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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 55: Failure Of A God Bahasa Indonesia

Early in the morning.

It was December.

The air was cold and disturbing.

Three figures were running across the streets of Mondstadt together with one flying fairy.

“So…why are we running again? Care to explain in the meantime!?”

“Ah, right…we were about to get the lyre, but a Cicin Mage from Fatui suddenly appeared, and almost stole it from us, a fight broke out and then the guards noticed…So we quickly grabbed it and ran!”

“A Cicin Mage? Haah…so much for the stealth missions, huh…” Yomite didn’t know what a Cicin Mage was, but hearing that it was a Mage, it must have been a troublesome opponent to some degree.

Anyway, the fact that they have been discovered, wasn’t the best news…

So they ran.


Early in the morning.

It was December.

The air was still cold and disturbing.

That’s not right. This description of the environment had already been written.

Let’s see…

It was December.

The air was still…disturbingly cold. Right, that hadn’t been used yet.

Two and a half of figures, gazed upon Venti as they had finally arrived in front of the Church of Favonius

“This…Holy Lyre der Himmel…thing is…What again? Paimon’s confused…”

“One of the most treasured items in Mondstadt! It’s the lyre that I, the Barbatos, used to play! With it, perhaps I can help draw Dvalin’s gentle nature back out of the nightmare he is going through.”

Yomite knew that Venti already had some kind of lyre on him so he asked him about it, but Venti said that the wooden lyre he owned didn’t have enough power to help Dvalin, so that idea was dismissed.

It was then when Yomite noticed that a Vision hung on his hip.

‘Do Gods also use the Visions? Is the Vision that great?’

But soon, his confusion was cleared out.

Venti explained that the Vision, which hung on his hip, was no more than a glass ball he carried around to avoid suspicion. An illusion used to deceive the citizens. He was a God after all.

It wasn’t the real thing, as he obviously didn’t need it.

“So, let’s enter!” Venti announced.

The trio agreed and entered the church.

The inside of a church was a sight to behold.

There was a lot of elaborate metalwork and the like. Its walls were beautifully decorated with rows and rows of colourful stained glass windows helping to bring this church to life.

The fresh air and light inside the church felt clean, as if it was shining on a dirt patch.

The sunlight that spilled in from the church’s windows was drenched in moving colors, the pictured patterns on tiles and the stained glass windows vibrating in unison.

The scent of old grass and ages old wood mingled, giving the church a certain pleasant smell that was completely unidentifiable.

Decoration was everywhere, in the surrounding pews and the altar. Every inch was covered, and every corner beautifully detailed.

Yomite was here before, when they came to heal the wolf cub, yet it just dawned upon him how great this place looked.

A Nun was sitting on one of the nearby benches, it wasn’t the Deaconess Barbara, but a regular Nun of the church.

Venti signaled them to wait near one of the pillars, and walked forward to the Nun.

He announced his presence loudly, making sure he wouldn’t scare her by sneaking around, “Hey there, Sister! Can we talk for a bit?”

The Nun finished her prayer and cautiously looked back at him, “May the Anemo God bless you, young bard. The Church is closed at a time like this. You may come back in a few hours, once it has reopened.”

“…Well, before I go, may I ask you something?”

“…Sure. How can I help you?” The nun was still polite, despite the fact that Venti was basically intruding upon this holy place during the closing hours.

“Actually…I know a secret that can save Mondstadt from its current predicament!”

The Nun cupped her hands together, “Ah! What a blessing from the God of Anemo! How great! However, you should report that to the Knights of Favonius. Why have you come to me?”

“Because you, dear Sister, are able to help! I’d like to borrow the…Holy Lyre. With it, I’ll be able to help Stormterror—”

“Please see yourself out.”


Venti thought his speech was nice, good enough to convince anyone, but this was the last thing he would have ever expected to happen.

For one of his few devoted followers to kick him out.

The Nun was not having any of it.

The Holy Lyre was a sacred item, for sure they wouldn’t hand it out for some bard to play around with.

Yomite could barely hold back a laugh, “That certainly did not go as he planned…Just imagine…if only she knew who she was talking to…she would be groveling on the ground, begging for forgiveness…Rejecting a request of someone she is worshipping on a daily basis… That’s way too funny…”

“Should we…go and help him?”

“Nah, let’s wait. He told us to stay here after all.”

Lumine agreed and watched on.

“Please…I’m begging you! It’s the only way to save Stormterror, or else, it will be killed…”

The Nun folded her hands and replied, “I’m afraid not, little bard. That foolish beast betrayed the winds. Not even the God of Anemo, Barbatos would forgive it! It’s a vicious dragon, but I believe the Acting Grand Master Jean would swiftly take care of it, nothing can stand in the Knight’s way.

Venti frowned, but replied with a resolute gaze, “Then…I guess I’m left with no other choice…”




Early in the morning.

It was December.

The air was still cold and disturbing.


Why did the narrator use this to describe the environment again?

It wasn’t that his vocabulary was lacking, nor because he was too lazy, nor was it because he lacked literary knowledge, resulting in him knowing only a few of those descriptive phrases.

It really wasn’t.


Something cryptic like that was impossible for the readers to understand. Yes. Only authors shared this awareness.


In front of the Church of Favonius, a roar of laughter erupted.

“And then he said: My disciples, rejoice! Behold, the God of Anemo, Barbatos has descended, right before your eyes! Shocked aren’t you? Don’t you just wanna cry out loud and rejoice? How does it feel to finally meet the God you’ve been serving?”

Yomite burst out laughing, holding his sides.

His eyes started watering, and his body violently shook. He was holding it in when they were inside, but once they left, he let it all out.

The irony of the situation was too great.

Lumine was also holding a hand over her mouth, not to seem impolite to the God while Paimon was snickering without a care in the world.

“I-I cant…I’m dying!!! Behold! The Anemo God! Of course she wouldn’t believe you!!” You were lucky she left you off the hook like that!”

Tears streamed down his cheeks.

Flushing clear crimson in embarrassment, Venti hid his face within his hands, “S-Stop it! I-I was sure it would work!!”


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