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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 86: Epilogue Bahasa Indonesia

However, there was a certain thing about

Lumine that truly fascinated Iris.

She couldn’t smell what kind of race Lumine was.

A Dragon’s nose was very sensitive and could basically identify a being through their smell alone, yet, Lumine’s smell was unlike anything she had ever smelled before which begged the question if she was really human or not.

As if that wasn’t enough, Iris couldn’t see through her.

Attaining Godhood, although incomplete, had given her the power to see the composition of lifeforms.

Yet, whenever she gazed at Lumine, she would draw a complete blank. It was as if she didn’t exist at all, or her compositions were different from all other beings of this world, which again completely baffled her.

All that was previously mentioned could also be said about the floating thing they called ‘Paimon’.

Both of them were very weird.

Iris didn’t inform Yomite of this matter, she wanted to be absolutely sure before informing her master.

Or else, a discord could form between their group and she didn’t want that to happen, so she kept silently observing Lumine and Paimon in hopes of being able to find out what they were, or at the very least confirm their origins.

After the issue of Stormterror was dealt with Yomite was awarded the permit to enter the library, but he was starting to think that the trip to the library was no longer necessary, as Iris was just like a portable library to him.

The knowledge she had gathered throughout her life was in some cases more vast than any library of the world could offer.

Although he would still go and visit the actual library once in a blue moon, to check on the ever beautiful and voluptuous milf beauty and librarian Lisa.

Yomite and his party were treated as heroes.

The heroes of the city of wind and freedom called Mondstadt.

Jean made sure to explain everything regarding Stormterror to the public, minus the end regarding its transformation into a girl…

She just said that even now, even after all the atrocities against it, Dvalin— the Erstwhile Sovereign of the Skies and one of the Four Winds— was silently protecting this city and its inhabitants, selflessly maintaining its lifelong duty…

Currently, Yomite went to the Resin Moon Inn to quickly relieve himself.

It had been some days since he had saved the city of Mondstadt and was crowned as a hero, and so crowds of citizens, children and elderly alike, would flock to him, making it hard to do most tasks, including ones that required him to respond to the call of nature.

Everyone greeted him wherever he went, it felt a bit weird, although strangely fulfilling.

He could now understand the hero complex some main characters had a bit, but as he had expected, it became annoying after a while so he felt that he was really not fit to be one. To be a hero.

As he had finished his business, he was about to rejoin his party members who were currently seated in front of the Good Hunter’s restaurant, but a waitress suddenly came up to him.

He took this chance to order some food for himself.

“Ah, hello. I would like to order a sandwich wit-“

“Sir, that would be 200k Mora~!”



For what?

A sandwich!?

He did not even get to tell her his order!

What kind of daylight robbery was this!?

Yomite could almost feel the earth beneath him slipping from this string of short events.

“Here is your receipt, dear customer!”

She handed him the receipt.

“…A receipt?”

He studied the piece of paper in his hands, and as a result, his eyes widened in disbelief, making him dizzy.

(50 Sweet Madames!? 400 Fisherman’s toasts!? 400k Mora in total!?) He thought, as the total amount was almost making him faint.

“As you’ve done huge service to our country, Mr. Hero, we gave you a discount of 200k Mora!”

“Wait, hold on, like, seriously, please wait a second…There has to be some kind of mistake…I didn’t order this…What’s with these numbers!?” Yomite desperately tried to reason with her, there had to be some mistake, he was sure of it.

The woman’s face was full of smiles, but Yomite’s mind couldn’t keep up.

Calm. He needed to be calm. Think. Think. He went out for ten minutes.

Ten minutes!

Then came back. Now, he was billed 200k Mora…for food…What the hell!?

(Fischl and Hu Tao barely eat anything…Lumine and Paimon are both gluttons, I’m aware…but this still doesn’t make sense! It’s way too much!)

He panned over his party members one by one, and each of them refused to meet his gaze.

(Something is definitely up!)

Finally, his gaze landed onto Iris, the Ex-Dragon now turned into a beautiful humanoid girl, that joined his party a few days ago, and now called him ‘Master’ for the best of reasons.

On the table in front of her, were numerous stacked plates, forming a small tower.


Iris let out a satisfied burp after devouring who knows how much food.

Her stomach was slightly bloated, but it quickly shrank back to her usual toned tummy which was slightly covered in a line of faded azure green colored scales.

This action, however, didn’t go unnoticed by him.

“Oi…Iris…just…how much did you eat!?”

“Not enough, mast’r! prithee giveth me anoth’r s’rving!”

She licked her lips while saying so, keeping her slits focused on his face, expectantly.

When she was a Dragon, she didn’t feel the need of hunger.

She could live for hundreds of years without touching as much as a single berry in the forest…

However, after her transformation to the humanoid form, it was as if she became the sin of gluttony herself.

Human food was just too good…

She couldn’t resist…

She needed more…

And she wanted it now…

“Like hell I will! You’re going on a diet! My wallet can’t take this! I’m on the road to becoming rich! This is way too much just for one freaking lunch!!!” Yomite screamed hysterically, pain and rage reverberating in his tone.

And so, just like that, yet another troublesome member was added to his ever growing party of troublemakers and freaks.

He could only pray to the Goddess Sia to watch over his tired soul.

End of Volume 1…


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