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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 40: Let’s Pretend This Didn’t Happen…Welcome To The Party… Bahasa Indonesia

An awkward moment of silence was broken by none other than Oz, who suddenly materialized himself in front of them.

He sat on Fischl’s shoulder and spoke, “As mentioned previously, this is mein Fräulein Fischl, Prinzessin Der Verurteilung and you can just call me Oz. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” He did a deep elegant bow.

“Ah!? Did that raven just speak!?” Paimon was so freaked out she almost dropped her snack.

“Yes indeed, I have received this magnificent ability from none other than mein Fräulein.”

“That’s a bit weird…Paimon has never seen a speaking raven before…” She finished stuffing her cheeks with the snack and flew around Oz in wonder. Examining him by touching his wings.

“Haha. Nice to meet you too, my little fairy friend. I may be weird, though I am sure you must have seen phenomena far stranger than myself before, correct?”

“Yeah…Paimon doesn’t get it, but as long as you are not going to eat Paimon’s food, you can stay!”

Yomite massaged his temples, was there something else on her mind other than food?

Lumine was silently staring at Oz. It seemed like she wanted to pet him as well.

Yomite knew that feeling very well. It was hard to resist a cute animal.

Hu Tao’s legs were getting tired so she laid down on her bed and pulled out a book of some sort, quietly reading it and waiting for the introductions to be over.

Seeing that they were paying attention to her, Fischl laughed, intending to make her thoughts known to everyone in the room, she spread her arms, “My loyal subjects, I see your faces are filled with fear, trepidation, and confusion at the vile and villainous evils that once again seek, albeit in vain, to disturb the peace and tranquility of the world beyond stars. The world of Mondstadt, but fear not, for I, Prinzessin Der Verurteilung, The Sovereign of the Immernachtreich, omniscient and eminent judge of all the world’s iniquity is here to serve its subjects in needs. I, Fischl, have roamed the galaxy and traversed countless worlds. I have learned the fate of ten thousand universes and have had revealed unto me the destiny of every living soul. I shall be joining this party and blessing it with my presence. I find the look in the eyes of people, no, heroes present here most agreeable. Dusk and dawn but fleeting shadows are. Once more, the twists of fate have led some capable individuals into my everlasting night. Hopefully, we won’t need to part soon. Together with my Edelstein der Dunkelheit, a royal heirloom from Der Immernachtreich, a ceremonial ornament that displays the majesty of the Prinzessin der Verurteilung before the unworthy, we will conquer this astral plane. Even here, in this fateful world, I have been reunited with my rightful inheritance as one of royal blood and noble spirit, for the majesty of a true princess shall draw her royal heirlooms unto her wherever so she may roam, and now it’s time for it to contribute by joining in this party like a sacred virgin pact, worthy of the Prinzessin.”

“My dear Oz had already introduced himself, but I feel like it lacked elegance, so I shall do that for him, once again, as the capable master and Prinzessin. Oz’s full name is Ozvaldo von Hrafnavines. Where I hail from, he holds dominion over stars and sky across three universes, and the souls of the mighty, fallen in battle, rest in the shadow of his wings. One should add that the penalty for mispronouncing his name is to have one’s tongue torn from one’s mouth. However, as I am a princess and you are my loyal subjects who have my favor, we are at liberty to simply call him, Oz. The stars of the firmament are naught but rifts, thrust open by Oz’s beak into the boundless tapestry of darkness. My left eye, the Auge der Verurteilung, which sees the threads of stars and fate, will keep everyone from harm’s way. And Oz, the raven that has witnessed the demise of countless worlds, will watch over everyone on our journey. Should this world, like a beast prowling in the night, covet our dreams, then I, Prinzessin der Verurteilung, shall fell it with my ensorcelled arrows of judgment! For one such as myself, with no choice but to accept the singularity of the outcomes, having but one means of observation, I’ve concluded that this party is fated for greatness, and together, we shall rule above others and change the world for the better. Let’s strip the world of delusions and falsehood. With this party, I may more fully manifest my majesty as Prinzessin der Verurteilung, and defeat that sworn enemy of fate named reality, that has been plaguing the world beyond. The day of judgment is nigh! Prove it to me, seal this blood contract with me, enlist my assistance, and muster the will and courage to reach your destined future…Ah, worry not. Even at the last, when I bring the lightning of retribution upon this world, you shall come to no harm, for thou art blessed by the Prinzessin. Blast the reality, burst into shreds, banish this world! Together!”

Fischl announced with a loud shout, with her blonde, golden-like hair swaying and her moderate chest puffing out for oxygen, after saying all of this in one breath, she let out a satisfied smile, watching over everyone in the room.

Successfully making everyone’s jaw drop, her goal of an elegant and brilliant introduction was now complete. Quickly darting her eyes across her audience, she took a good look at every person, every face, taking in their expressions of disbelief and confusion. Yet again, she achieved perfection. Yet again, she was fulfilled.

Noticing that everyone was speechless, Yomite coughed loudly.

“Well… that was…something…” he barely let out some noise, “So, now that we have the introductions out of the way…why don’t we go and complete some quests together? The rewards will be… pretty nice…”

Nobody was in a hurry to say anything, nobody was sure what to say. But they just nodded, agreeing to his suggestion almost automatically, still baffled about what just transpired a few seconds ago.

Everyone tried to act like this didn’t happen just now.


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