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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 87: Afterword Bahasa Indonesia

Not another chapter.

No No!

I’m a disappointment since birth, I know!

Nothing new.

I know most of you will probably ignore this monologue of mine, so I will keep my announcement short.

About a week off, is what I need, as I’m planning on remaking P atreon website and adding chapters in there, as I feel like people there deserve to get what they need.

(I’m way behind schedule as per usual…)

Changing P atreon tiers to hold more chapters for lower price.

Hence, the following week I will be busy doing that kind of stuff, which was also the reason why I spammed today just to end this arc because trust me.

(It got on my nerves as well.)

You can leave now.

You really can.

There is only blabber remaining…



As for those who are still present, I shall continue on with my rant.

Trying to balance out characters, their skills, Dvalin, its skills, lore, making sure the battle it’s not too easy or too short, making sure the battle isn’t too hard as it wouldn’t make sense as in game many characters can just instakill it, although this isn’t a game, but lore which is very much different.

Making sure each character got to shine at least somewhat, while also taking logic into account, was very hard for my small brain.

Now then, a lot of you might have missed how Iris, aka Ex-Dvalin looks like, so I will leave her picture in this paragraph.

The picture is from Meikyuu black company manga.

One of my talented acquaintances colored it for me, for you guys as well.

I would really like to express my gratitude to everyone who has followed me up to this point.

Especially to my part time editor Paradox that made my past 15 or so chapters look more epic than they could ever be.

Not to mention he also proofread through pretty much all chapters pointing out mistakes here and there and making my life easier overall.

He worked hard.

Here is his p atreon link.

https://www.p atreon.com/LonelyParadox

If you’re an author and need to make your chapters look more epic, maybe strike a deal with him and I guarantee it will be great.


This story is not particularly great.

It is and will be full of cliches all around the board, especially in the second volume, but I’m hoping you at least got a few laughs out of it while reading it.

If so you did, then my goal was accomplished.

Next arc wouldn’t immediately be Liyue, we will still be in Mondstadt and will take care of things there for a while…

Romance had started with two of the characters already. I plan on continuing that and further establishing relationship.

For the smut and ero lovers, I have written the smuts ages ago, I just need to get there without it feeling iffy.

Your time will cum…soon..badum tss

While you are waiting and have nothing to do, I recommend reading two of the one shots I wrote for a Genshin competition on their official discord.

Both of them are on Webnovel

And both for them are of no relation to this exact fanfic I’ve been writing.

1st one is called:

Genshin impact one shot Dystopia

2nd one is called

Genshin Impact One shot The ever forgiving humankind.

You can also just immediately find them by checking on my profile.

I guess that would be far easier.

And so, the Volume one is now successfully over.

Once again, stay tuned, I will love to see you guys hang around again, after a week.

Peace out.


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