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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 56: Stealth? No Thanks… Bahasa Indonesia

So, I have decided to work on a list of curse words that get banned or rather, shadow banned by Webnovel’s auto system, I’ve been curious about that recently.

Because I’ve received so many nice comments that got deleted just because someone said “Damn” or “Shit” so it’s really pissing me off…

I will be posting a chapter full of curses of everything that gets banned into auxiliary volume and will update it frequently so that more people will be aware, but for that, I will need your help to participate in this profanity festival, so if possible leave some ‘Nice’ paragraph ‘comments’ down below on the Chuuni remark.

Current basic known words that are for sure banned: Damn, Shit, N word, pa treon so don’t use those as we already have them.

Also don’t spam multiple curses into one comment, as I won’t be able to determine which one of those words was the cause for the shadow ban.


***Insult Me Here, Mortals***

Venti resigned himself, “…Very well…Seems like we won’t be able to borrow it after all…we’re simply going to have to steal it.”

“Steal the lyre? But that’s a bit…” Lumine gazed at Venti, who only stared back without saying anything. She felt herself bristle, eyes narrowed at his apparent lack of concern for the idea.

Yomite on the other hand, didn’t really mind stealing it, heck, he was already a thief if you thought about it.

Looting random chests around the world and even in the city of Mondstadt already made it quite apparent.

He was already a convict in a sense and it was for a good cause.

“Well, do you have any other ideas? I’m all ears!”

Paimon had a thoughtful look on her face, but she couldn’t come up with anything.

Until finally, Lumine thought of a pretty good idea.

“I know! We can go to Jean, and ask her for permission for the lyre…”

Venti butted in. “No, we need it as soon as possible! We have no idea when Dvalin might recover and wreak havoc again…Well…it’s not a matter of ‘if’. As long as Dvalin is suffering, he will not stop…”

Yomite groaned, pressing a hand to his face in exasperation. This conversation had been going in circles for a while now, and the sun was already on the horizon.

Even Paimon’s head had overheated from the difficult conversations and she disappeared into her pocket dimension to rest, leaving the three of them to argue back and forth on the logistics of possibly stealing the lyre.

“Exactly, listen to the Bard, Lumine. The sooner we are done with this, the sooner you might gain some info regarding your brother from that old grandpa dude from Liyue, that Venti mentioned before.” Yomite said.

“I know I’m a great Bard. But before I am a Bard, I am a God, please don’t forget tha—”

“Just think about it, Lumine, why bother wasting time?” Yomite cut Venti off, staring at Lumine’s unwilling expression.


“…Alright.” Lumine mumbled, agreeing with Yomite’s train of thought.

She decided she wouldn’t argue from now on, and would follow whatever their plan was.

Just then, the door to the church opened, and the Nun from before, walked out, locking the entrance.

All of them hid and patiently waited till she was out of sight.

“It seems like no one else is there. Quick! We must decide what to do!” Venti ran to the door and sent a gust of wind inside of the keyhole, somehow forcing the lock on the door to open.

‘…Is everyone in this world so proficient at lock-picking a door? First Hu Tao, and now Venti…Better learn that skill myself. I will have to ask Hu Tao to teach me after I scold her for what she did before.’ Yomite thought.

“In any case, you guys would be more suitable for such a task. Other than singing, I don’t really have any other talents. The entrance to the crypt where they are keeping the lyre is up ahead, but be careful, as there for sure are Knights of Favonius guarding it, so it may be a bit hard to do so.”

‘You look and sound like a girl, but I am a bit conflicted if that counts as a talent…’ Yomite internally sighed.

He coughed and replied, “I appoint our dear Lumine, to take one for the team, no way in hell am I sneaking around, I was never good at stealth games…”

“Stealth… games?”

“Pay it no heed.”

Lumine’s brows shot up in surprise, “…Me?”

She certainly didn’t expect she would be the one appointed for this.

But now that she resolved herself that she would assist them in this no matter what they wanted from her, she had no choice but to accept.

Taking a deep breath, she sauntered off, entering the basement of the crypt and leaving Venti and Yomite behind.

As they saw her off, they left a few ‘encouraging’ words for her.

“Bye Bye~!” “Don’t die on us!”


They patiently waited for her return.

“Say… shouldn’t we wait outside? What if an alarm or something goes off and everything will close down…we might get trapped here…”

“For having such sharp and imposing presence, you sure are a scaredy-cat, my dear Yomite. Worry not, with me here, there will be no trouble!”

“It’s more about being cautious than scared…but alright, you may interpret it any way you want…”

Venti let out a chuckle at his remark as he sat down on a bench in the area, humming to himself, but his mood soon changed.

“But can you believe it!? Me, A God! Was banned from my own sacred grounds!”

His penchant for dramatics kicked in, draping a hand over his forehead. “Oh, I’m such a poor soul, a simple bard who just wants the best for Mondstadt, yet I’m unable to…”

He cracked an eye open to look at Yomite. The man stood there, a half-hidden smile on his lips.

He clearly rolled his eyes at Venti’s overreaction and chose to sit down on the bench next to him.

“You should have went to steal the thing yourself. Can’t you like create some wind smokescreen or something and quickly grab it? I remember you had that soundproof barrier, so creating something like that can’t be hard.”

Venti gasped in shock, “Me? Steal? I could never do such a heinous crime!!”

Yomite gave him a deadpan stare of ‘You really just said that, didn’t you?’.

The bard giggled at him, playfully sticking out his tongue.

“Well, to be fair, the Hero Lumine’s the one stealing it, if you think about it! We’re just accomplices!”

“That honestly doesn’t make it any better…”

“Come to think of it, why didn’t you go with her?” Venti pondered.

“Just think about it…The more of us go, the higher the chance we will get discovered. Besides, I mentioned it before but I’m really bad at stealth…You want this tall guy to go sneaking around? Lumine has a much higher success probability with her small frame.”

Venti looked intrigued, “I never thought about it that way. I thought you were just as lazy as I was to go down there and sneak around through cobwebs and other things, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Oh, well of course I’m lazy to do that, I just had to think of a few excuses to give to you guys, beforehand.”

Both of them laughed, but in the next moment, an alarm went off, scaring them out of their wits.

“See I told you! I knew this would happen! We should have stayed outside!”

“Yeah…But, we are not trapped, which is great!” Venti laughed.


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