise.

Within the valley shrouded by darkness and surrounded by high cliffs, there are a great deal of ruins and remnants. In the very center of it stood an ancient and mysterious altar.

A light flashed.

A huge and intimidating figure appeared above that altar.

The figure, bearing dark gold scales and enormous draconic wings, emitted a powerful pressure. The figure curled up upon the altar, making all the nearby birds escape in terror.

“So this is my nest?”

“It really is in complete ruins!”

Zhang Nu activated his player menu and a full status window popped up. Within the menu are various choices like [Chat Menu], [Status Menu], [Trade Menu], and so on.

Currently online Demon Kings: 1,000,000!

A million Demon Kings? That many?

No, this is probably just the players of this one server even!

The game is split into “Heroes” and “Demon Kings” camps!

Players can only communicate with players of the same camp. There’s no way to contact any of the enemy Hero players, so there’s no information on the Hero players at all.

However, the number of Heroes is definitely not less than that of the Demon Kings.

Since they’ve probably already descended to the various corners of the continent, then they would have brought the news of the Demon Kings’ descent to the various powers of the world, and they’ll likely start moving soon.

Zhang Nu glanced at the chat menu.

“I transmigrated into a monster!”

“Help! I’m trapped!”

“Haha. All you animals deserve it. I am the Lizard Demon King now. I shall conquer the world. I shall destroy everything!”

“Lizard Demon King? Why am I just a Slime Demon King then!”

“Slime isn’t all that bad. I freaking ended up as a Worm Demon King!”

“So the Demon King type is random then?”

“I’m so hungry. It’s deserts all around. There’s nothing here at all. If any boss is willing to give me a little food, I’ll be ever so grateful!”


Although each player is only given three free messages per day, with a full million players online, the chat log is rolling by at an unbelievable speed.

Some people were shocked, some were in despair. There are also those panicking, excited, overjoyed… Everyone reacted differently.

Demon Kings are relatively weak early on.

Plus, some ended up descending in completely desolate, deserted, and resource poor areas, so many Demon Kings aren’t even able to maintain the most basic living conditions.

Of course, there are some who are fairly lucky.

Like the ones who transmigrated into Skeleton Kings or Wraith Kings.

Since they’re undead, those lucky guys don’t need to eat or drink, so their early game difficulty is greatly decreased. At the very least, they won’t be dying of hunger.

Zhang Nu closed the chat menu and instead opened up the status menu.

Name: Zhang Nu.

Level: 1

Race: Abyssal Dragon (Demon King Race).

Base Stats: 400 HP, 200 MP, 40 Strength, 20 Agility, 40 Constitution, 20 Will.

Talents: Abyssal Draconian (Inactive), Dragon Flame (Inactive), Dragon Fear (Inactive), Lightning Control (Inactive), Beginner Anti-Magic (Inactive).

Other Skills: None.

Talent Points: 10

It must be said.

These starting stats really are unbelievable.

It could definitely let him directly face off against a heavily armed modern army.

While Zhang Nu was excited, he also knew full well that he must not relax. Although it can be said that he has a strong head start, this particular race is a long one, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll always have the lead.

Demon Kings are able to break through their racial limits.

With enough time and resources, even a Demon King born as a weak race can still become an existence powerful enough to shatter the world.

The moment he stops moving forward out of pride or self-satisfaction, his advantages are certain to be weakened by the passage of time.

Plus, there are countless powerful individuals already living in this world!

How could they possibly simply sit back and watch when they learn that Demons Kings who are born to destroy and conquer have appeared? There are also countless “Heroes of Destiny” who are sharpening their swords all the while.

After going through the explanation.

Demon Kings are split by levels.

Zhang Nu is a level 1 Demon King right now.

He has five possible beginner Talents.

Right now, all the Talents are inactive.

Every 10 talent points can be spent to activate a Talent.

When all five Talents have been activated, then he’ll level up to a level 2 Demon King and he’ll also unlock his level 2 Talents.

Due to his racial advantage, every one of his abilities are very powerful.

Zhang Nu examined the tradeoffs and used 10 talent points to activate his first Talent: “Abyssal Draconian Form”!

T/N: Hmm… Draconian or dragonoid? I ended up a bit unsure which to use, and I ended up basically flipping a coin on that. They’re basically the same in the end, so I guess it doesn’t really matter that much.


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