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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 1: Global Demon King Game Bahasa Indonesia

Zhang Nu appeared in the center of a huge temple.

[Welcome to the Demon King game!]

[Current player count: 10 Billion!]

[Players are split into the “Hero Faction” or “Demon King Faction”!]

[You have already been set as a “Demon King”. Please remember the following important points!]

[1. Death will result in the loss of your gaming privilege!]

[2. Victory condition: Completely control or destroy an empire class faction.]

[3. After clearing the victory condition, you may choose from the following: Return to the real world, remain in the current world, or challenge a higher level world!]

[4. The game starts with a safe period of three days. After the safe period, Hero players can sense all Demon King players within a certain range.]

[5. As a Demon King, you must be prepared to face subjugation attempts from Heroes, adventurers, or armies at all times. This includes the threat of other Demon King factions. Make sure to keep a low profile if you lack the strength!]


[Please select the Demon King bloodline to integrate within the next 10 minutes!]

After Zhang Nu comprehended those bits of information, he still had a hard time believing it.

“I transmigrated!”

“And it’s not just me either!”

“Billions of people are also transmigrated as well!”

“We’ve been forced into a ‘Demon Kings and Heroes’ game. I’ve been placed in the Demon King’s camp, so now I need to select my Demon King bloodline…”

This is indeed something hard to believe, but for Zhang Nu who was already a transmigrator and had already experienced a transmigration before, it wasn’t impossible for him to accept either.

Zhang Nu swept his gaze around the area.

Countless huge eggs floated before him.

Those eggs all contained different Demon King bloodlines.

Players have to choose one to integrate with.

This choice is an extremely important one!

It affects one’s development during the early and mid game!

However, all the eggs looked exactly the same.

There were no differences to speak of on the surface!

And time is limited too.

It’s just like drawing from a lottery.

Just as he was being depressed, a strange change occurred in Zhang Nu’s vision.

A pale gold message box popped up next to an egg.

[Slime (Demon King Race)]. Low class Demon King type. After integrating, you will be reincarnated as a Slime Demon King. It’s possible to awaken water type Talents… Too weak in the early game. Not recommended.

[Kobold (Demon King Race)]. Low class Demon King type. After integrating, you will be reincarnated as a Kobold Demon King. It’s possible to awaken detection type Talents… Relatively weak in the early game. Not recommended.

“What’s going on?”

“I can see hidden information??”

Zhang Nu was overjoyed.

It wasn’t something that he could think over.

Now that the eggs’ information can all be seen through, Zhang Nu hurried to find a suitable bloodline.

[Gnome (Demon King Race)]. Low class Demon King type…

[Goblin (Demon King Race)]. Low class Demon King type…

[Arachne (Demon King Race)]. Low class Demon King type…

Really now. Although there are thousands of Demon King bloodlines in the temple and the vast majority are all different, practically all of them were all low class Demon King types.

Bloodline is where everything starts!

How could one become a powerful Demon King without a powerful bloodline?

[Blood Orc (Demon King Race)]. Mid class Demon King type…

[Dark Elf (Demon King Race)]. Mid class Demon King type…

[Wraith (Demon King Race)]. Mid class Demon King type…

Mid class Demon King bloodlines look pretty decent. They’re at least far stronger than low class Demon Kings.

Patience though.

There’s still time.

Keep searching for a bit longer.

After going through more than thousands of eggs.

[Bloody Giant (Demon King Race)]. High class Demon King type… Recommended.

[Eight Eyed Spider Demon (Demon King Race)]. High class Demon King type… Recommended.

High class Demon King bloodlines!

They have far stronger potential and they have much more room to grow!

They can crush 99.9% of Demon King Players at the starting line.

Which one should he choose?

No, he can’t choose just yet!

There’s still a bit more than a minute left. He can’t just give up on the possibilities that he hasn’t seen yet. An even better choice could very well appear!

Zhang Nu grasped every second he had.

He continued to go through the message pop-ups.

30 seconds. 20 seconds.10 seconds…

A completely unremarkable egg left in a corner caught his eyes.

[Abyssal Dragon King (Demon King Race)]. Rare Demon King type… After integrating, you will be reincarnated as the Abyssal Dragon King. This is an extremely rare and powerful Demon King type. It has two forms, Draconian and Demon Dragon. It’s possible to awaken anti-magic, thunder, fire, etc. types of Talents… Strongly recommended!

“I’ll choose you then!”

Zhang Nu did not hesitate.

After making that choice, the egg released a bright light.

Zhang Nu was engulfed by that light and his body underwent a rapid change, turning into a dragon about 10 or so meters long.

Every scale on that dragon was dark gold in color. They are like a natural born set of armor, giving one the impression of being impervious to harm.

“So this is the Demon King transformation, huh?”

Zhang Nu looked at his sharp claws and enormous wings.

There was no sense of incongruity. Instead, he could feel that there was an enormous power injected into every single one of the cells in his body.

In that instant, Zhang Nu gained a certain confidence.

He felt like he could overturn the universe and destroy the heavens and earth.

Of course, that confidence was merely a mistaken sensation born of his sudden increase in power. However, it also just goes to show just how powerful he currently is… One could get drunk on that feeling of power. The game suddenly felt not so terrible to him.

[Player’s Demon King transformation is complete. Beginning proper log in of the game!]

The next second, eight gates of light appeared.

Those eight gates are each connected to a different area.

This is another opportunity for the players to choose for themselves.

T/N: Mechatrill here with a new project. I already binged all the raws I can find of it (only up to chapter 183, unfortunately), so I can say with some confidence that it’s pretty interesting. Nation building, dungeon crawling, tower defense, conquest, diplomacy and trade, and even farming simulator, this has it all, so I found it pretty fun. The only thing I dislike is the fact that the raws are limited, being a faloo novel and all, but hopefully, more will end up available by the time we get up to that far. Fingers crossed.

Editor’s note: Hello, it’s Xiongcat here! Thanks for reading the first chapter! I hope you guys are enjoying it so far. What do you think of Zhang Nu? Are you #teamdemonking or #teamhero?


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